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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8799 IE, FF: Delete/backspace keys remove anchor instead of joining paragraphs confirmed Bug Normal
#6974 IE Flash Auto Play functionality not working confirmed Bug Normal
#9329 IE: Focus lost when editor's horizontal or vertical scroll bar is scrolled confirmed Bug Normal
#5406 [IE] Focus problem in modeless dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#9438 [IE]: Formatting Normal (Div) removes empty table cells. confirmed Bug Normal
#12873 [IE] Improve copy/cup and paste binding confirmed New Feature Normal
#5822 [IE] It's not able to block certain keystrokes confirmed Bug Normal
#12277 [IE] It's not possible to resize last column using table resizer when borders are collapses confirmed Bug Normal
#7823 IEJSLeaksDetector shows momory leak for IE8 and IE7 confirmed Bug Normal
#6029 [IE] Last character is skipped when navigating through list items confirmed Bug Normal
#13592 [IE] Non-editable widget can become editable by clicking near the bottom of the widget confirmed Bug Normal
#10970 [IE] Not able to remove row in inline confirmed Bug Normal
#12391 [IE] No undo snapshots created when using IME (input method engine) assigned Artur Delura Bug Normal
#10464 [IE] onDelete of Image not removing the Link confirmed Bug Normal
#13708 IE option menu is different when right clicked on element with hasLayout==true confirmed Bug Normal
#6307 IE: Option to disable automatic creation of links confirmed New Feature Normal
#8382 [IE] PageUp and PageDown not working confirmed Bug Normal
#12544 [IE] Percentage margin of the first element breaks autogrowing confirmed Bug Normal
#8521 IE: Pictures are not visible in preview for Flash Dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#8989 IE placeholder plugin - you can't insert one place holder after another confirmed Bug Normal
#10468 [IE] Presence of CK Editor blocks scripts from properly loading with //@ sourceUrl on IE confirmed Bug Normal
#8048 IE: Problems with switching to source and back using Space or Enter key confirmed Bug Normal
#7345 IE Quirks: List item disappears when editor does not have focus confirmed Bug Normal
#8027 IE Quirks: problem with typing text after inserting an anchor confirmed Bug Normal
#3088 [IE]RichCombo scrolling document confirmed Bug Normal
#11792 [IEs] Click on the side of text in classic editor does not move caret there review_failed Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem confirmed Bug Normal
#7827 IE Selected font name/size not shown in font name/ size drop down list after selecting an option confirmed Bug Normal
#6705 IE Selected font not applied to typed text confirmed Bug Normal
#6140 IE Selected format fails to reflect in entered texts correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#11605 [IE] Selection cached after making selection by mouse confirmed Bug Normal
#13322 IE: setData causes Access Denied error confirmed Bug Normal
#6460 IE: Shift+Enter and nestes lists issue confirmed Bug Normal
#6571 [IE] showblocks doesn't bring focus back to editor with shared toolbar confirmed Bug Normal
#726 ieSpell & multiple editors not responding confirmed Bug Normal
#5027 [IE] Standards Mode Selection: Cannot click to select to the right of a control node confirmed Bug Normal
#6164 IE stripping object/embed tags with templates confirmed Bug Normal
#5477 [IE] Tab key incorrect result when document contains control type element review_failed brooks Bug Normal
#6615 [IE] tableresize usability review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#10796 [IE] Text selection to end of caption causes JS error confirmed Bug Normal
#8416 IE: toolbar buttons don't respect cursor location. confirmed Bug Normal
#7010 IE: UIcolor picker plugin does not load confirmed Bug Normal
#5704 [IE] Undo remove row/column/cell problem confirmed Bug Normal
#8926 IE: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appears when inserting table with width set to 100% confirmed Bug Normal
#9740 IE: Unordered list inside font tag causes nested unordered lists confirmed Bug Normal
#10894 IE: Unspecified error thrown when we tro to delete a row in a table containing list confirmed Bug Normal
#14436 [IE] Use color HEX format instead of RGB for colorpicker confirmed New Feature Normal
#8205 IE: using Undo after Unlink moving cursor to start of document in editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13647 [IE@WP] Page is scrolled to the end when I press enter new Bug Normal
#13648 [IE@WP] Table is inserted at the end of the document new Bug Normal
