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#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 review_failed IE6 IE7 Martin Kou Bug Low
#674 problematic cut/copy/paste with lists confirmed IE Bug Normal
#726 ieSpell & multiple editors not responding confirmed SF IE Bug Normal
#808 Show table size while changing size confirmed SF IE New Feature Normal
#2134 Inserting horizontal rule results in JavaScript error in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2554 Select All using Ctrl-A does not work in modal dialog confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2716 Image upload dialog freezes on IE when uploaded file is missing (or server response is invalid) confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2759 error when perfroming drag and drop in ie confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2770 Issue tabbing out of FCKeditor field to Radio Button group or Submit button confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2848 suggestion: make hidden element actually hide in IE too, x-browser behavior confirmed IE HasPatch New Feature Normal
#3088 [IE]RichCombo scrolling document confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#3106 [IE]editor.getSelection not right empty document confirmed IE Bug Normal
#3186 IE : DEL stop working when using scrollbars confirmed IE6 Bug Normal
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem confirmed IE Webkit Bug Normal
#3419 Paste button not available after SetData function confirmed IE Bug Normal
#3507 [IE] Context menu always opens next to mouse cursor confirmed IE Bug Normal
#3513 [IE8] Form elements at end of line confirmed IE Bug Normal
#3607 Enterykey break nested list confirmed IE Bug Normal
#3979 IE+Quirks: Dialogs are smaller confirmed IE Bug Normal
#4130 [IE] Copy rows between tables not possible in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 confirmed IE New Feature Normal
#4173 [IE] loading long text in text input streatching dialog confirmed IE Discussion Bug Normal
#4376 Contents already be removed in <noembed></noembed> section. confirmed IE8 IE7 Bug Normal
#4617 some of the Align field's options' captions are being amputated in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#4921 CKEditor - broken layout in IE when specific CSS is used on a web site confirmed IE Bug Normal
#4927 Enterkey result incorrect with paragraph inside list item confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5027 [IE] Standards Mode Selection: Cannot click to select to the right of a control node confirmed IE8 HasPatch Bug Normal
#5085 Bullet points duplicated on single line confirmed Firefox IE Bug Normal
#5116 IE: dialog checkboxes have no visual clue for keyboard navigation confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5200 IE: Div Container may show extra top padding confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5236 Unstyling an empty range in a beginning of a styled text does not unselect the button confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5298 Up/Down Arrow Key in IE8 stops on certain paragraphs confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5350 Problems inserting new lines with IE8 inside pre confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5477 [IE] Tab key incorrect result when document contains control type element review_failed IE Confirmed brooks Bug Normal
#5479 [IE] Cursor after table at the end of document in enterMode=BR review IE Garry Yao Bug Normal
#5482 Smiley icons preload confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5498 [IE] Inline quotation problem confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#5501 Missing attributes of Text Area confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5535 Stack overlow in IE6 when pasting strange HTML confirmed IE HasPatch Bug Normal
#5655 [IE] contentEditable:false doesn't work on tables confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5698 [IE] Create empty paragraph in list item display problem confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5700 SCAYT doesn't work with 'replace' command confirmed HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal
#5704 [IE] Undo remove row/column/cell problem confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5708 [IE] Outdent list result incorrect confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5762 Finishing a list causes the caret to go back to the last item with enterMode br confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5773 SCAYT: Memory leak in IE confirmed IE, Review?, HasPatch Bug Normal
#5812 Image properties can't be loaded when image's container has certain styles in IE (at least IE8) confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5822 [IE] It's not able to block certain keystrokes confirmed IE HasPatch Bug Normal
#5854 SCAYT's class apears in the body tag during save operation confirmed HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal
#5948 IE8 delete list element bug confirmed IE Bug Normal
#5972 Enter !@#$ and click on enter will be show underline even does not select underline format confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6029 [IE] Last character is skipped when navigating through list items confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6076 [IE Quirks] Dialogs are not wide enough for their contents / Templates Dialog confirmed IE HasPatch Bug Normal
