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#8136 Pasting numbered list with a different start value and style not working properly confirmed Bug Normal
#12764 Pasting pure text in Chrome causes weird results confirmed Bug Normal
#9053 Pasting texts from Apple Mail into CKEditor using safari only paste the first paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#16807 Pasting widgets with the clipboard plugin under firefox removes some classes. pending Bug Normal
#13148 Pate from Word empty list issue confirmed Bug Normal
#8046 Path not refreshed in Firefox and Webkit confirmed Bug Normal
#8467 <p> belongs with <br> at the end of list cause javascript error - nodeValue.length is null confirmed Bug Normal
#902 PDF Generation confirmed New Feature Normal
#12062 Performance issues typing at the end of a large document in IE and Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#3627 Performance testing assigned Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#1259 Perl connector does not conform to our standards confirmed Bug Normal
#12441 Permanent Pen feature confirmed New Feature Normal
#13427 Persistent formatting in list contents immune to Remove Formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#2552 PHP code on top of page confirmed Bug Normal
#2176 php connector: apache_lookup_uri failure not handled confirmed Bug Normal
#6019 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x confirmed New Feature Normal
#10185 Placeholder is not configurable confirmed New Feature Normal
#12083 placeholder plugin - inline editor - text align break html of the page pending Bug Normal
#12193 placeholder sometimes get deleted on move in IE9 confirmed Bug Normal
#16658 Placeholder widget losses styling after switching to source mode. confirmed Bug Normal
#11690 Placeholder with forbidden characters confirmed Bug Normal
#636 Please add CSS style dropdown to table and cell confirmed New Feature Normal
#810 Please add "justify" to cellproperties in horiz alignment confirmed New Feature Normal
#16518 Please move notifications of Notification plugin to bottom status bar confirmed New Feature Normal
#9871 Please provide collapse toolbar button for inline mode confirmed Bug Normal
#2255 Plugin AutoGrow: adjust height to viewpane height by default confirmed New Feature Normal
#2767 plug-in:basicstyle AND elementpath incorrect style range detection review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#2976 plugin:basicstyle remove style at collapsed selection review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#12934 Plugin bbcode: type error + unexpected result confirmed Bug Normal
#10085 Plugin divarea causes baseHref not working confirmed Bug Normal
#2957 plugin:table insertion doesn't continue with style it breaked confirmed Bug Normal
#16796 Plugin TableTools in combination with inline editor breaks out of editable element confirmed Bug Normal
#9403 Popup plugin should return the handler confirmed Task Normal
#16680 Possibility to alter widget structure after initialization new New Feature Normal
#7038 Possibility to automatically switch toolbars on a maximize/minimize of ckeditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#1032 Possibility to override language entries from configuration assigned New Feature Normal
#8140 Preceeding newline lost when Alignment button is pressed in ENTER_BR confirmed Bug Normal
#8218 Preselect color dialog to the current color (or bg color) of the selected text. confirmed New Feature Normal
#16976 Preserve whitespace around protectedSource entries new Bug Normal
#13703 Pressing backspace near (but not next to) widget selects it. assigned Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#14565 Pressing delete key in a highlighted image inside a floating div throws an error review_failed Tade0 Bug Normal
#11491 Pressing delete key in highlighted text in blockquote removes paragraph tags confirmed Bug Normal
#17070 Pressing Delete key removes content from neighbouring cell new Bug Normal
#11259 Pressing down arrow when menu containing richcobmo is focused, will not move focus to first potion confirmed Bug Normal
#14800 Pressing Down or Right arrow on a page with a DIV contained CKEditor, steals focus and places it in the RTE. confirmed Bug Normal
#14699 Pressing outdent merges first list item with previous line if enter mode is BR confirmed Bug Normal
