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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#831 Set background image to tables and cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#853 sourcecode view improvement confirmed New Feature Normal
#873 show config errors in filemanager confirmed New Feature Normal
#884 Make "Target" available when creating link to "anchor" confirmed New Feature Normal
#981 Spellcheck - Extra Button to stop spellcheck and apply the changes made upto that point. confirmed New Feature Normal
#1066 Multi-user simultaneous editing support reopened New Feature Normal
#1111 Enhance Find function confirmed New Feature Normal
#1127 Enhance Drop-down menu confirmed New Feature Normal
#1134 Enhance Smiley Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#1138 Create Table Sorting buttons - Ascending & Descending confirmed New Feature Normal
#1142 Create Format Painter button confirmed New Feature Normal
#1145 Enhance "Select Color" Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#1259 Perl connector does not conform to our standards confirmed Bug Normal
#1333 Definition Lists (<dl> <dt> <dd>) confirmed New Feature Normal
#1339 Image Properties - Add link target to the Link tab confirmed New Feature Normal
#1398 Select all then delete or backspace clears formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#1424 Delete / backspace next to "Control" elements should select that control, rather than deleting confirmed New Feature Normal
#1505 Adding additional 'table row after' on <th> headings creates second heading rather than row confirmed Bug Normal
#1563 CSS Table Support (Code Attached) confirmed New Feature Normal
#1571 Suggestion for Find / Replace dialog of v2.5 confirmed New Feature Normal
#1601 custom style is not visible in style list because style defines text color to white confirmed Bug Normal
#1632 Source view: Activate undo/redo tool buttons confirmed New Feature Normal
#1646 Color for Underline and Strikethrough inconsistent confirmed Bug Normal
#1687 Setup initial HTML code for the new blank page confirmed New Feature Normal
#1721 Check for valid file extensions is not enforced everywhere confirmed New Feature Normal
#1813 Option to require alt text tag for images confirmed New Feature Normal
#1824 table wizard new New Feature Normal
#1897 Unable to creates styles for a tags confirmed Bug Normal
#1940 Floating dialog for File Browser confirmed New Feature Normal
#1966 Add viewable extensions to File Browser confirmed New Feature Normal
#1984 Add <label> Tag to forms. confirmed New Feature Normal
#2176 php connector: apache_lookup_uri failure not handled confirmed Bug Normal
#2232 Send the current element values as parameters to the FileBrowser (link dialog) confirmed New Feature Normal
#2255 Plugin AutoGrow: adjust height to viewpane height by default confirmed New Feature Normal
#2283 Support for Java Facelets confirmed New Feature Normal
#2301 optional ability to remove link by leaving URL empty confirmed New Feature Normal
#2330 Using the Drag Handle to resize a table forces absolute sizes confirmed New Feature Normal
#2346 Numbered list problem confirmed Bug Normal
#2433 drop-down list for image style confirmed New Feature Normal
#2782 Editor inside DIV with "overflow: auto" causes displaced menus confirmed Bug Normal
#2981 Sample 10 second instance not working after clicking combo confirmed Bug Normal
#3013 V3: New functional tests confirmed Task Normal
#3607 Enterykey break nested list confirmed Bug Normal
#4130 [IE] Copy rows between tables not possible in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 confirmed New Feature Normal
#4362 Fire event when floatpanel opened confirmed New Feature Normal
#4376 Contents already be removed in <noembed></noembed> section. confirmed Bug Normal
#4380 Listblock: Stylename containing single quote will crash onclick method new Bug Normal
#4529 Link dialog - when selecting an anchor, selection fields are centered confirmed Bug Normal
#4582 Toolbar expand/collapse toggle button cannot be tabbed to and does not have tooltip text confirmed Bug Normal
#5009 Context sub-menu items should not hide other context menu items new Bug Normal
#5059 Pressing tab when editor is maximized confirmed Bug Normal
#5164 Can't change alignment of table in Text and Table Template confirmed New Feature Normal
