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#8638 The styling of the anchor image in the editor is not customizable IBM Bug Normal
#8641 Safari Jquery Ajax Destroy and Replace Bug Bug Normal
#8642 CKEditor iPad support Bug Normal
#8647 Placeholder plugin bug Mac Bug Normal
#8648 Unable to place cursor in correct position on Android Browser 3.2 Android Bug Normal
#8649 uncaught exception - the element with id or name was not found Bug Normal
#8650 disableObjectResizing shows resize frame with IE9 Bug Normal
#8651 Invalid table properties break the table Bug Normal
#8653 Arrow keys in Firefox don't work if editor is absolutely positioned. Firefox9 Bug Normal
#8655 pasting from Word doesn't work properly in FF 9.0.1 Firefox Bug Normal
#8656 When font_style and fontSize_style are using element:div, changing font size overwrites font style and vice versa Bug Normal
#8657 Using insertHtml within a formatted span tag splits it into two and inserted HTML doesn't get formatted Bug Normal
#8658 a better solution for #1659 Bug Normal
#8660 Style Sheet Parser JavaScript Error in Firefox Bug Normal
#8662 URL - Paste from right click does not remove htpp:// in IE8 Bug Normal
#8664 Strange problem on Pasting , Editor inserts multiple div tags during paste Bug Normal
#8665 pasted content from Word doc loosing it's anchors and URLs Bug Normal
#8668 IE6&7 Meta tag names not set in commitMeta, or recognised in createMetaHash, in docprops plugin IE6 IE7 HasPatch Bug Normal
#8671 CKEditor 3.6.2 + Google Chrome 15 flash preview z-index bug Bug Normal
#8672 Missing "popup" in image link dialog Bug Normal
#8674 "data-cke-saved-src" is inserted and corrupt the source Bug Normal
#8678 Not able to revert the italic and underline style in the editor if the content has style within em tag Bug Normal
#8681 Themes css update recommended Bug Normal
#8682 Editor area extends to content on iPad iOS Bug Normal
#8683 When inserting a table before or after an existing table, it is impossible to change the table location IBM Bug Normal
#8685 Trouble selecting text around tables Bug Normal
#8687 Presence of comment tags in the Source breaks range selection Bug Normal
#8688 In firefox and ie when editor is taller then page, on click it jumps to end of the editor Bug Normal
#8692 API to allow access to an element before it is inserted in the editor IBM New Feature Normal
#8693 cke_protected_1 using Jason object Bug Normal
#8696 Transfer line Bug Normal
#8697 Deleting text Bug Normal
#8699 Focus not going back to correct field on Cell Properties after we close Select Color dialog using OK & Cancel buttons IBM HasPatch Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#8700 Second Time Click in Chrome make ckeditor non editable Bug Normal
#8703 IE7: CKEditor don't work if in the url there is an anchor with the "/" char. Bug Normal
#8704 HTML Parsing Problem Bug Normal
#8707 add Japanese fonts in fck editor for Bug Normal
#8708 IE9 image in table deselection on mouse right click IE9 Bug Normal
#8709 Second Time Click Not Editable in Chrome Bug Normal
#8711 CKEditor - sharedSpaces - IE9 - HTML5 - IE9 HTML5 Bug Normal
#8714 forcePasteAsPlainText option doesn't work in Firefox when copying from another website Bug Normal
#8718 Don't use $.createStyleSheet on IE8 or 9 Bug Normal
#8719 Selection for link is lost in IE when toolbar button with dialog is clicked Bug Normal
#8720 CKEditor for phpBB3 mod New Feature Normal
#8725 CKEDITOR.appendTo used for tag 'textarea',does not work Bug Normal
#8730 CKeditor tool images not displaying Bug Normal
#8731 CK Editor Save Button is not working Bug Normal
#8733 When inserting a URL, CKEditor escapes the double quotes, breaking the URL Bug Normal
#8735 Pasting text strips leading whitespace Bug Normal
#8737 Background and text color selection/highlight bug Bug Normal
#8738 Edit link on floated image does not work in Webkit Webkit Bug Normal
#8739 please validate your css from stuff like empty filter... Bug Normal
#8740 Please add New Layer with Absolute Position button New Feature Normal
#8741 Editor does not allow to change the numbering list font IBM v4 Bug Normal
#8742 Javascript error when creating table/smiley/form with entermode:ENTER_BR IE Bug Normal
#8744 FF10 Mac insertHtml causes {cke_protected} Bug Normal
#8745 Dialog function clearOrRecoverTextInputValue() removes data from text input elements Bug Normal
#8746 Table Cells has incorrect Col Span after we delete Cells IBM Bug Normal
#8750 MediaWiki tags Bug Normal
#8751 Links is escaped with bbcode!! Bug Normal
#8752 Richcombo canGroup = false and separators New Feature Normal
#8753 Chrome: Cursor not staying in correct position after subscript/superscript & we moved to next paragraph IBM Bug Normal
#8755 incorrect entities configuration code Bug Normal
#8756 problem with new line in chrome browser Chrome Bug Normal
#8757 Empty cells are not visible in Editor Bug Normal
#8758 TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'is' Bug Normal
#8762 Empty table cells are not visible Bug Normal
#8763 Table - column - cell width issue Bug Normal
#8764 Add support for HTML5 tags - E.g. missing figcaption HTML5 Bug Normal
#8765 random sorting of styles dropdown list in Chrome 17 and Opera 11.61. Chrome Opera Bug Normal
#8766 Non breaking space Firefox 10.0.2 Bug Normal
#8767 How to do not translate the html tags on ckEditor? Task Normal
#8770 Problem occurs when 'src=' is used in the href query string Bug Normal
#8771 getDialogValue in docprops plugin failing to release event handlers Bug Normal
#8772 Right click on picture within a table misses 'image properties' option Bug Normal
#8773 templates_files fails to load template files Bug Normal
#8775 CKeditor custom templates Task Normal
#8776 config.width = '100%' not working on IE7 and IE8 Bug Normal
#8777 Change focus to Editor not work Bug Normal
#8778 Selection field doesn't allow to select item in Firefox 10.2 Bug Normal
#8779 Chrome - Zooming and Unzooming - CkEditor is deformed Bug Normal
#8782 html parser removes empty spans with attributes Bug Normal
#8786 Image Alt Tags and "Curly" Apostrophe / Quotes Bug Normal
#8790 webpage css overrides ckeditor 3 style Bug Normal
#8794 NL Translation HasPatch Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#8796 IE - Cell Properties dialog does not close after applying change to multiple cells IBM Bug Normal
#8797 Infinite loop with malformed select tag Bug Normal
#8800 IE6-10: ENTER key immediately after an anchor generates javascript error IE Bug Normal
#8803 CKFinder parameter passed with double ampersand in querystring Bug Normal
#8804 Disable HTML correction Bug Normal
#8805 Image Uploading Problem Bug Normal
#8806 Image url not being escaped Bug Normal
#8810 lost selection in ie9 when open floatpanel Bug Normal
#8814 CKEditor not displaying properly within JQuery ui dialog on google chrome Bug Normal
#8816 making filebrowser in iframe dialog New Feature Normal
#8818 bbcode plugin ignores newlines Bug Normal
#8819 InsertHtml in chrome not working to replace first or last words within a paragraph Bug Normal
#8820 Cannot find ckfinder_config.php in ckfinder folder Bug Normal
#8823 CKEditor ASP.Net control does not handle ReadOnly attribute kaga Bug Normal
#8824 Opera ctrl+v have jumps bug Opera Bug Normal
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