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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3079 The state should be reflected in the table elements title review_failed New Feature Normal
#4582 Toolbar expand/collapse toggle button cannot be tabbed to and does not have tooltip text confirmed Bug Normal
#7902 JAWS not reading updated values of width/height on Image Properties dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#8401 Accessibility: Problems navigating radio buttons on a dialog using the keyboard confirmed Bug Normal
#8490 Ability to customize the contents of the a11yhelp dialog. confirmed New Feature Normal
#8716 Label for Required fields should have an asterisk( *) & instructions for identifying required fields is clearly labeled at beginning of the form confirmed Bug Normal
#8943 FF: (HC mode) Text does not get highlighted when using Find & Replace dialog in High Contrast mode until the dialog is closed confirmed Bug Normal
#9086 Invalid ARIA property used on paste iframe confirmed Bug Normal
#10015 Make keyboard controls more discoverable confirmed Bug Normal
#10465 JAWS reading width field & width unit dropdown & it's values when Cell Properties dialog opened confirmed Bug Normal
#10695 Speech to text functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#11387 role="radiogroup" should be applied only to radio inputs' container. confirmed Bug Normal
#3624 JAWS should announce dialog titles when dialogs are opened confirmed New Feature Normal
#5130 inoperable accessibility instructions confirmed Bug Normal
#5354 Enter key should perform search in search dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#5669 [IE] JAWS doesn't recognize the 'application' role on editor chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#5944 Menu button does not display sometimes in high contrast mode. confirmed Bug Normal
#7505 [FF] Accessibility shortcuts problem confirmed Bug Normal
#8059 aria-invalid cleanup confirmed Bug Normal
#8877 Missing ARIA roles on certain editor UI parts confirmed Bug Normal
#9106 FF, WinXP, JAWS: Can't use arrows in Smiley or Special Chars Dialogs when opened for second time confirmed Bug Normal
#9611 Tab key based navigation is broken inside specialchar dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#9638 a11yhelp availablity confirmed Bug Normal
#9888 [IE7-10] Magicline keyboard support for editor.enterMode BR confirmed a.nowodzinski Bug Normal
#10952 Various issues when choosing inactive option in context menu confirmed Bug Normal
#11470 [Umbrella] a11yhelp dialog needs attention confirmed Task Normal
#11695 Cannot use JAWS Virtual Buffer to navigate to RTE confirmed Bug Normal
#11700 Bringing accessability support for Widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#5049 Form Field list in JAWS lists Rich Text editor field wrongly. reopened garry.yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2
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