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#8308 [iOS] There is no scrollbar on toolbar combos confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8309 [iOS] Selection marker and ballon remain over toolbar panels confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8310 [iOS] It's not (always) possible to close toolbar combos without selecting one item confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8311 [iOS] There is no way to open the context menu confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8312 [iOS] SCAYT blocks typing confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8313 [iOS] Dialogs in the wrong are not draggable confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8314 [iOS] Dialog fields don't get focus when opened confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8315 [iOS] Editing area grows with no scrollbar confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8316 [iOS] Resizer is not draggable confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8317 [iOS] Show "tooltips" for toolbar commands confirmed iOS New Feature Normal
#8318 [iOS] Copy/Paste balloon hide toolbar options confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8319 [iOS][Android] The divreplace sample doesn't work confirmed iOS Android Bug Normal
#8320 [iOS] The tableresize plugin is not usable confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8705 [iOS] Caret (cursor) may not appear when typing is enabled new iOS WebKit Bug Normal
#8717 Mobile Safari - Cursor remains after switching between wysiwyg mode and text mode confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#8881 [iOS] Paste images does not work on iOS new iOS Bug Normal
#8947 [iOS] (iPad) copy/pasting formatted text new iOS Bug Normal
#8970 [iOS] Inconsistent behaviour in Editor using Jquery mobile in Safari on iOS5.1 new iOS Bug Normal
#8986 Delete bullet from middle of bullet list, extra space that cannot be removed. new iOS Bug Normal
#8987 [iOS] Can not "Select All" after Copy and Paste text in the editor new iOS Bug Normal
#9011 CKFinder doesn't allow Select, Download or Upload options new iOS CKFinder Bug Normal
#9402 [iOS] keyboard gets closed after Paste in the editor new iOS 6 Bug Normal
#9407 [iOS] Flash content displays as very long rectangle on iOS 6 new iOS Bug Normal
#9460 [iOS] CKE4 nighly build; Selection lost when selecting font menu new iOS Bug Normal
#9556 [iOS] Can't fully exit out of list and continue adding text to editor in iOS 6.0.1 new iOS Bug Normal
#9567 [iOS] Select All, selected area is not confined to the text area in iOS 6.0.1 new iOS Bug Normal
#9928 [iOS] creating form disables text entering new iOS Bug Normal
#9937 [iOS] CKEditor 3.6.3 (revision 7474) - iOS6 iPad - CK editor textarea lost the focus new iOS Bug Normal
#9968 [iOS] Cannot select an image on an ipad confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#10180 [iOS] iPad issue with Dropdown Menus new iOS Support Bug Normal
#10583 [iOS] CKeditor 4.1.2 is not working in ipad 6.1.3 new iOS Bug Normal
#10669 CKEditor follows links in WebKit-based browsers, replacing the iframe content new iOS Bug Normal
#10694 [iOS] Editing in ipad scrolling issue confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#10819 [iOS] Hitting return will cause all text below cursor to delete new iOS Bug Normal
#10820 [iOS] Calling insertText switches CKEditor into "Read Only" mode new iOS Bug Normal
#11256 [iOS] startupFocus option does not work on iPad new iOS Bug Normal
#11375 [iOS] On iPad adding a table shows cursor in first cell, but text cannot be entered new iOS Bug Normal
#11389 [iOS] Elements are inserted at wrong position on Ipad new iOS Bug Normal
#11405 [iOS] Unable to type on iPad after using dropdown list (Styles/Font/Size) or setting color confirmed iOS Support Bug Normal
#11468 [iOS] Toolbar status doesn't update on iOS new iOS Bug Normal
#11714 [iOS] Slowness when CKEditor is within an inline-block element on iPad pending iOS Bug Normal
#11721 [iOS] Dialog in the wrong position confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#11729 [iOS] Magicline does not work confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#11730 [iOS] Editor is scrolling when command is execute confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#11731 [iOS] Dialogs move selection to the begging of the document confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#11732 [iOS] It's not possible to switch to source and back confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#11733 [iOS] It is not possible to open Image2 edit dialog. confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#11734 [iOS] Native context ballon options does not work with ACF and undo confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#12044 iOS: unable to apply (Bold) style when typing quickly after selecting a style new iOS Bug Normal
#12142 [iOS] Autocapitalize does not work as expected confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#12457 [iOS 8 Safari] Selection issues while typing confirmed iOS8 Safari8 Bug Normal
#12567 Dialogs are incorrectly sized on iOS new iOS Bug Normal
#12595 [iOS 7 Safari] Selection issue in inline editor new iOS Bug Normal
#12749 iOS 8 iPad screen scrolls back to top when typing into CKEditor pending iOS Bug Normal
#12800 Horizontal overflow on iOS new iOS Bug Normal
#12863 Enter key issue with multi-byte character confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#13511 iOS selection UI obscures ckeditor toolbar new iOS8 Bug Normal
#13573 Any style from selectbox in toolbar can`t be applied to the selected text in CKEditor with divarea plugin in Safari browser in iOS confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#13593 [iOS, Android, WP] Fire editor#selectionChange on selection changes caused by touch events review iOS Android NiceToHave Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#13787 iOS notifications skewed to the left when zoomed out. new iOS notification zoom scroll Bug Normal
#13846 [iOS] Inline editor does not stick when scrolled off screen new iOS Bug Normal
#13961 Text overlap on iPhone 6S in landscape new iOS Bug Normal
#14428 Fullscreen mode on iphone/ipad new IOS Bug Normal
#14644 [Safari][iOS][AC] Minimized AC window hides under virtual keyboard. confirmed safari,iOS,ac Bug Normal
#14759 Big images makes editor scroll top on input in iPad with iOS 9.3.2 confirmed ios Bug Normal
#14797 [iPad Mini] Unable to scroll horizontally in CKEditor confirmed Oracle iOS Bug Normal
#14836 Editor content scrolls when pasting data from clipboard (iOS) confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#16761 Toolbar button status on touch devices does not update for inline styles (italics, font family, etc). confirmed iOS Bug Normal
#16785 [IOS] Editor scrolls back to top of the page new IOS Bug Normal
#16896 [iOS] CKEditor content area scrolls up when cursor is placed at the beginning of line confirmed iOS Supprt Bug Normal
#8307 [iOS] Maximize is broken confirmed iOS Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#16902 [iOS] CKEditor editing area scrolls incorrectly when inputting new characters on a scrolled page confirmed iOS Support Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
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