#8944 If a previously set value of a textfield is changed to blank, it stays visible in the editor. confirmed Bug Normal
#6302 if both 'blur' and 'click' events handled - they fires infinitely in firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#12073 Iframe allow fullscreen assigned Jakub Ś New Feature Normal
#11034 IframeDialog has very small content in CKEditor 4 continued. confirmed Bug Normal
#11750 Iframe Dialog Scrollbar problem. confirmed Bug Normal
#7995 IFrame dialog Style field in Advanced tab not reflecting values entered for Width & Height in General tab confirmed New Feature Normal
#16907 Iframe plugin uses deprecated attributes and allows invalid values in HTML5 confirmed Bug Normal
#11199 [Image2, ACF] Content of figcaption remain once the tag is stripped out in a widget confirmed Bug Normal
#12701 Image2 could have limiter for resizing image to specified maximum, confirmed New Feature Normal
#13888 image2: editor.config.image2_captionedClass is not removed when going from captioned to uncaptioned with Drupal's extended image2 new Bug Normal
#11593 [Image2] If only one dimension is set the missing one should not be set when resizing image confirmed Bug Normal
#11055 Image2 is not focused after pasting confirmed Bug Normal
#11639 Image2's resizer is displayed far from image if image has a margin confirmed Bug Low
#10834 Image2: The caption should not allow <p> and <br> (disable ENTER) confirmed Bug Normal
#14427 Image2 widget isn't in the correct state after drag&drop confirmed Bug Normal
#8069 Image button, with float:right is placed outside FORM element in WYSIWYG confirmed Bug Normal
#10702 Image dialog gives script errpr when focus in all of a link. confirmed Bug Normal
#13028 Image inserted by uploadimage doesn't have the alt attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#12774 Image is inserted with styles even when disallowed by ACF confirmed Bug Normal
#8351 Image not visible in page preview confirmed Bug Normal
#11875 Image plugin ACF: disallowed height also removes width setting confirmed New Feature Normal
#814 image popup: add margin-right, margin-left props confirmed New Feature Normal
#1339 Image Properties - Add link target to the Link tab confirmed New Feature Normal
#815 Image properties: border color confirmed New Feature Normal
#10452 Image size doesn't get refreshed in Image Preview confirmed Bug Normal
#10391 Image upload in data-uri base64 doesn't work with large files confirmed Bug Normal
#11988 Image width set in percentages changed to be in pixels after drag and drop in chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#10818 Implement a captioned quote widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#10817 Implement a time widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#13267 Implement htmlParser.element.find() method confirmed Bug Normal
#11361 Import from Word confirmed Bug Normal
#11322 Impossible to delete some block elements at the beginning of content confirmed New Feature Normal
#13623 Improve copy and paste from Office applications (particularly Excel & Powerpoint) confirmed New Feature Normal
#16676 Improvements in loading the debug code for async confirmed New Feature Normal
#7828 Improvements to the selection API and documentation confirmed New Feature Normal
#12023 Improve performance of element.find() and element.findOne() confirmed Task Normal
#13669 Improve the heuristic for URL recognition in autolink confirmed New Feature Normal
#13670 Improve the URL validator in embedbase confirmed New Feature Normal
#8723 in chrome, span with class attribute removed when merging blocks on delete/backspace confirmed Bug Normal
#11665 Include the showborders plugin in the Standard preset assigned Piotrek Koszuliński Task Normal CKEditor 4.4.0
#13830 Inconsistencies in removing inline styles (or text) with backspace key confirmed Bug Normal
#9759 Inconsistency in preview field for images with % heights confirmed Bug Normal
#14532 Inconsistent API of dialog.openDialog confirmed Bug Normal
#8798 Inconsistent behavior of rules elementNames and attributeNames in htmlParser.filter confirmed Bug Normal
#7848 Inconsistent cut/copy with relation to new anchor feature confirmed Bug Normal
#10289 Incorrect del behaviour in table cell with list inside confirmed Bug Normal
#17056 Incorrect notification on mobile devices new Bug Normal
#11065 Incorrect paragraph style after applying indentation and changing text direction confirmed Bug Normal
#11221 Incorrect result of table/list deletion confirmed Bug Normal
#13839 Incorrect Tab navigation behavior with radio buttons inside the dialog review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.1
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