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#9051 Chrome pastes (CTRL+V) copied elements inside parent a element Bug Normal
#9052 Elements turn into DIV's when pasting with CTRL+SHIFT+V (Chrome) Bug Normal
#9055 CKEDITOR.config.protectedSource.push( /<\?[\s\S]*?\?>/g ); // PHP Code Bug Normal
#9056 IE9 CKEditor 3.6.2 Javascript exception Bug Normal
#9058 Safari: Numbers/Bullets in list are on left while content aligned to right IBM Bug Normal
#9059 A better way to protect source in htmldataprocessor Bug Normal
#9061 ignoreEmptyParagraph makes a &nbsp; instead of just " ". Bug Normal
#9062 Czech localization - typos and suggestions for improvements Bug Normal
#9064 resize_maxWidth and resize_maxHeight not working Bug Normal
#9065 Maximize to percent New Feature Normal
#9071 Right klick destroys the list format Bug Normal
#9072 Right klick destroys the list format Bug Normal
#9074 Spell checker fails on IE9: "The window was not opened from another window." Bug Normal
#9075 Code error in verticalSplitCell function Bug Normal
#9079 Drag images not working in IE7 Bug Normal
#9081 U is not a function error Bug Normal
#9082 unable to customize row of ckeditor textarea Bug Normal
#9083 CKeditor - Image Properties Task Normal
#9085 <span class="Apple-tab-span"> remove Safari Bug Normal
#9087 Can any one please suggest the solution in removing the corrupted text when copied from word pad to ck editor for the version 3.6.1 Bug Normal
#9088 Unable to copy the images in CK editor for IE and Crome Browser IE Bug Normal
#9089 Move a image or a Text Area not working into the editor with IE7 Bug Normal
#9092 Cut/Copy not working in Chrome Bug Normal
#9100 Change height body default in IE Bug Normal
#9109 Found few bugs/questions Bug Normal
#9113 how i will add new bullet option like list-style-image Bug Normal
#9114 Colors are possibly removed when using pastefromword Bug Normal
#9119 meta tag in body causes invalid html structure Bug Normal
#9120 Sleipnir 3.5 for Mac, a Safari-based browser fails to load CKeditor Mac Bug Normal
#9122 CKFinder for PHP4x websites CKFinder Bug Normal
#9136 [Webkit] Enter key scrolls down the page when CKEditor is in absolutely-positioned div Webkit Bug Normal
#9142 CKeditor not showing/working in Firefox 13.0 Bug Normal
#9148 Browse file button not working in Crome Bug Normal
#9149 image upload issue in chrome 20 Bug Normal
#9162 "Browse server" window resized to very small window Bug Normal
#9163 IE8 & IE 7: not getting CKEditor.instances in IE8 and below version of IE Bug Normal
#9164 Problem with submitting form with space as values Space Values Task Normal
#9165 scroll bar - scrolling up automatically when user selects text from dropdownlist in Fck editor using Internet explorer Bug Normal
#9166 how to avoid two spaces by pressing enter key in fck editor? Bug Normal
#9168 Chrome and FF ; When a new page that using docprops plugin, title is not set. Bug Normal
#9169 Microsoft word to CK Editoer pasting not working in IE 8 Bug Normal
#9170 Scroll Bar Issue in FCK Editor in IE Bug Normal
#9171 Error in the documentation Task Normal
#9172 How to use Advance Link Option in CkEditor Task Normal
#9179 dialog button style New Feature Normal
#9184 In joomla ckfinder not open properly Bug Normal
#9185 Inline javascript strings containing html become corrupt on edit Bug Normal
#9190 Embed ckeditor in ckeditor dialog? Task Normal
#9191 Not possible to outdent content in a div containing a table IBM Bug Normal
#9194 stylesheetparser, using Generic Class defined in stylesheet, generic classes broken in Styles Dropdown Bug Normal
#9196 need to remove paste in ck editor Task Normal
#9198 Image dialog not showing in IE9 when compatibility view is enable. Bug Normal