#5059 Pressing tab when editor is maximized confirmed Bug Normal
#10748 Prevent save event instead of submit confirmed Task Normal
#3944 Preview mode reopened New Feature Normal
#10645 Preview tab in DocProps plugin is missing utf-8 meta tag. confirmed Bug Normal
#10525 print does not work in AIR assigned Jakub Ś Bug Normal
#674 problematic cut/copy/paste with lists confirmed Bug Normal
#8021 Problem handling images confirmed Bug Normal
#8166 Problems in IE when pressing CRTL+B on bolded text confirmed Bug Normal
#5350 Problems inserting new lines with IE8 inside pre confirmed Bug Normal
#8715 Problems with changing text of a link - some unification is needed confirmed Bug Normal
#7763 Problems with copy/cut buttons confirmed Bug Normal
#7499 Problems with empty lists when switching between source mode and wysiwyg confirmed Bug Normal
#7511 Problems with mod_pagespeed apache module confirmed Bug Normal
#7503 Problems with select lists in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#7406 Problems with _source files confirmed Bug Normal
#8385 Problem when switching between multiple instances of ckeditor confirmed Bug Normal
#8924 Problem with ckEditor inside div with visible=false confirmed Bug Normal
#7456 Problem with editing links when text follows immediately the link confirmed Bug Normal
#8062 Problem with enterMode = BR when changing font/size then partial bulleting confirmed Bug Normal
#8230 Problem with Google minify confirmed Bug Normal
#13899 problem with plugin widget in inline mode of CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#14606 Problem with TableResizer confirmed Bug Normal
#7875 Problem with tables: Coulmn sizing and deleting table confirmed New Feature Normal
#10014 Promote better "API Changes in CKEditor 4" confirmed Task Normal
#5002 Proper printing of editor output confirmed Bug Normal
#14615 protected source in attributes modified in custom html elements confirmed Bug Normal
#8267 protectedSource is removed when it is the only source confirmed Bug Normal
#5528 Protect style attribute assigned Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal
#7144 Provide ability for users to resize column widths using the keyboard confirmed New Feature Normal
#14749 Provide a hotkey formats like headers confirmed New Feature Normal
#9280 Provide a plugin that will replace code entered in source with fake image in wysiwyg confirmed New Feature Normal
#10964 Provide a "Stark" CKEditor skin, possibly as the base for the Moono skin? confirmed New Feature Normal
#12186 Provide better support for HTML5 'block' elements like article, aside etc. confirmed New Feature Normal
#5023 Provide default stylesSet sample with more features confirmed Task Normal
#5589 Provide removeFormat as first option in Styles combo confirmed New Feature Normal
#5346 Provide reset() method confirmed New Feature Normal
#7206 Provide support to load CKEditor in one frame and render it in another new New Feature Normal
#14676 P tag pollution in lists after a table confirmed Bug Normal
#10928 Pulled quotes widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#12392 Put downcasted widget into data transfer for drag and drop confirmed Task Normal
#14849 [QM] Editor does not load up in IE9 QM confirmed Bug Normal
#13111 quality of thumbnails is very low. confirmed Bug Normal
#9890 [Quirks Mode] UIColor button doesn't show in toolbar when uicolor plugin loaded confirmed Bug Normal
#12474 Quirky cases in tests for magicline with widgets assigned Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#14613 race issue loading plugins when editor already destroyed review Tade0 Bug Normal
#6744 Range: checkStartOfBlock not forgiving bogus node confirmed Bug Normal
#13283 range.clone should not set containers if source range was not positioned yet confirmed Bug Normal
#11111 Range.enlarge test failing in Safari 7.0 and Chrome 37 confirmed Bug Normal
#13807 ReadOnly editor does not fire focus events confirmed Bug Normal
#16991 readyState of iFrame is "interactive" in FireFox 53.0 while "complete" in Chrome 58.0 new Bug Normal
#17029 Reassign startFiller/endFiller in widget selection more often confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.1
#9667 Redesign TAB Key-Based Navigation sample confirmed Task Normal
#12823 Redo is broken after undoing typing with IME confirmed Bug Normal
#9813 [Refac] Tabletools confirmed Bug Normal
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