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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13946 [Edge] Drag and drop on styled elements within editor does nothing confirmed Bug Normal
#13958 Selection ranges sometimes calculates out of bounds indexes. pending Bug Normal
#13960 Focus is lost for blind users of the Voiceover screen reader while editing text new Bug Normal
#13964 page design problem pending Bug Normal
#13965 Combo boxes don't display with duplicate id's confirmed Bug Normal
#13966 Japanese Multi-Byte Character doesn't work after some breaks new Bug Normal
#13967 sharedspace create div's with duplicated ids confirmed Bug Normal
#14231 Memory usage increase with MathJax plugin new Bug Normal
#14235 Autogrow not kicking when we add Embed videos pending Bug Normal
#14239 Spurious nodes added to document when toggling source view control when certain ACF rules applied confirmed Bug Normal
#14240 Track not respecting void element flag. pending Bug Normal
#14249 Windows 10 Firefox moving cursor when deleting misspelled word pending Bug Normal
#14250 Block Styles are not copied to new line confirmed Bug Normal
#14251 Plugin requirement preventing editor from working properly when plugin is installed and enabled new Bug Normal
#14252 Styles dropdown doesn't always reflect the current style of the text line in Internet Explorer review k.krzton Bug Normal
#14258 Style Definitions with Variable Values Is Not Replacing ._AC Object Correctly pending Bug Normal
#14270 Formatting buttons not working in Microsoft Edge. pending Bug Normal
#14271 By pressing ENTER below a table in an enumerated list item, the whole list item will be deleted confirmed Bug Normal
#14274 under firefox, ckeditor word-break not working when focus first. confirmed Bug Normal
#14284 extra white space appear in code snippet area in ckeditor pending Bug Normal
#14285 Overflow CSS property added to html element when using autogrow with fullpage plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#14288 Autolink in Firefox places caret inside link review k.krzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#14291 Required-Attribute not correctly translated between Source- and WYSIWYG-Editor confirmed Bug Normal
#14293 [pastetext] Paste As Plain Text does not remove bold and italic text from MS Word to Google Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#14294 CheckDirty is true after focusing image2 and simplebox widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#14295 not working in popup window created by Javascript new Bug Normal
#14299 [mathjax] MathJax dialog not updating on mouse paste confirmed Bug Normal
#14300 Cut Copy events attached do other element than editable are no longer cancellable. confirmed Bug Low
#14302 span tag replaced by font confirmed Bug Normal
#14304 fixing position of range.endOffset moves to range.startOffset on moving the place of a word new Bug Normal
#14305 an ASCII character is not removed by the "copy from word" cleaner button pending Bug Normal
#14307 Page scrolling when spacebar is pressed to de-select lock ratio checkbox confirmed Bug Normal
#14309 Table or horizontal line disappeared after insert in case of numbered/bulleted list. confirmed Bug Normal
#14312 Artifact is visible in IE 10,11 after pasting of any text confirmed Bug Normal
#14313 Copying/pasting nested lists in IE results in flat list confirmed Bug Normal
#14314 Selecting text within editor using Safari on page with multiple ckeditor instances results in odd scrolling behavior. confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.8
#14319 BIDI: When locale is set to Arabic, Font Size combo displays Arabic-European digits confirmed Bug Normal
#14321 [FF] Selection from native getSelection inconsistent with other browsers. confirmed Bug Normal
#14329 Typing Japanese with Windows IME on IE 11 does not fire change events review k.krzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.8
#14331 BR Enter Mode: New list item not created when we press ENTER at end of list item confirmed Bug Normal
#14334 EDGE: Pasting Numbered list from word with more than 2 levels not working properly new Bug Normal
#14339 Drag and Drop sample does not work after the editor is destroyed and recreated. confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.8
#14340 AVT: No info about applied text/background colour to normal/JAWS users in Colour options list box confirmed Bug Normal
