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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#14400 Docs need to mention that widgets don't support compatibility and quirks mode in IE. Bug Normal
#14396 Copy and paste from Word into CKEditor 4.5.5 incomplete on Mac / Firefox Bug Normal
#14389 url anchor/bookmark not working after ckeditor replace Bug Normal
#14388 Selecting new font color changes changed existing non-black font color to black Bug Normal
#14385 Cursor Moves that the End with Inline Editor Bug Normal
#14384 Table cell resizing unaccessible Bug Normal
#14383 Ckeditor don't work with firefox mobile Bug Normal
#14380 XSS Vulnerability bug report Bug Normal
#14379 Windows Chrome > Removing Space between Words, then Re-inserting space creates unwanted non-breaking space Blink Bug Normal
#14378 The style changes to italics in ckeditor. Bug Normal
#14377 If a text is copied from word and we dont clean it and there is a span attribute lang="EN" then the style changes to italics in ckeditor Bug Normal
#14376 Clean-up of HTML when text is pasted into CKEditor Bug Normal
#14375 No progress bar, notifications in uploadwidget. Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.10
#14374 Link to anchor in document not finding anchors Bug Normal
#14373 Help to resolve the issue Bug Normal
#14370 Table row hegiht resize not working on chrome browser Bug Normal
#14369 Inline Widget - Downcast/Upcast errors Bug Normal
#14368 change text background twice, cause the color to be lost Bug Normal
#14366 Table height resize using mouse properly not working on chrome browser Bug Normal
#14364 Upgrade steps to upgrade/update v3.6 to v4.5 Task Normal
#14363 Which latest CKEdtitor version is compatible with GWT 2.7.0 Task Normal
#14362 Iterator breaks blocks nested within inline widget Bug Normal
#14361 smile :) get bug with BBCODE Bug Normal
#14360 CheckBox RadioButton and Select not selectable in Firefox with CK 4.5.3 -> 4.5.6 Bug Normal
#14359 Custom css classes does not appear in WYSIWYG editor Bug Normal
#14357 How to add tool bar to enable find and replace feature in source view Bug Normal
#14356 style type="text/css" in System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser loses "/css" Bug Normal
#14355 CKEditor adds div tag in between caption tag of table when left aligned. Oracle Bug Normal
#14352 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore Bug Normal
#14351 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore browser Edge arrow up down windows10 Bug Normal
#14350 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore browser Edge arrow up down windows10 Bug Normal
#14347 How to allow soft hypens in HTML Bug Normal
#14345 AVT: FF-Keyboard Navigation between Toolbar groups not working properly ibm Bug Normal
#14344 Add a plugin to view actual content on Website New Feature Normal
#14343 Inline style doesn't support background-image Bug Normal
#14342 Accessibility button when ckeditor is in a bootstrap modal Bug Normal
#14341 TypeError in InsertText with MS Word Tags Bug Normal
#14339 Drag and Drop sample does not work after the editor is destroyed and recreated. Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.2
#14338 CKEditor anchor tag floats firefox link Bug Normal
#14336 [Urgent] Ckeditor4 is loading too slow at first instance, can't able to preload Bug Normal
#14335 IE11 & EDGE: Pasting Numbered list with diff start value from word doc not shown correctly ibm Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#14333 Wrong alignment for Hebrew text pasted with "Paste from Word" plugin Hebrew alignment Bug Normal
#14332 Conflict with Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker Extension in Chrome Browser Bug Normal
#14330 [IE11] Highlight Shift with Japanese IME when converting to Kanji on CKEditor ibm IE Bug Normal
#14328 "Strike" button vs. ACF Bug Normal
#14327 Add Swiss German as a new localization New Feature Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#14326 The Text not retaining the Tabs while pasting the content in Text Editor Bug Normal
#14325 Formatted text doesn't save in my form Bug Normal
#14323 Cancel the Bold Style, there is redundancy html "<strong></strong>" left before the text Bug Normal
