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#8754 Multiple nested lists and PasteFromWord Firefox Bug closed Normal
#8821 [FF] PageUp/Down doesn't scroll Firefox Garry Yao Bug closed Normal
#8883 Firefox: Dragging image wrapped in block element leaves empty block elements in content area. Firefox Bug closed Normal
#8958 can not escape style for a whole line in firefox Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#8968 FF: Pasting content (CRTL+V) from MS Word 2010 with forcePasteAsPlainText turned on pastes MS junk Firefox Garry Yao Bug closed Normal
#8992 FF: You can't delete placeholder using backspace key Firefox New Feature closed Normal
#9050 [FF] scroll to wrong position on writing Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9096 [Fx] Unable to type after new page command Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9098 FF: Can't apply styles after removing line Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#9106 FF, WinXP, JAWS: Can't use arrows in Smiley or Special Chars Dialogs when opened for second time Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#9186 meta tags placed in list and div with enter mode BR cause infinite loops. Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9287 Duplicate width (attribute and style) Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9398 Double Insert HTML Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9433 [FF] "Browse Server" popup appears behind browser window Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#9504 [FF][Chrome] attribute.specified is deprecated Firefox Piotr Jasiun Bug closed Normal
#9505 [FF] Editor placeholder option not available in context menu after first right-click on placeholder Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9515 [FF&Inline] Click on textarea/input/select makes toolbar disappear Firefox Garry Yao Bug closed Normal
#9571 Drag & Drop in Firefox can destroy the editor Firefox Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug closed Normal
#9584 FF: Image selection is not working Firefox Garry Yao Bug closed Normal
#9612 Moving the text cursor inside form elements causes js-error and breaks source-mode Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#9752 Text selection via Shift+Arrows doesn't expand over multiple cells in backward direction Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9802 Load iframe with editor in hidden DIV Firefox Bug closed Normal
#9827 Collapse toolbar keystroke doesn't work on FF Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#9881 [FF] JS error when right-click on textarea Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#9883 [FF] Maximized and minimized divarea leaks Firefox Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug closed Normal
#9957 [FF] Cannot delete text at the end of the line with cursor placed after the space Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10047 FF: Replacing <Enter> with <Shift+Enter> results in extra <br /> Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10119 [FF] Click on "body" in elements path selects only on first block element Firefox Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug closed Normal
#10121 [FF] Sourcearea is 1px lower than wysiwygarea Firefox Bug confirmed Low
#10201 Table properties have no width when opening dialog after resizing table Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10252 disableObjectResizing=true in full screen mode Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10305 Strange jumps to the top in Firefox upon dialog closing (testcase included) Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10374 Doesn't show tool bar icons if loaded in hidden box Firefox Bug closed Normal
#10402 TypeError: A/range is undefined when calling insertHtml after hide/show. Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10404 Strange insertHTML behaviour with FF 20.0.1 after selectRanges and hide/show Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10413 Inline CKEditor doesn't hide its toolbars after interaction with richcombo Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10502 [FF]Right click on some elements causes Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#10601 readOnly block element wrapped in P Firefox Bug closed Normal
#10775 Firefox deselects selected text when applying styles after ctrl + a (select all) Firefox Bug closed Normal
#10787 Divarea and inline breaks replacement of text selection in Firefox Firefox Olek Nowodziński Bug closed Must have (possibly next milestone)
#11053 SCAYT conflicts with FF selection when pasting and undoing Firefox Bug closed Normal
#11072 Merge cells doesn't work in FF when replaced textarea with inline editor Firefox Bug closed Normal
#11212 [FF] It is impossible to exit styled list with Enter Key. Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11323 [FF] preview does not display images Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11399 [FF] Instability of nested editables tests Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11581 Enter Backspace Shift+Enter fails on FF Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11611 'change' is fired when pressing arrow keys in the editor Firefox Marek Lewandowski Bug closed Normal
