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#8589 Safari & Chrome : Copying & Pasting first table row with headers & some cells with rowspan > 1 not working confirmed Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#8554 Safari: Collapse toolbar and Font and Size will be reset confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#8549 [IE, Webkit] can not delete selected text in table contents confirmed IE, Webkit Bug Normal
#8536 Safari/ Chrome: Default Alignment not shown for the text in editor. confirmed IBM Webkit Bug Normal
#8526 [Webkit] Unlink Highlighted Object leaves empty Anchor confirmed Opera Webkit Bug Normal
#8471 Webkit: When Copy/Paste Table Cell It Gets Pasted in next Column confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#8375 onfocus: Input text selection not cleared in Chrome confirmed Webkit VendorFix Bug Normal
#8358 Safari & Chrome : Paste options are enabled & Paste option shown in context menu when Clipboard is empty confirmed Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#8332 Chrome : link not inserted in correct position when we make a selection for the first time. confirmed IBM Webkit Bug Normal
#8169 Webkit editor doesn't scroll without focus. confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#8133 Webkit: Autogrow in quirks mode. Editor doesn't get smaller. confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#8061 Webkit Drag and Drop shifts event focus to iframe document confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#8019 Webkit: "Focus border smaller than the editing area border" in paste as plain text dialog confirmed Webkit Bug Low
#8017 Webkit: Problems with undo and lists after switching to source mode and back confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#7942 [Webkit] Paste elements carries applied style confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#7936 Large cursor next to images in Webkit confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#7920 Webkit: Incorrect font name is displayed confirmed IBM Webkit Bug Normal
#7370 FF & Safari : Underline for list item not shown for the below html code confirmed IBM Firefox WebKit Bug Normal
#7325 Webkit: backspace moves content between p tags (instead of merging them) confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#7286 Inproper dropdown list height when opened in 2 editors one after the other confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#6856 Inserting span tag - wrapped content with insertHTML appends after ending <p> tag instead of inside. confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#6853 Safari: selected element is not fully removed confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#6836 Webkit: Cursor goes before the block when creating blockquote with enterMode = BR confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#6381 Cursor lost on Horizontal line when moving up and down in Chrome confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#6064 WebKit: Active dialog tab should have higher z-order confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#6015 (Webkit) Can't tab forward from CKEditor followed by <fieldset> or <legend> confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#5841 :first-letter style causes character position translation errors and hanging in Google Chrome confirmed Webkit VendorFix Bug Normal
#5783 Editor width not back to normal after exiting full screen mode -- if a dialog was opened for first time while in full screen mode confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#5151 editor area oversized in webkit confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem confirmed IE Webkit Bug Normal
#58 Safari: objects are not selectable confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
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