#9200 custom styles are not preserved in IE while editing the content in FCK editor Bug Normal
#9201 When CKEditor is inside an IFrame, it is not possible to move dialogs outside the IFrame IBM CantFix New Feature Normal
#9202 Paste over selected text throws javascript error Bug Normal
#9204 Adding a link to an image removes the ability to edit that image attributes Bug Normal
#9206 Undeletable p-tag after quitting enumerations with backspace Bug Normal
#9207 Source duplicates template background in IE IE Bug Normal
#9208 Unexpected enter-key behavior enter, cursor position, buffer beginning Bug Normal
#9210 Unable to copy the images in CK editor for IE and Crome Browser Bug Normal
#9213 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal
#9214 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal
#9215 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal
#9216 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal
#9217 Line Feed key with absolut link in a frame (only Firefox) Bug Normal
#9267 Do not copy paste microsoft word formatting into CK Editor like tables, colouring inside table cells Bug Normal
#9270 Font size not applying on selected text Bug Normal
#9273 CK Editor does not copy paste microsoft word formatting into it like tables, colouring inside table cells Bug Normal
#9274 Copying the word content adds two lines above/below the bullet points Oracle Bug Normal
#9275 Paste from word instead of paste in context menu Bug Normal
#9276 First letter of new line after the link is appended to the link Bug Normal
#9282 src url encoding - ampersands should not be encoded in img and iframe src Bug Normal
#9288 TypeError: this.getWindow().$.getComputedStyle(this.$, "") is null Bug Normal
#9291 User is unable to select a whole table in IE. Bug Normal
#9293 Save text with div replace div replace Task Normal
#9296 FCKEditor 2.6.8 doesn't work with Firefox 15.0 Bug Normal
#9297 IE - CKEditor 4.0 -At table insert Hyperlink broken Bug Normal
#9298 CKEditor 4.0 -IE 9,8 insert html element bug Bug Normal
#9299 HTML Editor Control (not parsing some of the Tags Correctly) - Help Required Bug Normal
#9302 Is there a way we can prevent FCK editor not to HTML encode following symbols <,> and & Bug Normal
#9303 Using backspace key causes javascript error, bumps you out of the editor when debugging IBM Bug Normal
#9307 Characters are coming in COLOR in IE7 Bug Normal
#9313 Color Picker does not change color on "OK" after having hit "Cancel" Bug Normal
#9316 Mac OS issues with .NET implementation of CKEditor v3.6.4 Bug Normal
#9318 Checkbox is not able to select on ie and firefox Bug Normal
#9323 IE: Enter creating a new paragraph instead of new line in Paste dialog IBM Bug Normal
#9324 magicline and contenteditable=false IBM Bug Normal
#9325 FF:Can't paste plain text by right-click when forcePasteAsPlainText= true Bug Normal
#9328 "Link Dialog" unusable in IE Bug Normal
#9331 Pasting text creates simple Caesar cipher IE Bug Normal
#9332 FF:IME is disabled if startupFocus is true. Firefox, IBM Bug Normal
#9335 Html data not getting appended correctly Bug Normal
#9337 CK Editor content to Indesign 5 Mac indesign 5 mac convert content Task Normal
#9339 bold behaves oddly for collapsed range Bug Normal
#9347 Comments inside quote characters get marked as cke_protected Bug Normal
#9350 Allow functions in file browser urls New Feature Normal
#9352 [Opera] Context menu and drop down menus aren't closed IBM Bug Normal
#9353 Copy/Paste not working as intended in Firefox15.0.1 copy, paste, firefox 15.0.1, bullets Bug Normal
#9354 [ Firefox] Copy/Paste not working as intended in Firefox15.0.1 Bug Normal
#9356 IE9 Line Break with Space Preventing Bold, Italics, and Underline Bug Normal
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