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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3371 Spring based Connector servlet confirmed New Feature Normal
#14239 Spurious nodes added to document when toggling source view control when certain ACF rules applied confirmed Bug Normal
#667 [SS] Combination of a link and a style new Bug Normal
#8402 SSI-style HTML comments inside href attributes are broken when Source button is clicked confirmed Bug Normal
#8114 stack overflow at line: 26 old staff in Ckeditor confirmed Bug Normal
#5535 Stack overlow in IE6 when pasting strange HTML confirmed Bug Normal
#16858 Standard distribution of upload file plugin code differs from referenced source. confirmed Task Normal
#16854 startupFocus: false doesn't work in IE 11 new Bug Normal
#11625 Start using different hashes instead of timestamp for loading resources (via getUrl) review Artur Delura New Feature Normal
#10947 Status bar path not selecting 'caption' and 'thead' in table confirmed Bug Normal
#9988 Stop using <a> for everything. confirmed Task Low
#3368 Strange behavior when placed inside dynamically-created elements confirmed Bug Normal
#8334 Strange behaviour, missing line confirmed Bug Normal
#10404 Strange insertHTML behaviour with FF 20.0.1 after selectRanges and hide/show confirmed Bug Normal
#10305 Strange jumps to the top in Firefox upon dialog closing (testcase included) confirmed Bug Normal
#6771 Strange <span> refactoring review Garry Yao Bug Normal
#16903 STRICT MIME TYPE ERROR new Bug Normal
#10003 Strike through button doesnt not correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#9756 Strikethrough splits text in Opera confirmed Bug Normal
#7788 Strike through with sub/sup for newly entered text - strike line is not crossing the text confirmed Bug Normal
#2728 String.prototype.Trim should also trim unicode ideographic space confirmed Bug Normal
#8426 Strings for specialchar plugin added directly to editor.lang instead of editor.lang.specialChar confirmed Bug Normal
#13250 Style attribute type gets corrupted when editing source in IE 8 confirmed Bug Normal
#10153 Style combo update issue when inline editor programmatically created and focused confirmed Bug Normal
#6415 Style defined in stylecombo plugin with "pre" element ignores class property in Internet Explorer when applied without selecting text confirmed Bug Normal
#5026 Style detection/removal incorrect in FireFox confirmed Bug Normal
#13206 Style is not visible if it uses multiple classes review Tade0 Bug Normal
#4902 <style> output formatting incorrect confirmed Bug Normal
#8045 Style override only works for attributes confirmed Bug Normal
#4523 Style plugin should allow refreshing of data confirmed New Feature Normal
#12905 Style removal context menu confirmed New Feature Normal
#6331 Styles applied to all children elements confirmed Bug Normal
#9174 Styles applied to inner table are also applied to outer cell. confirmed Bug Normal
#11762 Styles are not applied in Internet Explorer if backspace is the last key pressed confirmed Bug Normal
#5192 Styles are not "eating" overrides partially selected confirmed Bug Normal
#5980 Styles: combine classes and allow wildcards confirmed New Feature Normal
#16662 Stylescombo not updated after applying/removing styles to widget. confirmed Bug Normal
#3589 StylesCombo plugin: no option to load from XML file confirmed New Feature Normal
#6948 Styles combo should more accurately reflect the selection pending Bug Normal
#13833 Styles dropdown doesn't work correctly for tables with border=0 assigned Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#11755 Styles dropdown not updated after object style change confirmed Bug Normal
#8406 StyleSheetParser and Fullpage confirmed New Feature Normal
#8832 Stylesheet parser error if file not on cache review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#12290 Stylesheetparser in dialog new New Feature Normal
#7810 [stylesheetparser] Newly inputted styles don't load confirmed New Feature Normal
#6157 Styles not selected correctly in the Combobox confirmed Bug Normal
#12684 Styles removed when cursor is placed at the beginning of a new line confirmed Bug Normal
#12019 Styles' states and values when block widget is selected confirmed Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#5322 Styles support in the image dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#12633 Styles system creates two identical subsequent inline elements confirmed Bug Normal
