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#7762 Unable to delete form elements with backspace key confirmed Bug Normal
#9519 Unable to exit from pre block in some cases confirmed Bug Normal
#4971 Unable to insert <br> under <li> when shiftEnterMode != ENTER_BR confirmed Bug Normal
#16939 Unable to maintain scroll position after postback pending Bug Normal
#5921 Unable to move cursor below a DIV if the DIV is the last element confirmed Bug Normal
#12940 Unable to paste text on new line after line with <o:p> MSWord formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#13651 Unable to paste unicode characters confirmed Bug Normal
#7367 Unable to remove style at end of block confirmed Bug Normal
#14619 Unable to resize editor on mobile confirmed Tade0 Bug Normal
#12535 Unable to select a table in IE after merging cells confirmed Bug Normal
#6396 Unable to set cursor at the end of line in formated text confirmed Bug Normal
#6395 Unable to set formating on empty page review_failed Martin Bug Normal
#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 review_failed Martin Kou Bug Low
#6203 Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'K' to object on editor.destroy(); confirmed Bug Normal
#14895 Uncaught IndexSizeError JS error confirmed Bug Normal
#16973 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '$' of undefined new Bug Normal
#14280 Unclear error message when image size is changed to an incorrect value confirmed Bug Normal
#10327 Under any circumstances filter should not be applied twice to one node assigned Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#14274 under firefox, ckeditor word-break not working when focus first. confirmed Bug Normal
#16946 Underline and Strikethrough should work in placeholder confirmed New Feature Normal
#5880 Undo causes javascript errors confirmed Bug Normal
#11949 Undo does not work after cut or delete word using native context menu confirmed Bug Normal
#10979 Undo does not work for resizing elements such as table, image, horizontal line confirmed Bug Normal
#12986 Undo doesn't work when editor starts empty in source mode confirmed Bug Normal
#11696 undo link scrolls to top of page confirmed Bug Normal
#1511 Undo manager does not record object resizing confirmed New Feature Normal
#10872 Unexpected bold when breaking a line after Removing Format on collapsed selection confirmed Bug Normal
#8561 Unexpected lists get created when selecting nested divs confirmed Bug Normal
#6689 Unexpected list structure after insert list item confirmed Bug Normal
#1930 Unifiy error codes in the built-in file browser and in CKFinder confirmed New Feature Normal
#9674 Unify alerts/warnings/infos in samples confirmed Task Normal
#14386 Unify compositable input change events confirmed New Feature Normal
#11363 Unify tests using multiple editor modes confirmed New Feature Normal
#591 Unique Style Set for each Toolbar Set confirmed New Feature Normal
#12604 Unit dropdown (px, %) in cell properties layer does not fire an event confirmed Bug Normal
#13731 Units label styling in Cell Properties dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#7531 Unlink in Firefox leaves a span-tag if style or class attributes are set confirmed Bug Normal
#8462 Unnecessary paragraph gets created when trying to join two paragraphs using backspace confirmed Webkit Bug Normal
#12656 Unnecessary space added to table class attribute review Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#12486 Unreplaced token "%1" in elements path item's title confirmed Bug Normal
#6998 Unresponsive script when loading template containing invalid html markup confirmed Bug Normal
#5236 Unstyling an empty range in a beginning of a styled text does not unselect the button confirmed Bug Normal
#827 Upcase selected text confirmed New Feature Normal
#11709 Update ACF documentation with wildcards and blacklisting assigned Piotrek Koszuliński Task Normal CKEditor 4.4.0
#11190 Updated missing meta information for language files confirmed Task Normal
#3355 Update font name and size dropdowns confirmed New Feature Normal
#16471 Update hidpi settings when it changes confirmed Bug Normal
#16645 Update SCAYT and WSC localizations confirmed Task Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#5298 Up/Down Arrow Key in IE8 stops on certain paragraphs confirmed Bug Normal
#8652 Upload controls not available in Safari, in RTL mode review Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal
