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#11878 [IE11]: Applying different numbers to list doesn’t work. confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#11959 [IE10] Tableresize: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference confirmed IE10 Bug Normal
#11966 [IE] Compatibility view: Caret goes outside of the last block element, when showblocks is enabled confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12026 'Cut' option in tool bar is still enabled even when there is no text in the text area confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12062 Performance issues typing at the end of a large document in IE and Chrome confirmed Blink IE VendorFix Bug Normal
#12114 image2 widget (align left/center/right) does not lose focus on IE8-11 in order to write text if alone confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12193 placeholder sometimes get deleted on move in IE9 confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12323 [IE10] After removing whole list text below jump up. confirmed IE Firefox Bug Normal
#12326 [IE] Error throw after switching between source mode and then click styles button confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12328 [IE8] Predefined style pruned by the editor confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#12357 [IE8] Call maximize command fire resize event twice confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#12391 [IE] No undo snapshots created when using IME (input method engine) assigned IME IE Artur Delura Bug Normal
#12453 CKEditor in IE11 doesn't handle large tables. confirmed IE11 Support Bug Normal
#12458 CSS style attribute values with semicolons converted to lowercase in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#12525 IE: Drop-downs closed immediately after show in a Bootstrap Modal confirmed CantFix IE Bug Normal
#12535 Unable to select a table in IE after merging cells confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#12594 [IE8] Magicline throws an error when inserting block before list with inline elements confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#12610 checkElementMatch always return false for color style in IE11 confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#12666 [IE9-11] Double-byte space disappears when pasting confirmed IBM IE Bug Normal
#12772 [IE] disableObjectResizing doesn't work confirmed VendorFix IE Bug Normal
#12794 SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError on table caption change in IE9-11 confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13005 Change Event is not fired after Delete confirmed Firefox IE Support Bug Normal
#13041 menus not working in showmodaldialog confirmed IE10 IE11 Bug Normal
#13043 Inline styles are not maintained in IE11 when using Korean. confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#13058 IE8 Problem copy or cut and paste numeroted list with linebreak confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13061 IE11: Pasting images and shapes from word duplicates some and omits others confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#13094 Delete CR removes form html below confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13120 Removing special container in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13125 FF Only - The space after a contenteditable element is ignored when backspacing confirmed Firefox IE Bug Normal
#13225 IE: Can't remove inline styles with Backspace and Delete needs to be pressed twice. confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13250 Style attribute type gets corrupted when editing source in IE 8 confirmed IE8 Bug Normal
#13322 IE: setData causes Access Denied error confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13504 [IE9-10]:Inline styles are not always removed confirmed IE9 IE10 Support Bug Normal
#13509 [IE11] It is not possible to type in Japanese in right aligned table confirmed IE11 Support Can't Fix Bug Normal
#13575 IE11: Typing in Korean with Enter Mode BR moves cursor to previous line. assigned IE11 Support Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13592 [IE] Non-editable widget can become editable by clicking near the bottom of the widget confirmed IE Bug Normal
#13630 [IE11] Focus issues when the editor gets loaded confirmed IBM, IE11 Bug Normal
#13708 IE option menu is different when right clicked on element with hasLayout==true confirmed IBM, IE Bug Normal
#13775 Typing into selected contents of span tag creates font tag confirmed IE11 Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#13911 [IE11] Console errors during context menu test execution review IE11 kkrzton Bug Normal
#14313 Copying/pasting nested lists in IE results in flat list confirmed IE Can't Fix Bug Normal
#14337 [IE] Proper selection restoring after modification of text while unfocused confirmed IE Bug Normal
#14518 On IE11, data-bound elements in dialog are not updated when clicking OK pending IE Bug Normal
#14525 Japanese charactor disappeared while typing confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#14571 IE11: Widget selection lost after Undo & Redo assigned IBM IE Tade0 Bug Normal
#14634 getSelectedText omits <br> characters in IE confirmed IE Bug Normal
#14704 IE11: Japanese Kanji character breaks when you repeatedly typing Japanese confirmed IBM IE11 Bug Normal
#14733 setting Italic fails for Japanese character, in Japanese locale pending IBM IE11 Bug Normal
#14767 Browser becomes unresponsive at the input of the multi-byte character confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#16472 [IE/Edge] Bold (and other style tags) are applied multiple times confirmed IE Bug Normal
#16500 Copy/Paste list doesn't paste first bullet. confirmed IE9-11 Bug Normal
#16625 FF & IE: Increasing Indent not working on lists confirmed IBM IE Firefox Bug Normal
#16681 Pasting List from Word in IE wraps list utems in paragraphs. confirmed IE11 Bug Normal
#16718 [IE11][CF] Styles applied to the wrong node when CF used exactly on the same position for the second time. confirmed IE11, Copyformatting Bug Normal
#16854 startupFocus: false doesn't work in IE 11 new startupFocus,IE Bug Normal
#16901 Duplicate selection field after changing some styles new selection field Bug Normal
#16932 [ENTER_BR]: Enter hides space before text and leaves cursor in first line. confirmed IE EDGE Bug Normal
#16941 Deleting Paragraph before the description list, changes first list element to instead of moving cursor into list confirmed Webkit IE Support Bug Normal
#17002 [IE9-11] Advanced Color Dialog won't close on IE11 with Caret Browsing (F7) enabled confirmed IE Edge Bug Normal
#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 review_failed IE6 IE7 Martin Kou Bug Low
#7614 [HC] buttons and textarea go outside editor when it's resized in IE9 confirmed IE9 Bug Low
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