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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8044 Table row inserted incorrectly with missing cells confirmed Bug Normal
#6268 Tables causing problems with selection after switching to source mode and back confirmed Bug Normal
#911 table support toward spreadsheet functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#425 Table tags to support enhanced table design by class style confirmed New Feature Normal
#10239 Tabletools: add ability to set scope in cell attributes dialog new New Feature Normal
#16823 Tabletools and liststyle should not force custom context menu confirmed Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#7903 Table Tools APIs are not exposed confirmed New Feature Normal
#13035 Tabletools context menu is not showing when we invoke via JAVAFX webview new Bug Normal
#9614 Tabletools insert column before behavior is confusing new Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#11192 Table Tools modify the wrong table when working with the <th> element in a nested table confirmed Bug Normal
#9681 Tabletools plugin needs refactorization confirmed Bug Normal
#12716 TableTools should be made available from toolbar when context menu isn't used. confirmed New Feature Normal
#11767 Table Tools spanning not updated confirmed Bug Normal
#1824 table wizard new New Feature Normal
#3397 tableWizard confirmed New Feature Normal
#9728 Tabs don't fit in "Hyperlink" dialog at its smallest possible size in Russian translation confirmed Bug Normal
#3845 'tabSpaces' config not working for source mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#12743 Task list: let the user create a list of actionable checkboxes pending New Feature Normal
#7962 <td> align attribute causes validation errors in IE 8 confirmed Bug Normal
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten confirmed Bug Normal
#13405 Text Area not working properly during resizing of dialog window when using paste plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#8518 Text around editor highlights during resize event confirmed Bug Normal
#8934 Text/Background color applied to entire paragraph removed when we apply new colour to a word in the paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#7143 Text Cursor loses position when document-overflow is modified confirmed Bug Normal
#14646 Text de-select problem on IE11 confirmed Bug Normal
#7042 Text Field - block setting defalult value when field type is set to Password confirmed New Feature Low
#10575 Text in between two tables is pushed down when deleting upper table confirmed Bug Normal
#9024 Text is not remembered after using browser back button and then forward button confirmed New Feature Normal
#12587 Text jumps up after removing list confirmed Bug Normal
#13961 Text overlap on iPhone 6S in landscape new Bug Normal
#11623 Text reflow is broken when deleting text at the end of a list followed by a table confirmed Bug Normal
#8160 Text selection disappears when open dialogs confirmed Bug Normal
#874 Text style control confirmed New Feature Normal
#12131 Text wrapping and line heights after starting with a large font. confirmed Bug Normal
#9421 The background of dialog tabs looks bad with dark UI color confirmed Bug Normal
#14838 The color FF00FF (or F0F) is not named as Fuchsia (or Magenta) recognized by HTML/CSS and X11. confirmed Bug Normal
#6553 The Find and Replace dialog does not submit on the Enter key confirmed New Feature Normal
#6354 The i() function takes a lot more time in 3.4.1 than in 3.4.0 confirmed Bug Normal
#14608 The inline editor is not scrolling inside scrollable div confirmed Bug Normal
#16808 The Justify plugin doesn't obey the custom Advanced Content Filter rules review Mateusz Samsel Bug Normal
#9680 The "Maximize" feature should not be a toolbar button confirmed New Feature Normal
#10444 The order of several events differs among creators confirmed Bug Low
#8785 There is no option like CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteFromWord confirmed New Feature Normal
#13852 There is no way to disable the font and fontsize button on the toolbar confirmed New Feature Normal
#839 There should be a button that insert BR with CLEAR="ALL" confirmed New Feature Normal
#12779 There should be a way to drag&drop widget into a table cell confirmed New Feature Normal
#3318 There should be some guarantee at plugin loading order review Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#12167 The save plugin needs improvements confirmed Bug Normal
#16922 the size of picture upload manager window is break pending Bug Normal
#3079 The state should be reflected in the table elements title review_failed New Feature Normal
#12741 The table in a list item gets deleted when clicking enter confirmed Bug Normal
