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#11959 [IE10] Tableresize: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference confirmed IE10 Bug Normal
#11966 [IE] Compatibility view: Caret goes outside of the last block element, when showblocks is enabled confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12026 'Cut' option in tool bar is still enabled even when there is no text in the text area confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12062 Performance issues typing at the end of a large document in IE and Chrome confirmed Blink IE VendorFix Bug Normal
#12114 image2 widget (align left/center/right) does not lose focus on IE8-11 in order to write text if alone confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12193 placeholder sometimes get deleted on move in IE9 confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12323 [IE10] After removing whole list text below jump up. confirmed IE Firefox Bug Normal
#12326 [IE] Error throw after switching between source mode and then click styles button confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12328 [IE8] Predefined style pruned by the editor confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#12357 [IE8] Call maximize command fire resize event twice confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#12391 [IE] No undo snapshots created when using IME (input method engine) assigned IME IE Artur Delura Bug Normal
#12453 CKEditor in IE11 doesn't handle large tables. confirmed IE11 Support Bug Normal
#12458 CSS style attribute values with semicolons converted to lowercase in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12459 Exception occurs after using Replace All and closing Find and Replace dialog in IE11 review IE kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#12525 IE: Drop-downs closed immediately after show in a Bootstrap Modal confirmed CantFix IE Bug Normal
#12535 Unable to select a table in IE after merging cells confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#12594 [IE8] Magicline throws an error when inserting block before list with inline elements confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#12610 checkElementMatch always return false for color style in IE11 confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#12666 [IE9-11] Double-byte space disappears when pasting confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#12772 [IE] disableObjectResizing doesn't work confirmed VendorFix IE Bug Normal
#12794 SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError on table caption change in IE9-11 confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13005 Change Event is not fired after Delete confirmed Firefox IE Support Bug Normal
#13041 menus not working in showmodaldialog confirmed IE10 IE11 Bug Normal
#13043 Inline styles are not maintained in IE11 when using Korean. confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#13058 IE8 Problem copy or cut and paste numeroted list with linebreak confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13061 IE11: Pasting images and shapes from word duplicates some and omits others confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#13094 Delete CR removes form html below confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13120 Removing special container in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13125 FF Only - The space after a contenteditable element is ignored when backspacing confirmed Firefox IE Bug Normal
#13225 IE: Can't remove inline styles with Backspace and Delete needs to be pressed twice. confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13250 Style attribute type gets corrupted when editing source in IE 8 confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#13322 IE: setData causes Access Denied error confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13332 IE: collapsed selection doesn't match styling. review IE Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13504 [IE9-10]:Inline styles are not always removed confirmed IE9 IE10 Support Bug Normal
#13509 [IE11] It is not possible to type in Japanese in right aligned table confirmed IE11 Support Can't Fix Bug Normal
#13575 IE11: Typing in Korean with Enter Mode BR moves cursor to previous line. assigned IE11 Support Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13592 [IE] Non-editable widget can become editable by clicking near the bottom of the widget confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13630 [IE11] Focus issues when the editor gets loaded confirmed IBM, IE11 Bug Normal
#13708 IE option menu is different when right clicked on element with hasLayout==true confirmed IBM, IE Bug Normal
#13775 Typing into selected contents of span tag creates font tag confirmed IE11 Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#13911 [IE11] Console errors during context menu test execution review IE11 kkrzton Bug Normal
#14313 Copying/pasting nested lists in IE results in flat list confirmed IE Can't Fix Bug Normal
#14337 [IE] Proper selection restoring after modification of text while unfocused confirmed IE Bug Normal
#14518 On IE11, data-bound elements in dialog are not updated when clicking OK pending IE Bug Normal
#14525 Japanese charactor disappeared while typing confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#14571 IE11: Widget selection lost after Undo & Redo assigned IBM IE Tade0 Bug Normal
#14634 getSelectedText omits <br> characters in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#14704 IE11: Japanese Kanji character breaks when you repeatedly typing Japanese confirmed IBM IE11 Bug Normal
#14733 setting Italic fails for Japanese character, in Japanese locale pending IBM IE11 Bug Normal
#14767 Browser becomes unresponsive at the input of the multi-byte character confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#14845 Using justify in BR mode doesn't remove trailing BR's in IE thus resulting in new line confirmed Support IE10 IE9 IE8 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#16472 [IE/Edge] Bold (and other style tags) are applied multiple times confirmed IE Bug Normal
#16500 Copy/Paste list doesn't paste first bullet. confirmed IE9-11 Bug Normal
#16625 FF & IE: Increasing Indent not working on lists confirmed IBM IE Firefox Bug Normal
#16681 Pasting List from Word in IE wraps list utems in paragraphs. confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#16718 [IE11][CF] Styles applied to the wrong node when CF used exactly on the same position for the second time. confirmed IE11, Copyformatting Bug Normal
#16854 startupFocus: false doesn't work in IE 11 new startupFocus,IE Bug Normal
#16901 Duplicate selection field after changing some styles new selection field Bug Normal
#16932 [ENTER_BR]: Enter hides space before text and leaves cursor in first line. confirmed IE EDGE Bug Normal
#16941 Deleting Paragraph before the description list, changes first list element to instead of moving cursor into list confirmed Webkit IE Support Bug Normal
#17002 [IE9-11] Advanced Color Dialog won't close on IE11 with Caret Browsing (F7) enabled confirmed IE Edge Bug Normal
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