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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4785 Incorrect tab key order for table properties dialog review_failed brooks Bug Normal
#13839 Incorrect Tab navigation behavior with radio buttons inside the dialog review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.1
#6219 Incorrect Toolbar definition in documentation confirmed Bug Normal
#4638 Incorrent wrapping of tags confirmed Bug Normal
#10479 Increase/Deecrease Indent icons not displayed in toolbar when we have rtl lang & allowed content is p{margin-right} confirmed Bug Normal
#11156 Increase the default width of Font Size combo confirmed New Feature Normal
#7640 Increasing the indenting on a list can separate the text from the bullets rather than moving the bullet points down. confirmed Bug Normal
#16739 Indentation for Text lost when pasted from word doc confirmed Bug Normal
#10941 Indentation not applied to ul/ol element when the entire list is indented confirmed Bug Normal
#4903 Indent command on multiple table cells incorrect confirmed Bug Normal
#9182 Indent does not recognize correct margin when expressed other than px confirmed Bug Normal
#7484 Indented text copied from Word is not displaying properly when pasted into the editor confirmed Bug Normal
#14390 Indent plugin outdent doesn't work all the way using decimal ems confirmed Bug Normal
#3140 Indent problem with whole table confirmed Bug Normal
#13683 IndexSizeError: DOM Exception 1: Index or size was negative, or greater than the allowed value. confirmed Bug Normal
#11541 In Find & Replace, Match Whole Word option is not working pending Bug Normal
#7836 In Firefox, a <br /> is inserted in an empty text area when using editor.focus() on initially hidden editors confirmed Bug Normal
#9565 in IE, incorrect enter key behavior with block element in a list item confirmed Bug Normal
#10439 Initial command states are naive, biased and buggy confirmed Bug Normal
#14905 Initiating widget can add blank space confirmed Bug Normal
#10413 Inline CKEditor doesn't hide its toolbars after interaction with richcombo confirmed Bug Normal
#10670 Inline CKeditor steals focus confirmed Bug Normal
#614 Inline comment editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#8129 Inline CSS does not work when there are comments inside <style> tags confirmed Bug Normal
#10331 inline css images not displayed in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#12570 Inline Editing: browser crash in Right to Left mode confirmed Bug Normal
#9458 Inline editing does not render iframes confirmed New Feature Normal
#9391 Inline editing: editor in iframe doesn't react on parent page scroll confirmed Bug Normal
#11339 Inline editing: width / height configuration options do not work confirmed New Feature Normal
#14387 Inline edit mode toolbar is resized to hide field when horizontally scrolling confirmed Bug Normal
#9814 Inline editor created in "display:none" element results in editor with disabled buttons confirmed Bug Normal
#12888 Inline editor loses focus/toolbar when dialog with file input on primary tab shown confirmed Bug Normal
#16444 Inline Editor Not fully destroyed with .destroy() method confirmed Bug Normal
#17035 Inline editor remains active after tabbing off editor - MS Edge new Bug Normal
#14862 Inline editor replacing textarea doesn't handle [required] confirmed Bug Normal
#9832 [Inline] Floating panel resize concerns confirmed Bug Normal
#11772 [Inline] Format drop down shows that selection is in a div when image2 is focused confirmed Bug Normal
#10606 Inline form textarea using jQuery adapter confirmed New Feature Normal
#12029 Inline Mode - Cannot Change Border or Background Colours on Multiple Table Cells confirmed Bug Normal
#12891 Inline mode + Widgets( codeSnippet or formula ): CheckDirty() always returns "true" after page is loaded confirmed Bug Normal
#4195 Inline quotion style problematic review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#17021 Inline state missing when using inline editing with iframe new Bug Normal
#13043 Inline styles are not maintained in IE11 when using Korean. confirmed Bug Normal
#10675 Inline styles should be normalized when selection doesn't change confirmed Bug Normal
#9489 [Inline] UI Color styles are leaking between instances confirmed Bug Normal
#8252 Inner duplicated style is not being removed confirmed Bug Normal
#5130 inoperable accessibility instructions confirmed Bug Normal
#5093 In-page settings cannot be passed to replaceAll confirmed New Feature Normal
#7286 Inproper dropdown list height when opened in 2 editors one after the other confirmed Bug Normal