#11668 delete key behavior is WRONG!! Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11687 [FF] Caret position reset when clicking editable Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11795 [FF] Ctrl+backspace inside table removes too much stuff Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11871 [FF] Htmldataprocessor test fails in FF29 Firefox Bug closed Normal
#11873 flash and iframe resizing Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#11876 [FF] Remove -moz- prefix from box-sizing property Firefox Task confirmed Normal
#12104 [FF30+] Regression in editor/focus test Firefox Bug closed Normal
#12179 [FF] Error while using :after pseudoclass in contents.css Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#12641 Firefox merges paragraphs with wrong style Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#12649 FF makes wrong selection of text Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#12696 [Firefox] It is possible to create BODY without P using HR Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#12914 Copy/Paste Table broken in DIV based editor Firefox Bug closed Normal
#12979 [FF] Preview does not work when CKEditor is loaded from a different domain Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#13020 CKEditor exception in Firefox Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#13096 Another CKEditor Exception in Firefox Firefox Mateusz Samsel Bug closed Normal
#13180 FF: Cursor stops before non content editable element when pressing left arrow key Firefox Bug closed Normal
#13190 Maximize problems Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#13772 Contents appear unstyled on Firefox when setData() called immediately Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#13798 Changing paragraph format causes cursor to move on Firefox 41 Firefox Tomasz Jakut Bug review Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13826 [FF] Wrong caret position after removing characters Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#14565 Pressing delete key in a highlighted image inside a floating div throws an error Firefox Tade0 Bug review_failed Normal
#14579 Incorrect special character encoding in Paste From Word Dialog in Firefox Firefox Bug closed Normal
#14586 Copy-paste in Firefox results in extra spaces Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#16900 Table from Excel gets pasted as image in Firefox Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#16929 [ENTER_BR]: Enter hides space before text Firefox Bug confirmed Normal
#1477 In fullscreen mode, pop-up menu position relative to "content div FireFox Bug closed Normal
#1623 Removing Bold, Italic, Underline, Striketrough and maybe more is buggy/counterintuitive in Firefox FireFox Bug closed Normal
#1655 FF: Bulleted point dissaperas when changing the indetation FireFox Bug closed Normal
#1660 <br type="_moz"> and <p>&#160;</p> in empty source FireFox Bug closed Normal
#1826 link editor dialog and firefox 2.0.x FireFox Bug closed Normal
#14867 When pasting content from MS Word, text getting stripped. Only occurs in FireFox FireFox Marek Lewandowski Bug closed Normal
#4839 [FF2] Combobox not focusable Firefox2 Bug closed Normal
#4908 FF2: Shared toolbar sample broken Firefox2 Bug closed Normal
#4926 FF2: Resizing doesn't work Firefox2 Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug closed Normal
#2303 [FF3] contextmenu remains open in firefox when dialog opens Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#6244 Table colspan problem after remove cell Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#6245 Table rowspan problem while removing cells Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#6426 Numbered list with 3 levels pasted from word is converted to <p>'s Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#7147 Editor not allowing to enter anything (Firefox v 3.5.16 or 3.5.x) Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#7308 Spacers being added after tables using Firefox 3.6.15 Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#7997 FF3.6: text don't show in WYSIWYG mode, but in Source all ok Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#9677 [FF3.x] Autogrow fails in case of continuous massive content creation Firefox3 Bug confirmed Low
#9884 [FF3.x] Select all and copy breaks inline editor Firefox3 Bug closed Normal
#2279 Firefox RC3 Scrollbar position problem Firefox3 Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug closed Must have (possibly next milestone)
#7246 Text scrolling failing when using find operation Firefox3 Mac Bug closed Normal
#6327 [FF4] Unable to use the scrollbar Firefox4 Garry Yao Bug closed Normal
#6862 FF4: spellWin.location is null Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
#6902 [FF4] document selection lost Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
#6952 Change font size / color in firefox 4.0b8 Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
#6954 FF4: content is always inserted at the beginning Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
#7770 JS errors when selecting noneditable text in FF4 Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
#7897 [FF4] first execCommand (enterMode:ENTER_DIV) shows cursor in second line instead of first line Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
#8006 FF4 Ubuntu: right click between tables in wysiwyg mode results in an error Firefox4 Bug closed Normal
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