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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1563 CSS Table Support (Code Attached) confirmed New Feature Normal
#1571 Suggestion for Find / Replace dialog of v2.5 confirmed New Feature Normal
#1687 Setup initial HTML code for the new blank page confirmed New Feature Normal
#1984 Add <label> Tag to forms. confirmed New Feature Normal
#2134 Inserting horizontal rule results in JavaScript error in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#2255 Plugin AutoGrow: adjust height to viewpane height by default confirmed New Feature Normal
#2317 All HTML files must pass W3C validation confirmed Task Normal
#2330 Using the Drag Handle to resize a table forces absolute sizes confirmed New Feature Normal
#2398 Show Blocks should also show lists confirmed Bug Normal
#2474 An editor contained in a Div with overflow:auto can't be maximized. confirmed Bug Normal
#2510 TAB jumps to next form field when in editor confirmed Bug Normal
#2549 Create an information protocol to automate checks for FCKeditor updates confirmed Task Normal
#2554 Select All using Ctrl-A does not work in modal dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area confirmed Bug Low
#2596 Ctrl+Shift+Enter mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#2622 Automatic dispatching of uploaded files to different folders confirmed New Feature Normal
#2637 Validation for ToolbarLocation too limited confirmed New Feature Normal
#2678 Allow the ability to see protected tags as plain text in the regular view of the editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#2728 String.prototype.Trim should also trim unicode ideographic space confirmed Bug Normal
#2759 error when perfroming drag and drop in ie confirmed Bug Normal
#2770 Issue tabbing out of FCKeditor field to Radio Button group or Submit button confirmed Bug Normal
#2771 Use CKEditor in opensocial gadget confirmed New Feature Normal
#2823 V3: Dialog API lazy load confirmed Bug Normal
#2848 suggestion: make hidden element actually hide in IE too, x-browser behavior confirmed New Feature Normal
#2920 Flow chart support confirmed New Feature Normal
#2930 embed audio? confirmed New Feature Low
#2957 plugin:table insertion doesn't continue with style it breaked confirmed Bug Normal
#3088 [IE]RichCombo scrolling document confirmed Bug Normal
#3106 [IE]editor.getSelection not right empty document confirmed Bug Normal
#3140 Indent problem with whole table confirmed Bug Normal
#3186 IE : DEL stop working when using scrollbars confirmed Bug Normal
#3355 Update font name and size dropdowns confirmed New Feature Normal
#3368 Strange behavior when placed inside dynamically-created elements confirmed Bug Normal
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem confirmed Bug Normal
#3397 tableWizard confirmed New Feature Normal
#3442 Add ability to simulate enter key press confirmed New Feature Normal
#3507 [IE] Context menu always opens next to mouse cursor confirmed Bug Normal
#3513 [IE8] Form elements at end of line confirmed Bug Normal
#3538 Google Transliteration AJAX API for Indic languages confirmed New Feature Normal
#3589 StylesCombo plugin: no option to load from XML file confirmed New Feature Normal
#3667 Paste from WordPerfect confirmed New Feature Normal
#3683 Hides top portion of page when spellcheck window opens up confirmed Bug Normal
#3699 Create documentation for development tools confirmed Wiktor Walc Task Normal
#3811 Special chars dialog is slow confirmed Bug Normal
#3845 'tabSpaces' config not working for source mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#3967 Dialog with all keystrokes written down confirmed New Feature Normal
#4013 No way to remove FORM and DIV Container element confirmed Bug Normal
#4027 Element path lacks borders in HC mode confirmed Bug Normal
#4130 [IE] Copy rows between tables not possible in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 confirmed New Feature Normal
#4158 Changing link target fails to generate event confirmed New Feature Normal
#4180 Multiple problems with 'text and table' template confirmed Bug Normal
#4251 Adding wrong plugin doesn't give proper warning confirmed Bug Normal
#4398 Support for detaching from the DOM confirmed Bug Normal
#4451 Different "Apple + LeftArrow" keyboard shortcut behavior in Firefox on Mac OS X confirmed Bug Normal
#4454 CKEditor should resize itself automatically in resizable floating window confirmed New Feature Normal
#4509 Adding config for maximize on startup confirmed New Feature Normal
#4516 Toolbar button to embed Silverlight confirmed New Feature Normal
#4528 Empty select box is added automatically under some conditions confirmed Bug Normal
#4576 CKeditor work wrong with contentType="application/xhtml+xml" confirmed Bug Normal
#4616 No spacing between "Align" caption and selectbox in image dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#4617 some of the Align field's options' captions are being amputated in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#4636 [FF]Small squares for resizing table lacks height for 'caption' confirmed Bug Normal
#4638 Incorrent wrapping of tags confirmed Bug Normal
#4705 Add a "resized" event confirmed New Feature Normal
#4751 Creating forms: add button to create file input element confirmed New Feature Normal
#4770 Media confirmed New Feature Normal
#4820 Flash properties dialog / info tab / option to require width and height be entered. confirmed New Feature Normal
#4878 Avoid deprecated attributes in Flash dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#4903 Indent command on multiple table cells incorrect confirmed Bug Normal
#4917 FF3: List indentation change relocates caret confirmed Bug Normal
#4920 Script tags are not indented in the output HTML confirmed Bug Normal
#4921 CKEditor - broken layout in IE when specific CSS is used on a web site confirmed Bug Normal
#4959 Remove format hides border-less tables confirmed Bug Normal
#4983 Editor resizes on shared toolbar collapse confirmed Bug Normal
#5027 [IE] Standards Mode Selection: Cannot click to select to the right of a control node confirmed Bug Normal
#5059 Pressing tab when editor is maximized confirmed Bug Normal
#5093 In-page settings cannot be passed to replaceAll confirmed New Feature Normal
#5151 editor area oversized in webkit confirmed Bug Normal
#5153 Automatically set size to the dimensions of the replaced textarea confirmed New Feature Normal
#5183 JS error is thrown when replacing page break and IE confirmed Bug Normal
#5200 IE: Div Container may show extra top padding confirmed Bug Normal
#5233 Can not remove blockquote that was written in source mode or as default text confirmed Bug Normal
#5286 Page break visible on a printed page confirmed Bug Normal
#5298 Up/Down Arrow Key in IE8 stops on certain paragraphs confirmed Bug Normal
#5316 Link tag waps span tag when image tag explicitly selected confirmed Bug Normal
#5346 Provide reset() method confirmed New Feature Normal
#5349 Caret is stuck when inserting any form element. confirmed Bug Normal
#5389 Invalid handling of font tags confirmed Bug Normal
#5405 Line breaks are sometimes lost when ignoreEmptyParagraph is set to false confirmed Bug Normal
#5406 [IE] Focus problem in modeless dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR confirmed Bug Low
#5481 Edit inserted div in table cell confirmed Bug Normal
#5482 Smiley icons preload confirmed Bug Normal
#5486 [IE8] Unable to exit from block elements confirmed Bug Normal
#5492 Enhancement Request: Replace tab in Find and Replace dialog should have a Find button confirmed New Feature Normal
#5501 Missing attributes of Text Area confirmed Bug Normal
#5535 Stack overlow in IE6 when pasting strange HTML confirmed Bug Normal
#5576 Elementspath does not work correctly when clicking body confirmed Bug Normal
#5592 Display unprintable characters confirmed New Feature Normal
#5597 Better validation in the colorbutton plugin confirmed Bug Normal
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