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#17006 Key event listener produce different key codes in Chrome and Firefox new Bug Normal
#12635 Keypress show that undo is available despite real undo count confirmed Bug Normal
#10175 Label Style should have float:none. confirmed Bug Normal
#12732 Lack of somet tests in enterkey plugin confirmed Task Normal
#7051 languageCodeInputLabel for Div Container is redundant, langCode from Link is used instead confirmed Bug Normal
#10290 Language code with locale handling confirmed Bug Normal
#11257 Language dropdown display issues with many language options confirmed Bug Normal
#12521 Language plugin: behavior on block level elements confirmed Bug Normal
#12520 Language plugin: frustrating <span> expansion confirmed Bug Normal
#10824 Languages plugin - can't nest language markup confirmed Bug Normal
#7936 Large cursor next to images in Webkit confirmed Bug Normal
#13825 Large files should not be previewed during upload. confirmed New Feature Normal
#10356 "learn mode" for ACF confirmed New Feature Normal
#13257 Left-align button does not indicate correct state under mode of CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR confirmed Bug Normal
#13485 LESS files of samples and toolbar configurator should not be included in the build version assigned Wiktor Walc Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.1
#13834 Limited range of CSS selectors for the style sheet parser plugin new New Feature Normal
#8453 Linebreak after image in Opera brings image down confirmed Bug Normal
#7091 Line breaks are converted to the same as set in EnterMode on switching selection to List and back confirmed Bug Normal
#5405 Line breaks are sometimes lost when ignoreEmptyParagraph is set to false confirmed Bug Normal
#7380 Line breaks in list items are lost when followed by another list review Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7120 Line Spacing Button new New Feature Normal
#13598 [Lineutils] Incorrect width of the line confirmed Bug Normal
#8076 Link attribute is not pasted with image. confirmed Bug Normal
#14566 Link continues to the second line confirmed Bug Normal
#13694 Link dialog removes onclick attribute review kkrzton Bug Normal
#4529 Link dialog - when selecting an anchor, selection fields are centered confirmed Bug Normal
#8956 Link href not displayed on edit link screen confirmed Bug Normal
#12839 Link is not available for ACF-custom mode live demonstration in documentation confirmed Bug Normal
#5942 Link plugin not registering a selected link when <br> is inside <a> confirmed Bug Normal
#12220 link preview feature (same as facebook) new New Feature Normal
#10319 Link Properties Dialog should search both Encoded and UTF-8 values confirmed Bug Normal
#12133 Links not opening when CKEditor is in readOnly mode confirmed Bug Normal
#9810 Links pasted into CKEditor become active in read-only mode confirmed Bug Normal
#10692 Links to files clickable in Firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#5316 Link tag waps span tag when image tag explicitly selected confirmed Bug Normal
#10909 Link to in!/guide/dev_api_changes confirmed Task Normal
#12072 [Linux][Chrome] Drag and drop of nested inline widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#4380 Listblock: Stylename containing single quote will crash onclick method new Bug Normal
#14414 List created incorectly when confirmed Bug Normal
#11829 List element disappear after making indentation confirmed Bug Normal
#6826 List: enter key causes outdent in empty list item only when item has no sublist. With sublist it creates new item on same level confirmed Bug Normal
#6243 list format error assigned Martin Bug Normal
#13216 List gets styled when pressing delete confirmed Support Bug Normal
#8365 List item breakage in IE8 confirmed Bug Normal
#6281 List items not wrapped in UL/OL render incorrectly confirmed Bug Normal
#6309 List number\bullet don`t show confirmed Bug Normal
#13842 List Plugin adds extra <br> when making styled text a list assigned Tomasz Jakut Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#5768 List plugin: request for preserving paragraphs when creating a list new New Feature Normal
#11510 List plugin versions in the about-dialogue confirmed New Feature Normal
