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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#14765 Copying from IE divarea editor to Chrome/Firefox in results in full nodes path. confirmed Bug Normal
#14313 Copying/pasting nested lists in IE results in flat list confirmed Bug Normal
#13926 Copying table using context menu strips off styles on Android confirmed Bug Normal
#14921 Copy paste content in WYSIWYG 4.5.11 removes styles created using WYSIWYG, version 4.4.7 works fine confirmed Bug Normal
#16828 copy/paste duplicate text bug pending Bug Normal
#6167 Copy/Paste Duplication Bug - Handling of "li" without "ul" confirmed Bug Normal
#13877 Copy paste from google doc forces bold - removes underline and italics review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#14923 Copy paste from word does not retain font size for first <li> tag confirmed Bug Normal
#14586 Copy-paste in Firefox results in extra spaces confirmed Bug Normal
#16500 Copy/Paste list doesn't paste first bullet. confirmed Bug Normal
#9931 Copy/paste of hyperlinks with IE creates font tags confirmed Bug Normal
#13288 Copy/paste of small strings causes editor enlargement (inline editing) confirmed Bug Normal
#8957 Copy-paste of table rows does not work correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#8645 Copy/paste problem with chrome into table cells confirmed Bug Normal
#8661 Copy paste table does not retain table width - style attribute in not copied confirmed Bug Normal
#8428 Copyright header missing from specialchar\lang\en.js confirmed Bug Normal
#12814 Copy single table cell into multiple selected cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#10150 Copy styles available in styles and formats combos from contents.css to samples/styles.css assigned Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#8614 Could you add line height option for ckediter. confirmed New Feature Normal
#11486 Create a new test system for Paste from Word review Frederico Caldeira Knabben New Feature Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2549 Create an information protocol to automate checks for FCKeditor updates confirmed Task Normal
#12775 Create a visual handler for dragging & droping tables confirmed New Feature Normal
#6009 Create "Configurator" sample confirmed New Feature Normal
#3699 Create documentation for development tools confirmed Wiktor Walc Task Normal
#1142 Create Format Painter button confirmed New Feature Normal
#610 Create link to File Browser directory (not file) confirmed New Feature Low
#5600 Create new block Format to end PRE at start of line new New Feature Normal
#12177 Create new paragraph inside of a list item confirmed New Feature Normal
#1138 Create Table Sorting buttons - Ascending & Descending confirmed New Feature Normal
#12191 Create tests and docs for node.getNextSourceNode and node.getPreviousSourceNode methods assigned Marek Lewandowski Task Normal
#11403 Create tests for menubutton aria support confirmed Task Normal
#5317 Create tool to improve detection of non released memory pending Task Normal
#16879 Creating a fakeElement with attributes doesn't work anymore (attributes are removed) new Bug Normal
#4751 Creating forms: add button to create file input element confirmed New Feature Normal
#16917 Creating list inside widget splits widget and creates nested structures with ENTER_BR mode. confirmed Bug Normal
#7952 Creating lists inside a part of span looses span formatting on first row confirmed Bug Normal
#879 "Credit" and "Caption" fields on Image Upload screens confirmed New Feature Normal
#5028 CSS error in template kama skin confirmed Bug Normal
#8448 CSS errors in FF 7.01 using CKEditor 3.6.2 confirmed Bug Normal
#717 CSS in ordered / unordered lists. confirmed New Feature Normal
#12458 CSS style attribute values with semicolons converted to lowercase in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#1563 CSS Table Support (Code Attached) confirmed New Feature Normal
#11162 "Ctrl + A" and then "Del" works differently in FF and Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#8458 Ctrl + B can't work in this situation and javascript error is prompted confirmed Bug Normal
#2596 Ctrl+Shift+Enter mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#8388 CTRL-V Paste with Opera going to top of editor confirmed Bug Normal
#10043 Current CKEDITOR.htmlWriter.setRules documentation incomplete confirmed Task Normal
#16942 Cursor gets stuck in inline widget new Bug Normal
#12694 Cursor in wrong possition confirmed Bug Normal
#13760 Cursor Jumping after line break on Android 5.x and Chrome Browser confirmed Bug Normal