#14322 Table styles in ckeditor config files only loads in Firefox Bug Normal
#14320 BIDI: When locale is set to Arabic, NumberedList icon in toolbar menu displays Arabic-European digits Bug Normal
#14318 Image browse button not working in Mozilla firefox43 Bug Normal
#14316 [IE] Underline is missing when using Native Browser Spell Checker Bug Normal
#14315 [IE] Inconsistent color in strikethrough when using Native Browser Spell Checker IE Bug Normal
#14314 Selecting text within editor using Safari on page with multiple ckeditor instances results in odd scrolling behavior. Safari Mac Bug Normal
#14312 [IE] Artifact is visible after pasting of any text IE Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.9
#14311 Update copyright headers Marek Lewandowski Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#14310 SCAYT ignores lang New Feature Normal
#14308 Issue with CKFinder "Unparseable Date" using ColdFusion and CKFinder 2 Bug Normal
#14305 an ASCII character is not removed by the "copy from word" cleaner button Bug Normal
#14303 Spell checker is not working in IE Compatibility view Bug Normal
#14298 CKEditor treats button element as resizable image in IE11 ie11, button, image Bug Normal
#14297 Invalid SSL Certificate SSL Security HTTP HTTPS Bug Normal
#14296 Failing filetools test after merge kkrzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#14295 not working in popup window created by Javascript Bug Normal
#14293 [pastetext] Paste As Plain Text does not remove bold and italic text from MS Word to Google Chrome Bug Normal
#14292 Font Size Dropdown appending Text also Bug Normal
#14290 Aspect ratio lock becomes disabled after re-opening image dialog box. Bug Normal
#14287 Paste As Plain Text doesn't work as expected Bug Normal
#14286 Update SCAYT submodule Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#14284 extra white space appear in code snippet area in ckeditor Bug Normal
#14283 Leaflet Maps: not found in CKEditor Builder page Bug Normal
#14282 Getting 'Access Denied' error when uploading images Bug Normal
#14281 webkit: strong turns into b after deletion Bug Normal
#14279 pressing delete key inside empty td[contenteditable="true"] Bug Normal
#14277 remove global object from the documentation kkrzton Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#14276 Unable to re-edit controls in Mozill Firefox Web Browser Bug Normal
#14275 Proper error reporting in scriptloader for all browsers. kkrzton New Feature Normal CKEditor 4.5.10
#14273 Validation Task Normal
#14270 Formatting buttons not working in Microsoft Edge. Bug Normal
#14269 Number Bullets pasting problem while pasting text from Word file to CK Editor. Bug Normal
#14268 Image Copy Paste Issue Bug Normal
#14267 Regarding Copy and Paste Issue Bug Normal
#14266 Click events lost Bug Normal
#14264 CK editor is not working in firefox in mobile phone Bug Normal
#14263 No styles included in the Flat skin for notification plugin Bug Normal
#14261 IE9/IE11 Enter_BR cursor doesn't go to the next line Bug Normal
#14260 <table>-Widgets lose data-*-attributes when upcasted Bug Normal
#14259 Paste directly without the serurity message Bug Normal
#14258 Style Definitions with Variable Values Is Not Replacing ._AC Object Correctly Bug Normal
#14256 Range -> extractContents -> unexpected result Support Bug Normal
#14255 Insert html does not work Bug Normal
#14253 Splits <a> and <span> tags Bug Normal
#14252 Styles dropdown doesn't always reflect the current style of the text line in Internet Explorer IE kkrzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.10
#14251 Plugin requirement preventing editor from working properly when plugin is installed and enabled Bug Normal
#14249 Windows 10 Firefox moving cursor when deleting misspelled word Firefox Cursor SCAYT Bug Normal
#14248 Not able to perform the bold,italic in the ck editor in chrome Bug Normal
#14247 Key board sort cuts are not worked in the CK editor Bug Normal
#14246 Number Bullets pasting problem while pasting text from Word file to CK Editor. Bug Normal
#14245 Request to support Tagalog Phillippines locale. Bug Normal
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