#6827 List: possible to place cursor in front of list bullet/number, and delete then breaks the list confirmed Bug Normal
#7863 Lists behaving different in br and p entermode confirmed Bug Normal
#7989 Lists: Hitting enter with a selection outdents instead of clearing selection confirmed Bug Normal
#17005 Liststyle adds Bulleted List Properties to context menu for an editor with no content new Bug Normal
#9290 Loading CKEditor in readOnly mode breaks the undo/redo toolbar buttons confirmed Bug Normal
#17036 Localize uicolor plugin predefined color set. confirmed Task Low
#8802 Lose fonts after push tab key confirmed Bug Normal
#8411 Losing formatting on backspace confirmed Bug Normal
#12144 Magic line customization confirmed New Feature Normal
#9891 Magicline displayed incorrectly in certain cases confirmed Bug Normal
#11817 Magic line does not display properly confirmed Bug Normal
#12373 Magicline is sometimes difficult to use with widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#9395 [magicline] line style differs from top to bottom confirmed Bug Low
#13299 Magic line not displayed with elements floated/aligned to the right confirmed Bug Normal
#12557 Magicline not shown before or after elements with alignment or float confirmed Bug Normal
#9400 Magicline out of the editable confirmed Olek Nowodziński Task Normal
#10000 Magicline plugin might slow the page down confirmed Bug Normal
#10227 Magicline should carefully register commands, keystrokes and listeners confirmed Bug Normal
#9860 Magic line should only access space between the current and the closest block confirmed Bug Normal
#9979 magicline should show up after more html5 flow elements confirmed Bug Normal
#11708 Magic-Line showing in email confirmed Bug Normal
#9805 mailto tag is bad confirmed New Feature Normal
#13898 Make ACF more robust, and document it better confirmed Bug Normal
#13487 Make CKBuilder Better Support CDN Loading confirmed New Feature Normal
#8825 Make CKEditor bulletproof against js errors confirmed New Feature Normal
#9026 Make CKEditor prevent caching images in browsers confirmed New Feature Normal
#12706 Make enter key behaviour more intuitive confirmed New Feature Normal
#8304 Make ENTER split blockquote when enterMode=BR confirmed New Feature Normal
#14401 Make fake elements responsive or replace them with such confirmed New Feature Normal
#241 Make FCKConfig.TemplatesXmlPath an array confirmed New Feature Normal
#8793 Make it possible to set the editing area width confirmed Bug Normal
#16338 Make link dialog simpler confirmed New Feature Normal
#864 Make subscript/superscript switchable assigned Szymon Cofalik New Feature Normal
#884 Make "Target" available when creating link to "anchor" confirmed New Feature Normal
#12698 Manual test selectionafterfocusing broken confirmed Bug Normal
#9668 Many problems with Document Properties Plugin and setting doctype confirmed Bug Normal
#11802 Margin is set on list item when creating list from indented paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#12353 Markup inserted prior to doctype not handled nicely. confirmed Bug Normal
#6048 'Match whole word' leads to a JS error confirmed Bug Normal
#12760 Match whole word option does not find words adjacent to special characters confirmed Bug Normal
#12949 Mathematica plugin using KaTeX confirmed Task Normal
#14262 [mathjax] Add scrollbar inside dialog for mathjax preview wider than viewport confirmed New Feature Normal
#13612 [mathjax] long formula causes dialog window to go out of the viewport review kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#14299 [mathjax] MathJax dialog not updating on mouse paste confirmed Bug Normal
#16965 MathJax plugin: add support for MathJax.Hub.Config configuration options new New Feature Normal
#11298 Mathjax plugin - baseline for eqations and text is defferent confirmed Bug Low
#11313 Mathjax plugin broken when ckeditor is used over https:// protocol confirmed Bug Normal
#12588 MathJax Plugin: Tex input textarea should have spellcheck="false" confirmed Bug Normal
#17043 MathJX formula not rendering on Ubuntu OS new Bug Normal
#554 MathML editor plug-in for FCKeditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#11902 Math plugin doesn't work when used in inline editor created on Paragraph. confirmed Bug Normal
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