#5230 Adding a background image to h1 tags effects the styles drop down in the editor confirmed Bug Normal
#5236 Unstyling an empty range in a beginning of a styled text does not unselect the button confirmed Bug Normal
#5998 Sample config.js file (config.sample.js perhaps) new Task Normal
#6012 Hidden Field Icon missing transparancy confirmed Bug Normal
#6015 (Webkit) Can't tab forward from CKEditor followed by <fieldset> or <legend> confirmed Bug Normal
#6019 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x confirmed New Feature Normal
#6076 [IE Quirks] Dialogs are not wide enough for their contents / Templates Dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#6085 filemanager in the same window confirmed New Feature Normal
#6092 In TD element Add Style and class properties confirmed New Feature Normal
#6093 Change the set of characters in the "insert special character" dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#6114 SCAYT / Font tag / IE interaction confirmed Bug Normal
#6120 Cannot Reorder CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#6124 Typing * TEXT auto bullets confirmed New Feature Normal
#6128 Add Upload Progress/Notification for file browser confirmed New Feature Normal
#6143 Fakeobjects element inserted inside paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#6157 Styles not selected correctly in the Combobox confirmed Bug Normal
#6164 IE stripping object/embed tags with templates confirmed Bug Normal
#6167 Copy/Paste Duplication Bug - Handling of "li" without "ul" confirmed Bug Normal
#6196 flash edit dialog show url(源文件) uncorrectly confirmed Bug Normal
#6203 Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'K' to object on editor.destroy(); confirmed Bug Normal
#6205 ckeditor.js - t.getNative().createRange is not a function Line 118 - Image plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#6211 SCAYT context menu doesn't show on right mouse click in FF3 on Mac confirmed Bug Normal
#6219 Incorrect Toolbar definition in documentation confirmed Bug Normal
#6251 serverpreview plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#6257 Editor crashes in Google Chrome when running multiple instances inside <iframe> confirmed Bug Normal
#6272 Table cells need ability to set additional styles confirmed New Feature Normal
#6281 List items not wrapped in UL/OL render incorrectly confirmed Bug Normal
#6303 IE : entering Misspelled color name in Cell Background or Border color fields creating empty span each time we press OK button. confirmed Bug Normal
#6331 Styles applied to all children elements confirmed Bug Normal
#6344 Script Auto-Include Path Issues in IE8 Compatibility Mode confirmed Bug Normal
#6354 The i() function takes a lot more time in 3.4.1 than in 3.4.0 confirmed Bug Normal
#6368 Chrome: Insert Image dialog causes extra http request on closing confirmed Bug Normal
#6371 Chrome: Copy/Paste mangles Formatted text confirmed Bug Normal
#6381 Cursor lost on Horizontal line when moving up and down in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#6391 Autogrow doesn't kick in when "Show Blocks" is activated confirmed Bug Normal
#6397 output_html sample is inconsistent between browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#6415 Style defined in stylecombo plugin with "pre" element ignores class property in Internet Explorer when applied without selecting text confirmed Bug Normal
#6428 [FF] The cursor disappears from the editor after dragging an image confirmed Bug Normal
#6443 SelectionChange not firing in all instances confirmed Bug Normal
#6486 IE bug: Many smiles in the smiley dialog do not fit into surrounding TD tag pending Bug Normal
#6514 [IE8]: Highlighted text is deleted when using browser Edit => Copy confirmed Bug Normal
#6517 YouTube embeded videos confirmed New Feature Normal
#6527 Upload tab captions in the Image, Link and Flash dialogs should be revised confirmed Task Normal
#6581 Invalid background color triggers js error in IE and erratic behavior in others confirmed Bug Normal
#6583 IE: Caret disappears in dialogs at the right side in LTR confirmed Bug Normal
#6584 Table operation don't trigger DOM events / autogrow confirmed Bug Normal
#6602 Automatically send WYSIWYG browsers into source mode instead of refusing to work new New Feature Normal
#6650 IE: Text fields in Table dialog not displaying correct values confirmed Bug Normal
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