#11663 Input Method Editor(IMEs) didn't work properly in CKEditor with the AutoGrow plugin in IE11 review Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13276 Input:Select.Dialog: Delete default option. Value still existing confirmed Bug Normal
#8072 "Insert column before/after" on split cell confirmed Bug Normal
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR confirmed Bug Low
#11638 Inserted text blinks after multiple insertions using ctrl-v confirmed Bug Normal
#13620 insertElement and insertHtml fail if widget is first in editor (Chrome) confirmed Bug Normal
#3133 insertElement incorrect after deleteContents review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#6709 insertHtml: comments must also be protected confirmed Bug Normal
#10371 Insert HTML space bug IE confirmed Bug Normal
#6294 insertHtml: support for custom (invalid) HTML tags confirmed Bug Normal
#10406 Insert image dialog, entering 'n%' distorts the image confirmed Bug Normal
#2134 Inserting horizontal rule results in JavaScript error in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#14705 Inserting list inside widget focused empty editable area causes error confirmed Bug Normal
#6091 Inserting pagebreak inside some text in a list item breaks the item review_failed Martin Bug Normal
#6856 Inserting span tag - wrapped content with insertHTML appends after ending <p> tag instead of inside. confirmed Bug Normal
#16451 Inserting table after resize fails with error " Unable to get property 'checkReadOnly' of undefined or null reference" pending Bug Normal
#16708 Inserting text before a table breaks paragraph wrapping in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#16950 Insertion of unwanted &nbsp; when you backspace and insert new text new Bug Normal
#852 Insert media files confirmed New Feature Normal
#9124 Insert pagebreak in list item confirmed Bug Normal
#16837 Insert row after not working correctly pending Bug Normal
#6660 Insert smile to list confirmed Bug Normal
#17009 insertText splits spans with id attribute in to two review Mateusz Samsel Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#11008 Instantiating inline ckeditor on caret-owning element doesn't preserve caret position. confirmed New Feature Normal
#6092 In TD element Add Style and class properties confirmed New Feature Normal
#13007 Integrate ckeditor tests with sinon confirmed New Feature Normal
#13065 Integrate widgets with the new copy/cut/paste dataTransfer confirmed Task Normal
#7078 Integration VB WebBrowser control and CKEditor Problem confirmed Bug Normal
#12985 Interferring Style Affecting Dialog Text Box Heights confirmed Bug Normal
#8281 Internet Explorer 7.x crashes when changing an item from a bulleted list into numbered list confirmed Bug Normal
#8288 Internet Explorer will not run blank javascript function as per documentation confirmed Bug Normal
#10473 Introduce argument for range#cloneContents which will preserve ids confirmed New Feature Normal
#11759 Introduce a "split button" UI component confirmed New Feature Normal
#10362 Introduce editor#feature event confirmed New Feature Normal
#10204 Introduce editor.htmlProcessor for input HTML processing confirmed New Feature Normal
#8516 Introduce Html ordered list 1.1, 1.2 (also when pasting from MS Word) confirmed New Feature Normal
#11771 Introduce styleableElement in widget API confirmed Bug Normal
#7005 Invalid <a> attribute causes CPU to run @100% on Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#6581 Invalid background color triggers js error in IE and erratic behavior in others confirmed Bug Normal
#10114 Invalid cursor position for non-editable element confirmed Bug Normal
#11842 Invalid element given in a parameter for contextMenu.addListener listener. confirmed Bug Normal
#11589 Invalid focus in link to anchor dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#5389 Invalid handling of font tags confirmed Bug Normal
#5922 Invalid height of a dialog in IE7 confirmed Bug Normal
#11954 Invalid selection after deleting a table. confirmed Bug Normal
#8507 Invalid width of CKEditor when width is set to 100% confirmed Bug Normal
#12595 [iOS 7 Safari] Selection issue in inline editor new Bug Normal
#12749 iOS 8 iPad screen scrolls back to top when typing into CKEditor pending Bug Normal
#12457 [iOS 8 Safari] Selection issues while typing confirmed Bug Normal
#8319 [iOS][Android] The divreplace sample doesn't work confirmed Bug Normal
#13593 [iOS, Android, WP] Fire editor#selectionChange on selection changes caused by touch events review Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
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