#7239 Upload file and adobe air pending Bug Normal
#16978 uploadfile creates files with hardcoded target="_blank" confirmed New Feature Normal
#16969 [UploadImage] Transparency is lost if PNG is copied directly from webpage new Bug Normal
#6527 Upload tab captions in the Image, Link and Flash dialogs should be revised confirmed Task Normal
#8097 URL is applied incorrectly when the selection contains an anchor confirmed Bug Normal
#11277 Usability improvement: Allow adding anchor text when creating link assigned Jakub Ś New Feature Normal
#13144 Usability review of Image plugin confirmed Task Normal
#12004 Use BASE_PATH in tests confirmed Task Normal
#2771 Use CKEditor in opensocial gadget confirmed New Feature Normal
#16878 Use ESLint instead JSCS confirmed Task Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#14640 user agent Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null confirmed Bug Normal
#10489 User entered &nbsp; is missing from source when fillEmptyblocks = false confirmed Bug Normal
#9486 Using CKEDITOR.templates for stylesheets new Bug Normal
#8896 Using Ctrl-Z after switching to bold and back causes strange cursor jumps confirmed Bug Normal
#12046 Using figure wrapper even if there is no caption confirmed New Feature Normal
#14845 Using justify in BR mode doesn't remove trailing BR's in IE thus resulting in new line confirmed Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#2818 Using OpenDocument as another Native output format confirmed New Feature Normal
#14818 Using Safari's history back when editor is maximised fails to remove CSS from HTML and Body elements. confirmed Bug Normal
#12033 Using tableresize in fullPage mode leaves cursor style set on body confirmed Bug Normal
#9985 Using the Delete key causes input boxes to be deleted. confirmed Bug Normal
#2330 Using the Drag Handle to resize a table forces absolute sizes confirmed New Feature Normal
#7895 Using the enter key after a placeholder value confirmed Bug Normal
#14398 Using the tab key to switch to multiple editors does not scroll down the page in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#9804 UX and code improvements for resize plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#11794 [UX] Apollo image has class instead of style confirmed Bug Normal
#12115 [UX] Drag handler not visable in the High Contrast Mode on Windows confirmed Bug Normal
#11606 [UX] UI Color Plugin cancel by "X" confirmed Bug Normal
#2823 V3: Dialog API lazy load confirmed Bug Normal
#3013 V3: New functional tests confirmed Task Normal
#2637 Validation for ToolbarLocation too limited confirmed New Feature Normal
#13672 Valid characters for Anchor name confirmed Bug Normal
#13098 Various cases with incorrect selection after backspace/del in lists confirmed Bug Normal
#10952 Various issues when choosing inactive option in context menu confirmed Bug Normal
#5644 Vertical or Horizontal resize should have grabber at that side confirmed New Feature Normal
#14698 Vertical scrollbar flashes during auto grow review Tade0 Bug Normal
#9020 "vertical split a cell" works error when the row contains "colpan>1" cells confirmed Bug Normal
#11501 Visible Text Selection disappers in inline editor confirmed Bug Normal
#597 WAI Accessibility standards implemented confirmed New Feature Normal
#10261 Walker documentation seems to be outdated confirmed Bug Normal
#11877 Walker executes guard on node twice in specific situation confirmed Bug Normal
#12983 Walker.guard is called more than once for every node boundary confirmed New Feature Normal
#11614 Warnings about deprecated API usage in strict-mode confirmed Bug Normal
#9625 Way to mark selection when focus is moved outside editable confirmed New Feature Normal
#10588 WCAG color contrast info in color picker confirmed New Feature Normal
#6064 WebKit: Active dialog tab should have higher z-order confirmed Bug Normal
#8133 Webkit: Autogrow in quirks mode. Editor doesn't get smaller. confirmed Bug Normal
#7325 Webkit: backspace moves content between p tags (instead of merging them) confirmed Bug Normal
#14429 Webkit Blink add multiple &nbsp; to HTML pasted into contenteditable element. confirmed Bug Normal
#14654 [Webkit/Blink] Empty line is removed when changing selection after inline widget removal. confirmed Bug Normal
#11938 Webkit Blink: Image2 Cursor not available when Image is only content in editor confirmed Bug Normal
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