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#14391 [Blink, FF] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste review IBM kkrzton Bug Normal
#14397 [IE] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste confirmed ibm Bug Normal
#14406 [IE] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14411 Removing content using backspace right after paste not triggering onChange event confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14412 <blockquote> breaks into 2 <blockquote> when you increase indent for Blockquote confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14507 Ability to customize the position where the spinner icon is rendered on the dialog confirmed IBM New Feature Normal
#14514 AVT: JAWS users has no info when Insert Spanner is spinning on Insert Media dialog confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14540 Opening native context menu on a link & selecting "Open Link" results in new page loaded in content area confirmed IBM Jakub Ś New Feature Normal
#14543 EDGE: Replacing text with empty string not working in Find & Replace dialog confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14548 EDGE: Not able to edit the Image if Image has Alignment set confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14549 Safari 9: Link context menu opions are missing when image has alignment set confirmed Safari IBM Bug Normal
#14571 IE11: Widget selection lost after Undo & Redo assigned IBM IE Tade0 Bug Normal
#14581 Pasting from MS Excel to CKEditor using IE loses background colors IF cells are resized from the default prior to copying confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14593 CHROME: Copying & pasting content from one editor instance to another removing all styles confirmed Blink Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#14703 FF: Adding extra paragraphs or space when text pasted confirmed IBM Firefox Bug Normal
#14704 IE11: Japanese Kanji character breaks when you repeatedly typing Japanese confirmed IBM IE11 Bug Normal
#14733 setting Italic fails for Japanese character, in Japanese locale pending IBM IE11 Bug Normal
#14765 Copying from IE divarea editor to Chrome/Firefox in results in full nodes path. confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14851 trailing slash is removed from meta tag confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#14902 CHROME: Empty paragraphs lost when copied & pasted from Notepad confirmed IBM Blink Bug Normal
#16625 FF & IE: Increasing Indent not working on lists confirmed IBM IE Firefox Bug Normal
#16720 Firefox: Not possible to enter normal text after inserting Link using Link dialog confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#16739 Indentation for Text lost when pasted from word doc confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#16930 [A11Y] - JAWS reading each item in Context Menu as separate list confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#16940 Clicking on the disabled toolbar button makes them enabled new IBM, RQM Bug Normal
#6677 BIDI: IE6 Cursor missing from Editor body when we click on RTL icon with out focusing in Editor body confirmed IBM Bug Low
#9964 Font Size and Font Name drop-downs do not always reflect font styling confirmed IBM New Feature Low
#13012 Focus is not properly restored after closing the context menu confirmed IBM Bug Low
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