#608 Styles XML file support for element="*" confirmed New Feature Normal
#7754 Style tag removed by undo command on Internet Explorer (Ctrl + z, or button) confirmed Bug Normal
#6603 Styling tags should be detached from the document when removing them from collapsed selections confirmed Bug Normal
#7704 Submenu shown on top of a parent menu may block mouse navigation confirmed Bug Normal
#1946 Subsequently creating same folder is responded with error code 0 confirmed Bug Normal
#12768 Suggested Modification to jQuery Adaptor to better support jQuery UI confirmed Bug Normal
#1571 Suggestion for Find / Replace dialog of v2.5 confirmed New Feature Normal
#12936 suggestion for translation - pt-br confirmed Bug Normal
#2848 suggestion: make hidden element actually hide in IE too, x-browser behavior confirmed New Feature Normal
#8584 Support Content Security Policy confirmed New Feature Normal
#16994 Support for Clipboard API in Edge assigned Tomasz Jakut Task Must have (possibly next milestone)
#10322 support for creating accessible data tables confirmed New Feature Normal
#4398 Support for detaching from the DOM confirmed Bug Normal
#12089 Support for inline-block editors confirmed New Feature Normal
#2283 Support for Java Facelets confirmed New Feature Normal
#12928 Support for Lotus Notes confirmed New Feature Normal
#11120 Support for multiple simultaneous Block level styles is missing confirmed New Feature Normal
#8378 Support for optgroup confirmed New Feature Normal
#7530 Support for setting a default font and applying it through inline styles review_failed Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#9660 Support for Windows 8 Apps confirmed New Feature Normal
#3731 Support 'style only' override in style system confirmed New Feature Normal
#7616 Support window name in the popup plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#8481 switching between source and wysiwyg introduces gratuitous white space confirmed Bug Normal
#11502 Synchronous calls of asynchronous methods causes errors confirmed New Feature Normal
#602 Syntax highlight and go to line confirmed New Feature Normal
#12463 System hangs when using Image upload on IOS 8 (iPhone, iPad) confirmed Bug Normal
#14632 Tabbing through table merged cells creates invalid rows confirmed Bug Normal
#9002 Tabelle cell lost after style has been applied confirmed Bug Normal
#2510 TAB jumps to next form field when in editor confirmed Bug Normal
#12285 Tab key based navigation is broken in iframedialog plugin. confirmed Bug Normal
#9611 Tab key based navigation is broken inside specialchar dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#829 Table Auto Format confirmed New Feature Normal
#10655 TAB leaves the editable when cannot indent anything confirmed Bug Normal
#11017 Table border value should only allow integers confirmed Bug Normal
#10375 table cell horizontal split error confirmed Bug Normal
#14911 Table cell lose formatting on tab switch an new text pending Bug Normal
#17059 Table cell properties - background color is not kept new Bug Normal
#12099 Table Cell properties get duplicated on Chrome/Mac confirmed Bug Normal
#6272 Table cells need ability to set additional styles confirmed New Feature Normal
#6258 Table delete cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#16900 Table from Excel gets pasted as image in Firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#14585 Table insertion fires insertElement before moving cursor inside itself new Bug Normal
#6584 Table operation don't trigger DOM events / autogrow confirmed Bug Normal
#14309 Table or horizontal line disappeared after insert in case of numbered/bulleted list. confirmed Bug Normal
#10021 Table plugin uses attributes deprecated in HTML5 confirmed Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#9743 Table Properties For a Single Row Table not working properly confirmed Bug Normal
#10201 Table properties have no width when opening dialog after resizing table confirmed Bug Normal
#16984 Table Properties show invalid value for Headers when header is not the first row in the table confirmed Bug Normal
#11674 Tableresize - allow percent-based values confirmed New Feature Normal
#11939 Table resize plugin should also allow resizing row height confirmed New Feature Normal
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