#14346 native Browser Spellchecking not working when pressing return without space confirmed Bug Normal
#14349 Safari on MAC : Drag & drop of images from web not working confirmed Bug Normal
#14353 [Blink] It is possible to select content outside nested editable confirmed Bug Normal
#14354 Backspace handler crosses editable boundaries confirmed Bug Normal
#14356 style type="text/css" in System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser loses "/css" new Bug Normal
#14358 Block Elements removed when we copy & paste assigned k.krzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.8
#14362 Iterator breaks blocks nested within inline widget confirmed Bug Normal
#14367 Dropdown open empty after moving CKEditor toolbar using shared spaces confirmed Bug Normal
#14371 [Webkit] Wrong paragraphs inserted on select all + enter confirmed Bug Normal
#14372 IE: Column in doublecolumn widget disappears after drag & drop confirmed Bug Normal
#14375 No progress bar, notifications in uploadwidget. confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.8
#14379 Windows Chrome > Removing Space between Words, then Re-inserting space creates unwanted non-breaking space confirmed Bug Normal
#14383 Ckeditor don't work with firefox mobile pending Bug Normal
#14390 Indent plugin outdent doesn't work all the way using decimal ems new Bug Normal
#66 HTML Tidy for XHTML processing confirmed New Feature Normal
#103 Auto Image File Sizing confirmed New Feature Normal
#228 Clean HTML function (separate from Clean From Word function) confirmed New Feature Normal
#241 Make FCKConfig.TemplatesXmlPath an array confirmed New Feature Normal
#352 Enforce output sanitizing confirmed New Feature Normal
#397 MaxLength functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#425 Table tags to support enhanced table design by class style confirmed New Feature Normal
#495 custom file browser function as a setting confirmed New Feature Normal
#532 modify spell check to use pspell or a web service. confirmed New Feature Normal
#547 Add CLASS and ID properties to tags confirmed New Feature Normal
#554 MathML editor plug-in for FCKeditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#590 Cluster toolbar items into dropdowns new New Feature Normal
#594 onresize(end) event for images confirmed New Feature Normal
#595 Change the bgcolor and bordercolor of a table confirmed New Feature Normal
#597 WAI Accessibility standards implemented confirmed New Feature Normal
#599 Timestamp confirmed New Feature Normal
#606 ActiveX/OCX/DLL component confirmed New Feature Normal
#607 Show "Basic" toolbar when colapsed. confirmed New Feature Normal
#614 Inline comment editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#615 Add Pop-Up Window confirmed New Feature Normal
#628 Document Properties: Style Sheet confirmed New Feature Normal
#629 Escaping HTML with htmlspecialchars() confirmed New Feature Normal
#630 ability to have toolbar buttons sized acording to the images confirmed New Feature Normal
#631 More advanced ruler (HR) insert confirmed New Feature Normal
#636 Please add CSS style dropdown to table and cell confirmed New Feature Normal
#721 Add Keystrokes to Templates confirmed New Feature Normal
#743 Remember toolbar expansion state confirmed New Feature Normal
#808 Show table size while changing size confirmed New Feature Normal
#810 Please add "justify" to cellproperties in horiz alignment confirmed New Feature Normal
#813 Save collapse state in cookies confirmed New Feature Normal
#814 image popup: add margin-right, margin-left props confirmed New Feature Normal
#815 Image properties: border color confirmed New Feature Normal
#827 Upcase selected text confirmed New Feature Normal
#829 Table Auto Format confirmed New Feature Normal
#831 Set background image to tables and cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#833 FontStyleAdv Command confirmed New Feature Normal
#839 There should be a button that insert BR with CLEAR="ALL" confirmed New Feature Normal
#842 Floating DIV tag layer confirmed New Feature Normal
#844 Bullet Color confirmed New Feature Normal
#845 Single file for File Browser config (language independent) confirmed New Feature Normal
#849 Get the "plain text" (tags stripped) content from the editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#851 Show an icon in the place of protected source code confirmed New Feature Normal
#852 Insert media files confirmed New Feature Normal
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