#12043 The table should be highlighted when user selects table contents with keyboard (Ctrl+A, Shift+Arrow) confirmed Bug Normal
#14432 the traditional chinese translate for Insert/Remove Numbered List needs to revise confirmed Bug Normal
#13407 The window still resizes following mouse movement after letting go of the mouse click confirmed Bug Normal
#17047 [TI] Hovering over table after one selected throws an error. confirmed Bug Normal
#599 Timestamp confirmed New Feature Normal
#17051 [TI] Select all on only table content creates native selection. confirmed Bug Normal
#12194 Title tag is messed up using special characters. confirmed Bug Normal
#12864 Toggling bulleted list insert line breaks when enterMode is configured as CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR confirmed Bug Normal
#13677 Toolbar button icons (icons_hidpi.png) are mangled in some zoom levels in Blink-based browsers (Chrome/Opera) on a Retina Mac. confirmed Bug Normal
#16761 Toolbar button status on touch devices does not update for inline styles (italics, font family, etc). confirmed Bug Normal
#4516 Toolbar button to embed Silverlight confirmed New Feature Normal
#6162 Toolbar Combobox Widths should be configurable assigned Jakub Ś New Feature Normal
#14711 Toolbar configurator buttons are not accessible with keyboard. confirmed Bug Normal
#13134 [Toolbar configurator] "What am I doing here" box need to be moved above the toolbar assigned Artur Delura Bug Normal
#16886 Toolbar configurator won't work with A11y Checker confirmed Bug Normal
#4582 Toolbar expand/collapse toggle button cannot be tabbed to and does not have tooltip text confirmed Bug Normal
#11624 toolbarGroups - impossible to remove subgroup that has the same name as group confirmed Bug Normal
#6065 Tooltip for elements path elements are wrong for the Arabic language confirmed Bug Normal
#6198 Too narrow Create Table dialog window confirmed Bug Low
#14851 trailing slash is removed from meta tag confirmed Bug Normal
#12265 Transform inline widget into block and back confirmed New Feature Normal
#8690 Trim trailing whitespace when creating elements confirmed Bug Normal
#14562 triple click and delete ruins widget in chrome review Tade0 Bug Normal
#12539 Two CKEditors within the same fieldset will overflow on resize in Chrome/Safari. confirmed Bug Normal
#10402 TypeError: A/range is undefined when calling insertHtml after hide/show. confirmed Bug Normal
#13775 Typing into selected contents of span tag creates font tag confirmed Bug Normal
#14329 Typing Japanese with Windows IME on IE 11 does not fire change events review kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#6124 Typing * TEXT auto bullets confirmed New Feature Normal
#14392 uiColor config option doesn't change editor's color with kama skin confirmed Bug Normal
#8360 UI color picker - units are placed on dialog border or labels overlap text fields confirmed Bug Normal
#9671 UI Color plugin works very slowly in Firefox - It can freeze the browser. confirmed Bug Normal
#10737 UI languages sample should show some BiDi features confirmed Task Normal
#16706 UI Tooltips confirmed New Feature Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#11470 [Umbrella] a11yhelp dialog needs attention confirmed Task Normal
#9998 [Umbrella][Blink/Webkit] Issues related to backspace and delete keys handling confirmed Bug Normal
#11503 [Umbrella] Further widgets integration with ACF confirmed New Feature Normal
#11596 [Umbrella] MathJax plugin improvements confirmed Task Normal
#16723 [Umbrella] Plugin items that use contenteditable=false have cursor issues confirmed Bug Normal
#12123 [Umbrella] Problems with selection in table cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#12134 [Umbrella] Support widgets in readOnly mode confirmed New Feature Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#11787 Umbrella ticket for Problems with Asian input confirmed Bug Normal
#5960 Unable change selected background color after undo cancel selected color confirmed Bug Normal
#11114 Unable to access context menu with menu key when widget is focused confirmed Bug Normal
#8748 Unable to apply any inline style to text inside first block element inside td when there is a comment before confirmed Bug Normal
#7813 Unable to apply more than one style to selected text confirmed Bug Normal
#7638 Unable to apply style to the <strong> element confirmed Bug Normal
#13736 Unable to create D'n'D area inside CKEditor dialog => broked some add-ons review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.1
#12287 Unable to create link when certain fields are removed from the dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#1897 Unable to creates styles for a tags confirmed Bug Normal
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