#6114 SCAYT / Font tag / IE interaction confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6119 Web Spell Checker - "finish checking" takes ages to finish confirmed HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal
#6140 IE Selected format fails to reflect in entered texts correctly confirmed IBM IE VendorFix Bug Normal
#6173 Removing Items from unordered list (WinXP/IE8) confirmed IE Discussion Bug Normal
#6196 flash edit dialog show url(源文件) uncorrectly confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#6211 SCAYT context menu doesn't show on right mouse click in FF3 on Mac confirmed HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal
#6303 IE : entering Misspelled color name in Cell Background or Border color fields creating empty span each time we press OK button. confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#6307 IE: Option to disable automatic creation of links confirmed IE New Feature Normal
#6317 [Safari] Check Spelling dialog - JavaScript warnings confirmed Safari HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal
#6344 Script Auto-Include Path Issues in IE8 Compatibility Mode confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6383 Holding ctrl+v in IE - pasting copied text as <p> confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6415 Style defined in stylecombo plugin with "pre" element ignores class property in Internet Explorer when applied without selecting text confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6460 IE: Shift+Enter and nestes lists issue confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6514 [IE8]: Highlighted text is deleted when using browser Edit => Copy confirmed IBM IE8 Bug Normal
#6571 [IE] showblocks doesn't bring focus back to editor with shared toolbar confirmed IE6 IE7 Bug Normal
#6572 Webkit: SCAYT repositions cursor in enterMode=BR confirmed Review? Bug Normal
#6583 IE: Caret disappears in dialogs at the right side in LTR confirmed IE Bug Normal
#6615 [IE] tableresize usability review_failed IE Garry Yao Bug Normal
#6650 IE: Text fields in Table dialog not displaying correct values confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#6672 Cannot "cut" the form element on top of the page confirmed Oracle IE Bug Normal
#6705 IE Selected font not applied to typed text confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#6709 insertHtml: comments must also be protected confirmed IE8 HasPatch Bug Normal
#6808 [IE] dialog field content lost assigned IE Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal
#6828 [IE] Block selection breaks enterBr confirmed IE Opera Bug Normal
#6923 IE: Caret shows through styles dropdown confirmed IE IBM Bug Normal
#6974 IE Flash Auto Play functionality not working confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#7000 [IE8] Unable to put cursor before horizontal line at start confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7010 IE: UIcolor picker plugin does not load confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7017 [IE] Table cells deleted when trying to set formatting for the entire table confirmed IE Discussion IBM Bug Normal
#7022 [IE] % in image URL breaks dialog close confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7072 Javascript error on ElementPath plugin.js confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7080 clear selection cause window scroll confirmed IE6 IE7 Bug Normal
#7089 [IE] Error when expand toolbar if height of editor is not enough. confirmed IE HasPatch Bug Normal
#7090 IE8: Error "Line: 96 error: 'N' is null or not a object" in scenario with ASP.NET AJAX and Postbacktrigger confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#7118 SCAYT: options dialog is not translated confirmed HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal
#7175 IE: Drop-downs closed immediately after show confirmed IE HasPatch IBM Bug Normal
#7186 [IE9] HR carries text confirmed IE9 Bug Normal
#7230 IE quirks: Dialog borders do not resize properly when show/hide tab bar confirmed HasPatch IE Bug Normal
#7299 IE6/IE8: Borders on color panels are not displaying correctly in RTL languages confirmed IBM IE6 IE8 Bug Normal
#7333 IE6 Cursor goes missing when we come out of RTL Numbered/Bulleted list confirmed IBM IE6 Bug Normal
#7345 IE Quirks: List item disappears when editor does not have focus confirmed IBM IE Quirks Bug Normal
#7352 Single quotes in attributes converted to double quotes confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7367 Unable to remove style at end of block confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7447 [IE9] HC toolbar items wrapping confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7503 Problems with select lists in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7517 Removing second-level lists in IE is unintuitive. confirmed IE Bug Normal
#7561 IE 'editor.getSelection()' is null or not an object review_failed IE8 HasPatch IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7614 [HC] buttons and textarea go outside editor when it's resized in IE9 confirmed IE9 Bug Low
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