#6381 Cursor lost on Horizontal line when moving up and down in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#8548 Cursor position on FF4+ different from FF 3.6 & other browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#8398 customConfig applied to second instance of CKEditor may apply to both or only one editor. confirmed Bug Normal
#12383 Custom config file loading order confirmed New Feature Normal
#11607 Custom direction "rtl" set for body in fullPage mode is reverted to "ltr" in data confirmed Bug Normal
#495 custom file browser function as a setting confirmed New Feature Normal
#8466 Customized filebrowser button is not open dialog for file selection confirmed Bug Normal
#8198 custom smileys in config.js causing errors? confirmed Bug Normal
#1601 custom style is not visible in style list because style defines text color to white confirmed Bug Normal
#9349 Custom style with anchor element fails confirmed Bug Normal
#13805 Cut and paste is not working in table cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#9143 Cut/Copy buttons do not go enabled when selection is made under the contents confirmed Bug Normal
#14300 Cut Copy events attached do other element than editable are no longer cancellable. confirmed Bug Low
#12026 'Cut' option in tool bar is still enabled even when there is no text in the text area confirmed Bug Normal
#16949 dataIndentationChars disregarded if empty string new Bug Normal
#13432 [D&D] From outside into nested editable not working confirmed Bug Normal
#13437 [D&D] Image2 broken in half when drag and dropped. confirmed Bug Normal
#13435 [D&D] Image into nested editable throws error confirmed Bug Normal
#10559 Deactivating list tool for empty list gives script error confirmed Bug Normal
#11247 Dead code in htmldataprocessor.html TC assigned Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#13740 Decreasing indention in a multiple indentation list confirmed Bug Normal
#1333 Definition Lists (<dl> <dt> <dd>) confirmed New Feature Normal
#13500 Delay before seeing upload notifications after pasting image from MS Paint. confirmed Bug Normal
#1424 Delete / backspace next to "Control" elements should select that control, rather than deleting confirmed New Feature Normal
#8986 Delete bullet from middle of bullet list, extra space that cannot be removed. new Bug Normal
#6618 Delete Cell leaves a wrong rowspan confirmed Bug Normal
#10959 Delete cells in table with nested table removes entire document content confirmed Bug Normal
#10993 Delete columns when rows are splitted confirmed Bug Normal
#13094 Delete CR removes form html below confirmed Bug Normal
#10673 Deleted style incorrectly remembered confirmed Bug Normal
#11668 delete key behavior is WRONG!! confirmed Bug Normal
#11270 Delete pressed in table cell causes an error when magicline is visible confirmed Bug Normal
#8942 Deleting a list item (numbered and item list) splits the list confirmed Bug Normal
#12968 Deleting a paragraph deletes following div confirmed Bug Normal
#10388 Deleting a sub bullet, deletes entire bullet list confirmed Bug Normal
#14866 Deleting bullet list does not work confirmed Bug Normal
#14766 Deleting columns with merged cells results in columns being left behind. confirmed Bug Normal
#9679 Deleting extra space below table and "unlisting" causes JS error confirmed Bug Normal
#8201 Deleting first character of misspelled word deletes entire word (in Chrome) confirmed Bug Normal
#11035 Deleting one of two subsequent spaces should leave normal space confirmed Bug Normal
#16941 Deleting Paragraph before the description list, changes first list element to instead of moving cursor into list confirmed Bug Normal
#14683 Deleting table column leaves wrong rowspan confirmed Bug Normal
#7888 Deleting the link in editor - the text font stays underlined confirmed Bug Normal
#16947 Destroy CKEditor on Focus transfer - Error in Chrome new Bug Normal
#11770 Destroying an editor while a widget is selected causes JS error in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#12538 [Devtools] Troublesome relative font-size and line-height confirmed Bug Normal
#12197 dialogadvtab plugin: style field input validation is too restrictive confirmed Bug Normal
#5094 Dialog API: Custom alignment of radio buttons and their labels confirmed New Feature Normal
#12555 Dialog blind is left behind when editor is destroyed confirmed Bug Normal
#11488 Dialog content empty when it is told it will have tabs confirmed Bug Normal
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