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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13824 Notification is displayed too late. review Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13604 Notifications are not visible when editor is placed in a absolutely positioned div with high z-index review Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13862 Notifications aren't visible if called from a Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#12419 Not possible to change title for Table in Text and Table Template confirmed Bug Normal
#8525 Not possible to edit selected element confirmed Bug Normal
#4013 No way to remove FORM and DIV Container element confirmed Bug Normal
#12744 Numbered bulleted list improvements confirmed New Feature Normal
#13625 Numbered List adds items when switching from Source to Preview Mode confirmed Bug Normal
#10530 Numbered List in comment doesn't show numbers after submit. confirmed Bug Normal
#2346 Numbered list problem confirmed Bug Normal
#16722 Number of rows must be a number greater than 0 confirmed Bug Normal
#9405 Object style from the styles combo not visible in the styles combo confirmed Bug Normal
#10215 Object Styles matching is perhaps to aggressive confirmed Bug Normal
#8967 obvious bug in getEnclosedNode assigned Jakub Ś Bug Normal
#10005 Offer a simpler way to enable external plugins confirmed New Feature Low
#16953 On adding links it fails first time and duplicates text 2nd time pending Bug Normal
#12654 Once Paste from Word - always Paste from Word confirmed Bug Normal
#14675 On change event is not fired on first content remove after D'n'D confirmed Bug Normal
#13122 On editor.setData() native listeners are detached, but document stays so CKE listeners stop working confirmed Bug Normal
#14880 One style with a class + another with two classes which one is used be the first style, then both are selected in style combo menu. confirmed Bug Normal
#8375 onfocus: Input text selection not cleared in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#14518 On IE11, data-bound elements in dialog are not updated when clicking OK pending Bug Normal
#594 onresize(end) event for images confirmed New Feature Normal
#9039 On selecting multiple cell along with thead and applying any cell property other cell also get converted to thead. confirmed Bug Normal
#9227 OnTextChanged event required for CKEditor ASP.NET control doesn't fire confirmed Bug Normal
#14540 Opening native context menu on a link & selecting "Open Link" results in new page loaded in content area confirmed Jakub Ś New Feature Normal
#10126 [Opera] Arrows in colorbuttons are displaced in RTL editor confirmed Bug Normal
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area confirmed Bug Low
#8030 Opera: can not activate menu entries with enter confirmed Bug Normal
#7831 Opera: can not enter text after inserting Horizontal Line confirmed Bug Normal
#9775 [Opera] Caret remains in previous line after pressing enter in pre-formatted block confirmed Bug Normal
#11087 Opera & Chrome: Extra Border displaying across all menus list boxes confirmed Bug Normal
#9463 [Opera] Consequent clicking on a single toolbar button call out context menu assigned Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7846 Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly. (CORE-41467) confirmed Bug Normal
#8018 Opera: cursor not staying in current table cell after inserting a smiley. confirmed Bug Normal
#11835 [Opera] Dialog box is displayed behind flash content confirmed Bug Normal
#9374 Opera: Editor displays off-screen in autogrow sample in maximize mode confirmed Bug Normal
#10127 [Opera] Error thrown when applying list on incorrectly focused editor confirmed Bug Normal
#9579 [Opera] Extra BR added when load a single HR confirmed Bug Normal
#9767 [Opera&Framed] Simple formatting not applied to single lines confirmed Bug Normal
#8412 Opera: insertElement() not working as expected for inline elements confirmed Bug Normal
#8278 Opera: In Table dialog values for rows & columns not shown in Rows & Columns fields confirmed Bug Normal
#8338 Opera: link not inserted in correct position when we have image before cursor position (CORE-14592) confirmed Bug Normal
#10351 Opera: Replace Textarea Elements by Class Name sample - CKEditor loses focus confirmed Bug Normal
#11967 [Opera@Win] Inline editor created from textarea blinks when clicking confirmed Bug Normal
#8361 [Opera] Wrong cursor position occurs after editing link confirmed Bug Normal
#17050 [Opera] Wrong notification for paste as plain text confirmed Bug Normal
#3358 Optimize 'CKEDITOR.dom.range.enlarge' on block unit new Task Normal
