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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13028 Image inserted by uploadimage doesn't have the alt attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#13043 Inline styles are not maintained in IE11 when using Korean. confirmed Bug Normal
#13061 IE11: Pasting images and shapes from word duplicates some and omits others confirmed Bug Normal
#13065 Integrate widgets with the new copy/cut/paste dataTransfer confirmed Task Normal
#13071 Select content on drop, move selection to the end on paste confirmed Bug Normal
#13081 [Widgets] Excessive snapshot is recorded if blurred and focused editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13098 Various cases with incorrect selection after backspace/del in lists confirmed Bug Normal
#13102 It is not possible to align/justify whole table. confirmed Bug Normal
#13122 On editor.setData() native listeners are detached, but document stays so CKE listeners stop working confirmed Bug Normal
#13154 [IE8-10] Space is inserted by editor.insertHtml( 'foo' ) in specific case confirmed Bug Normal
#13156 Floating toolbar incorrenct left margin in manual tests confirmed Bug Normal
#13161 No notification after aborting image uploading. confirmed Bug Normal
#13175 [IE8] Coping and pasting some widgets results in invisible (empty) widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#13181 [IE] Error after dragging widget and then external content confirmed Bug Normal
#13182 [IE8][Toolbar conf] Drop downs can be opened confirmed Bug Normal
#13224 Blink/Webkit change formatting of inline styles when removing them and don't remove them completely. confirmed Bug Normal
#13225 IE: Can't remove inline styles with Backspace and Delete needs to be pressed twice. confirmed Bug Normal
#13267 Implement htmlParser.element.find() method confirmed Bug Normal
#13283 range.clone should not set containers if source range was not positioned yet confirmed Bug Normal
#13299 Magic line not displayed with elements floated/aligned to the right confirmed Bug Normal
#13301 Can't exit element floated/aligned to right with enter key confirmed Bug Normal
#13322 IE: setData causes Access Denied error confirmed Bug Normal
#13323 Dropping image on nested editable (image2 caption) doesn't effect. confirmed Bug Normal
#13357 [IE11][Firefox] List dropped from MS Word is not a real list confirmed Bug Normal
#13359 [Chrome android] Copying and pasting image2 results uploading image confirmed Bug Normal
#13384 Accessibility checker editor content table is broken and causes errors. confirmed Bug Normal
#13399 Wrong element is dropped on D&D after D&D widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13417 [autoembed][pastetext] Paste as plain text will upcast link into a widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13430 Autoembed: undo deletes content typed after pasting autoembeddable link confirmed Bug Normal
#13432 [D&D] From outside into nested editable not working confirmed Bug Normal
#13433 Error in console after D&D widget right after itself on empty content. new Bug Normal
#13435 [D&D] Image into nested editable throws error confirmed Bug Normal
#13437 [D&D] Image2 broken in half when drag and dropped. confirmed Bug Normal
#13464 Expose simple way to trigger lineutils-based DnD confirmed New Feature Normal
#13475 File upload with CORS (cross origin resource sharing) confirmed New Feature Normal
#13478 Rethink if entries like "ID" should be translatable at all confirmed Task Normal
#103 Auto Image File Sizing confirmed New Feature Normal
#228 Clean HTML function (separate from Clean From Word function) confirmed New Feature Normal
#241 Make FCKConfig.TemplatesXmlPath an array confirmed New Feature Normal
#304 FormatIndentator cannot be reliably set via script interface confirmed Bug Normal
#352 Enforce output sanitizing confirmed New Feature Normal
#397 MaxLength functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#425 Table tags to support enhanced table design by class style confirmed New Feature Normal
#495 custom file browser function as a setting confirmed New Feature Normal
#532 modify spell check to use pspell or a web service. confirmed New Feature Normal
#547 Add CLASS and ID properties to tags confirmed New Feature Normal
#554 MathML editor plug-in for FCKeditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#721 Add Keystrokes to Templates confirmed New Feature Normal
