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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8826 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object Bug Normal
#8827 Filemanager is not displaying in FF 11and FF 12 in MAC OS Bug Normal
#8828 CkEditor is opening slow / CKEditor is loading slow Bug Normal
#8829 FF - Deleting selected text sometimes not working quite right Webkit Firefox IBM Bug Normal
#8831 New lines in table add unnecessary vertical space to cells IBM Bug Normal
#8833 Font Color is dropped!!! Bug Normal
#8837 p tags getting added inside list items (li) items in outer list IBM Bug Normal
#8838 Breaking Markup Bug Normal
#8839 Cursor jump on the top with IE Bug Normal
#8840 Making 'HTML validation and correcting' optional New Feature Normal
#8841 Spell check Permission denied Window.fakeOpener Bug Normal
#8842 Urgent - Anchor tags get removed. Bug Normal
#8847 with JAWS we can't open Select Color dialog more than once. IBM Firefox Bug Normal
#8848 Script error occurs when we add images and read those Bug Normal
#8850 problem with new line in chrome browser Chrome Bug Normal
#8851 Changing Paragraph Format after Font Size Bug Normal
#8853 Config through API fails for multiple instances / only works first time Bug Normal
#8856 Google Chrome Not opens Browse popup Bug Normal
#8860 Image browser bug in Chrome 18.0.1025.142 Chrome Bug Normal
#8862 Tabbing into CKEditor in Safari not working right Bug Normal
#8863 File browser window not work correctly on Chrome Bug Normal
#8867 'paste' event not fired when using browser's native paste menu IBM Bug Normal
#8869 IE6 : CKEDITOR.dom.node.replace() fails with invalid argument error IE6 IE7 Bug Normal
#8871 Strange problem with image plugin in Opera Opera Bug Normal
#8873 Safari on Mac: cannot type in the editor after using tab to navigate into the content area IBM Mac Safari Bug Normal
#8875 CK Editor Purchase Task Normal
#8882 [[chrome]] Delete, typing over and Backspace on high-lighted text in the bullet list does not delete the text the first time. Bug Normal
#8885 make ckeditor_php4.php and ckeditor_php5.php independent of hardcoded filenames Bug Normal
#8889 SCAYT inserts nonbreaking spaces in IE 9/8/7 and Chrome 18 IE Webkit Bug Normal
#8890 Buttons, Dropdown lists and color selection not working with IE7&IE8 with Internet Security level set to High. Bug Normal
#8898 CKeditor IE 9 compatibility view issue with text area. Bug Normal
#8901 Integrate CKEditor 3.6.2 with CKFinder, not work in Chrome Bug Normal
#8902 target attribute on mailto and internal links Bug Normal
#8903 fckeditor Bug Normal
#8904 Capitalization changes on IE8/WIN XP Bug Normal
#8905 CKEDITOR.htmlWriter giving unexpected results IBM Bug Normal
#8908 Content pasted using 'Paste as Plain text' is sometimes styled in the editor. IBM Bug Normal
#8909 Up and Down arrow do not move after hiding and showing again element that contain the editor Bug Normal
#8910 The height is enlarged when changing the width of the input control by mouse drag IE Bug Normal
#8911 pasting text seems inconsistent Bug Normal
#8912 Image Upload in ck editor not woking in google chrome 18 Bug Normal
#8915 Pagebreak jumps to top of Number/Bullet list when we navigate to HTML Source & back to Rich text IBM Bug Normal
#8917 some html tags display as text in ckeditor with hebrew (rtl language) Bug Normal
#8918 Dialog shadows not shown in IE with quirks mode IE Bug Normal
#8922 ctrl-v plain text bug with CKEDITOR.config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; Webkit Bug Normal
#8923 Problem with ckEditor instance inside div with visible=false Ajax, Inaccessible path, Failure to Load, Bug Normal
#8927 Embed code is encoded if properties/attributes contain double quote (") Bug Normal
#8929 Scayt causes list formatting issues Firefox Webkit Bug Normal
#8930 Maximize does not work Bug Normal
#8931 Focus editor with content in FF not consistent with other browsers (sets caret at end of document) Bug Normal
#8932 Copy/paste from CKEditor to CKEditor inserts extra divs Bug Normal
#8933 Floated image is not floated, when added a link Bug Normal
#8935 Editing a JS code Bug Normal
#8937 CKEDITOR.replace(id, config) fails in Firefox 12 Bug Normal
#8940 filebrowser plugin breaks when the Array prototype is extended HasPatch Bug Normal
#8946 Opera: pasted text (with CRTL+V) inserts at the beginning when enter mode is set to BR Opera Bug Normal
#8948 Scripts getting executed in preview mode. Bug Normal
#8952 getData() does not work properly for specific instances of CKEditor Bug Normal
#8953 not working on wamp server Bug Normal
#8954 not working on wamp server Bug Normal
#8959 How to make particular custom buttons/command enabled in readonly mode Task Normal
#8961 Inline styles are not applied to beginning text in IE 9 IE9 Bug Normal
#8962 cursor jumps back Bug Normal
#8963 Linking Bug Bug Normal
#8965 creating ckeditor via PHP through AJAX to load an error Bug Normal
#8966 IE8 causing issue when trying to create a link inside a table Bug Normal
#8969 Using style for image clears size parameters Bug Normal
#8972 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8973 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8974 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8975 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8976 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8981 Error in Translation (LT) Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#8984 Takes a very long time to paste large amount of text into the editor IBM CantFix Bug Normal
#8991 Managed pipeline mode IIS 7.5 Bug Normal
#8993 changed in editor.css is not seems in IE browser Bug Normal
#8996 Pasting into styled content results in multiple style tags instead of just one IBM Bug Normal
#9004 insertHtml in Chrome strips 'span' element Webkit Bug Normal
#9005 WYSIWYG Area won't initialize correctly inside a jQuery UI Dialog (Webkit & Firefox) Bug Normal
#9006 Blank line added when using meta tag Bug Normal
#9007 Body tag disappears Bug Normal
#9009 Text style lost on previous line in enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR when deselecting the style in the toolbar IBM Bug Normal
#9010 SCAYT doesn't work in IE9 Bug Normal
#9012 Link plugin does not work with image Bug Normal
#9014 PHP tags inside CKEditor Bug Normal
#9018 Unlink button not working Bug Normal
#9021 forceEnterMode doesn't seem to work Bug Normal
#9025 Inserting new cell then column causes error message Bug Normal
#9027 Error when removing the "advanced" tab from the "link" dialog Bug Normal
#9028 data-scaytid is added Bug Normal
#9031 how to get or show data from data base in fck editor Task Normal
#9032 CKEditor text sometimes goes blank/null when Manual Save is used Bug Normal
#9033 [Table] vertical split a cell, and then merge down, the result is wrong Bug Normal
#9035 IE7 - Nesting unordered lists within ordered lists crashes IE7 IE7 Bug Normal
#9037 [table] Horizontal split cell [2,1], then vertical split cell [1,2], table becomes messy Bug Normal
#9040 Size of bullets relative to text bullets Bug Normal
#9044 Incorrect behavior after press enter Bug Normal
#9045 Maintain cursor position when switching between source view and editor view source view cursor position New Feature Normal
#9049 [Webkit] converts an empty span to font Bug Normal
#9050 [FF] scroll to wrong position on writing Firefox Bug Normal
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