#9590 Optimize the browser specific css confirmed New Feature Normal
#2301 optional ability to remove link by leaving URL empty confirmed New Feature Normal
#545 Optional Larger Icons for the Visually Impaired confirmed New Feature Normal
#10961 Optional loading of dependent js/css files confirmed New Feature Normal
#16841 Optionally display element classes in path to selected item confirmed New Feature Normal
#1813 Option to require alt text tag for images confirmed New Feature Normal
#14598 Order of style properties is changed when inserting content confirmed Bug Normal
#9849 Orphan <br> should be transformed into <p><br></p> new Bug Normal
#11412 [OSX, Safari] Pressing ESC key in a dialog brings fullscreen browser window back to normal state confirmed Bug Normal
#11414 [OSX, Safari] Problems when closing a dialog with ESC and unsaved contents confirmed Bug Normal
#9123 outdent RLT list item with subsequent LTR item confirmed Bug Normal
#7453 Output for Flash sample: list is not aligned to the right confirmed Bug Normal
#6397 output_html sample is inconsistent between browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#14285 Overflow CSS property added to html element when using autogrow with fullpage plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#16851 Page Break indication is actually printed new Bug Normal
#5286 Page break visible on a printed page confirmed Bug Normal
#14575 Page is scrolling down when I click on any panel element confirmed Bug Normal
#14307 Page scrolling when spacebar is pressed to de-select lock ratio checkbox confirmed Bug Normal
#7730 Page UP/DOWN + Enter scrolls the entire page in Firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#11286 Panels are too narrow confirmed Bug Normal
#11864 Paragraph added with magicline under div keeps nbsp confirmed Bug Normal
#9901 Paragraph indentation is applied to list item created for it confirmed Bug Normal
#9108 Paragraph inserted after block containers should be controlled by CKEditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#11906 Parser does not accept incorrect HTML tag with excessive quotes confirmed Bug Normal
#7693 Parse unpaired quotations confirmed Bug Normal
#16863 Partial selection in and inside the table cause cells to be deleted when pressing Del or Backspace confirmed Bug Normal
#8749 Passing data into a shared dialog review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal
#10372 Paste as plain text do not work confirmed New Feature Normal
#3419 Paste button not available after SetData function confirmed Bug Normal
#9962 Paste buttons are disabled after deselecting text. confirmed Bug Normal
#7870 pasted blocks in bbcode pluign confirmed Bug Normal
#16454 Pasted plain text should have the same format where it is pasted in CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#7799 Pasted Source html + text is partly deleted confirmed Bug Normal
#13735 Paste from word confirmed Bug Normal
#8009 Paste From Word creates <a> tags with no attributes wherever contents are "highlighted" by Comments confirmed Bug Normal
#16897 Paste From Word: Font family not copied over multiple paragraphs with non-standard font new Bug Normal
#3667 Paste from WordPerfect confirmed New Feature Normal
#16936 pastefromword plugin issue with paragraph formatting new Bug Normal
#12750 Paste from Word: strikethrough and underscore should have the same color as font reopened Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal
#16716 Paste from Word support in MS Edge assigned Tade0 New Feature Normal
#4891 Paste: Indentation problems for simple indented text confirmed Bug Normal
#12584 Paste table within CK-Editor looses formattings (FF 33) confirmed Bug Normal
#16911 Pastetext plugin incorrectly handles images confirmed Bug Normal
#12673 Pasting a single whitespace besides an existing one in firefox has no effect confirmed Bug Normal
#10495 Pasting as plain text into pre blocks shouldn't replace pre confirmed Bug Normal
#9159 pasting a table in IE8 and Chrome all cells inherits indent from a paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#14581 Pasting from MS Excel to CKEditor using IE loses background colors IF cells are resized from the default prior to copying confirmed Bug Normal
#17055 Pasting iFrame returns console error in /test /tests/core/manual/src#child new Bug Normal
#16974 Pasting into editor while dialog is opening confirmed Bug Normal
#8273 Pasting into empty bullet doesn't behave as expected - FF/IE9 confirmed Bug Normal
#16681 Pasting List from Word in IE wraps list utems in paragraphs. confirmed Bug Normal
#13788 Pasting multi-block content on top of itself adds extra blocks confirmed Bug Normal
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