#831 Set background image to tables and cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#1066 Multi-user simultaneous editing support reopened New Feature Normal
#1111 Enhance Find function confirmed New Feature Normal
#1127 Enhance Drop-down menu confirmed New Feature Normal
#1134 Enhance Smiley Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#1138 Create Table Sorting buttons - Ascending & Descending confirmed New Feature Normal
#1142 Create Format Painter button confirmed New Feature Normal
#1145 Enhance "Select Color" Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#1333 Definition Lists (<dl> <dt> <dd>) confirmed New Feature Normal
#1339 Image Properties - Add link target to the Link tab confirmed New Feature Normal
#1424 Delete / backspace next to "Control" elements should select that control, rather than deleting confirmed New Feature Normal
#1563 CSS Table Support (Code Attached) confirmed New Feature Normal
#1571 Suggestion for Find / Replace dialog of v2.5 confirmed New Feature Normal
#1687 Setup initial HTML code for the new blank page confirmed New Feature Normal
#1824 table wizard new New Feature Normal
#1984 Add <label> Tag to forms. confirmed New Feature Normal
#2255 Plugin AutoGrow: adjust height to viewpane height by default confirmed New Feature Normal
#2330 Using the Drag Handle to resize a table forces absolute sizes confirmed New Feature Normal
#4130 [IE] Copy rows between tables not possible in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 confirmed New Feature Normal
#5059 Pressing tab when editor is maximized confirmed Bug Normal
#5998 Sample config.js file (config.sample.js perhaps) new Task Normal
#6015 (Webkit) Can't tab forward from CKEditor followed by <fieldset> or <legend> confirmed Bug Normal
#6120 Cannot Reorder CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#6124 Typing * TEXT auto bullets confirmed New Feature Normal
#6143 Fakeobjects element inserted inside paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#6157 Styles not selected correctly in the Combobox confirmed Bug Normal
#6164 IE stripping object/embed tags with templates confirmed Bug Normal
#6167 Copy/Paste Duplication Bug - Handling of "li" without "ul" confirmed Bug Normal
#6203 Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'K' to object on editor.destroy(); confirmed Bug Normal
#6205 ckeditor.js - t.getNative().createRange is not a function Line 118 - Image plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#6219 Incorrect Toolbar definition in documentation confirmed Bug Normal
#6251 serverpreview plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#6257 Editor crashes in Google Chrome when running multiple instances inside <iframe> confirmed Bug Normal
#6272 Table cells need ability to set additional styles confirmed New Feature Normal
#6303 IE : entering Misspelled color name in Cell Background or Border color fields creating empty span each time we press OK button. confirmed Bug Normal
#6344 Script Auto-Include Path Issues in IE8 Compatibility Mode confirmed Bug Normal
#6368 Chrome: Insert Image dialog causes extra http request on closing confirmed Bug Normal
#6381 Cursor lost on Horizontal line when moving up and down in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#6391 Autogrow doesn't kick in when "Show Blocks" is activated confirmed Bug Normal
#6428 [FF] The cursor disappears from the editor after dragging an image confirmed Bug Normal
#6443 SelectionChange not firing in all instances confirmed Bug Normal
#6514 [IE8]: Highlighted text is deleted when using browser Edit => Copy confirmed Bug Normal
#6517 YouTube embeded videos confirmed New Feature Normal
#6602 Automatically send WYSIWYG browsers into source mode instead of refusing to work new New Feature Normal
#6705 IE Selected font not applied to typed text confirmed Bug Normal
#6709 insertHtml: comments must also be protected confirmed Bug Normal
#6762 Add Pixel Dimensions - CKFinder confirmed New Feature Normal
#6923 IE: Caret shows through styles dropdown confirmed Bug Normal
#6937 Applying Block Quote to empty or the only paragraph in Table cell applying Block Quote to Table instead of Table Cell or Paragraph in Table Cell new Bug Normal
#6974 IE Flash Auto Play functionality not working confirmed Bug Normal
#6995 FF : We can't scroll down right align table using mouse confirmed Bug Normal
#7072 Javascript error on ElementPath plugin.js confirmed Bug Normal
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