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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5552 Dialog doesn't execute 'commit' and 'setup' method of element when element miss 'id' property. review_failed Minh Nguyen Bug Normal
#8445 dialog.getSelectedElement() returns wrong element when element selected is within a table for 3.6.2, Firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#9826 Dialog height not correct if overflow:hidden/scroll confirmed Bug Normal
#7862 Dialog Move Event confirmed New Feature Normal
#12567 Dialogs are incorrectly sized on iOS new Bug Normal
#13871 Dialog's control access keys are not discoverable confirmed Bug Normal
#7227 Dialog: showPage increments pageCount even if page is already showing confirmed Bug Normal
#6801 Dialog size should fit the screen in case it's bigger than the view pane confirmed Bug Normal
#11239 Dialog submit/cancel actions do not verify whether dialog is still opened confirmed Bug Low
#12259 Dialogs which create popup lose keyboard focus when popup is closed confirmed Bug Normal
#14382 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html contain ID confirmed Bug Normal
#14924 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only (same as ticket 13193) confirmed Bug Normal
#3542 Dialog tabs change width after selection confirmed Bug Normal
#9850 Dialog that doesn't fit in viewport can't be moved by dragging confirmed Bug Normal
#11227 dialog.validate.functions bugs confirmed Bug Normal
#3967 Dialog with all keystrokes written down confirmed New Feature Normal
#4451 Different "Apple + LeftArrow" keyboard shortcut behavior in Firefox on Mac OS X confirmed Bug Normal
#14550 Direct path to handle.png in widget plugin review Tade0 Bug Normal
#12880 Disabled dialog buttons appear the same as enabled dialog buttons confirmed New Feature Normal
#10060 Disabled textarea fields are not readOnly by default confirmed Bug Normal
#10252 disableObjectResizing=true in full screen mode confirmed Bug Normal
#8482 DispHTMLUnknownElement with invalid code confirmed Bug Normal
#8894 Display:inline-block issue confirmed Bug Normal
#5592 Display unprintable characters confirmed New Feature Normal
#13713 divarea iphone double space new Bug Normal
#14884 Divarea - It is possible to type after opening dialog without input field. confirmed Bug Normal
#7111 Div styling through dialog broken confirmed Bug Normal
#12568 Docprops dialog color "choose" buttons behave strangely if colorpicker dialog is cancelled confirmed Bug Normal
#8612 DocProps plugin incorrect case handling of META element names - code could be more flexible. confirmed New Feature Normal
#10161 Docprops plugin requires colordialog confirmed Bug Normal
#10220 Docs for basePath need improvement confirmed Bug Normal
#12938 Document addButton better confirmed Task Normal
#13488 Documentation Bug: dev_files not found confirmed Bug Normal
#12937 Document hidpi, and more details about icons in general confirmed Task Normal
#12939 Document plugin definition better confirmed Task Normal
#628 Document Properties: Style Sheet confirmed New Feature Normal
#16999 Document & Text color choices override each-other new Bug Normal
#8418 do feature detection of paste event support before simulating a paste event confirmed Bug Normal
#8670 dom.node#getAddress returns different addresses for detached trees in IE7&8 than in normal browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#12238 Do not use the table summary attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#9193 dont use "-moz-border-radius" use "border-radius" or also use border-radius confirmed Bug Normal
#10253 double alert in dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#7728 double click inside link review Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7257 Double click on dialog button sometimes shows background cover above the dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#10317 Double-click to initiate inline edit mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#14399 Double indented nested list items confirmed Bug Normal
#17063 Double insertion of table after using enter on Chrome mobile. new Bug Normal
#16707 double protocol in link plugin when entered URL contains a space in front confirmed Bug Normal
#16910 [Drag and Drop] Dropping file with " ' " in its name causes 404 confirmed Bug Normal
#13006 Drag and drop element with id duplicate id confirmed Bug Normal
#13595 Drag and drop image into editor does not work in IE11 confirmed Bug Normal
#13569 Drag and drop link pastes URL in plain text confirmed Bug Normal
#11343 Drag&drop: inline widgets disappear when forcePasteAsPlainText is set confirmed Bug Normal
#14572 Drag & drop of anchor at edge of content to same location causes error confirmed Bug Normal
#16744 Drag&drop of multiple files results in an error: The given range isn't in document confirmed Bug Normal
#13563 Dragging an image can delete it and throw an error confirmed Bug Normal
#14901 Dragging an inline widget outside of span, carries leftover span around confirmed Bug Normal
#8884 Dragging image wrapped in BlockElement leaves empty block elements in content area. confirmed Bug Normal
#12286 Dragging the Resizable corners of the table to out of the CKEditor makes the resizable corners displayed out of the editor and the editor becomes unresponsive when we click in scroll bars. confirmed Bug Normal
#12527 Dragging widget does not scroll the editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13900 Drag line for widgets is misaligned when paragraphs have margins pending Bug Normal
#8724 Draw a table with plug-in (one-click table) confirmed New Feature Normal
#2433 drop-down list for image style confirmed New Feature Normal
#14907 Drop down list of toolbar inside a dialog is not moving with scrollbar of the dialog. confirmed Bug Normal
#12950 drop-down list WITHOUT a pre-selected option throws JS-Error in Chrome and IE11 confirmed Bug Normal
#12181 Dropdown markers not grayed out when in readonly mode confirmed Bug Normal
#13046 Dropdown not working in maximize mode with RTL body confirmed Bug Normal
#14367 Dropdown open empty after moving CKEditor toolbar using shared spaces confirmed Bug Normal
#10392 Dropdowns don't scroll to top when opened. confirmed Bug Normal
#13553 Dropdowns shouldn’t show any option when multiple styles, fonts or formats are selected confirmed Bug Normal
#14900 Drop of inline widget in a span, splits the span in two confirmed New Feature Normal
#13323 Dropping image on nested editable (image2 caption) doesn't effect. confirmed Bug Normal
#10340 DTD caching makes it impossible to modify DTD even before first editor creation confirmed Bug Normal
#10436 Duplicate ids when shared space is used confirmed Bug Normal
#9308 duplicate no-repeat value for background-repeat in Table dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#16901 Duplicate selection field after changing some styles new Bug Normal
#12120 Dynamic size restrictions in AutoGrow feature confirmed New Feature Normal
#11530 Dynamic Templates with Dialog Helpers confirmed New Feature Normal
#13291 Easy copy and paste of checkboxes confirmed Bug Normal
#13946 [Edge] Drag and drop on styled elements within editor does nothing confirmed Bug Normal
#13602 [Edge] Drag and drop within editor(s) throws an error or removes too much text confirmed Bug Normal
#14827 [Edge] Editor viewport is scrolled back to the top when focusing editor for the first time. confirmed Bug Normal
#17058 [Edge/IE] Visual selection applies to single table cell selection new Bug Low
#14616 [EDGE] Loss of focus on touch devices (randomly) new Bug Normal
#17062 [Edge] Manual test tests/core/selection/manual/iecontenteditablefalse#child fails on Edge browser new Bug Normal
#14548 EDGE: Not able to edit the Image if Image has Alignment set confirmed Bug Normal
#14892 [Edge Only] : CkEditor Bold/Italic/underline does not work. If we do not give <!DOCTYPE HTML> in the html page. confirmed Bug Normal
#14334 EDGE: Pasting Numbered list from word with more than 2 levels not working properly confirmed Bug Normal
#16743 [Edge] PFW generic tests confirmed Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#16872 [Edge][PFW] Multi number markers lists not pasted correctly confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.1
#14543 EDGE: Replacing text with empty string not working in Find & Replace dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#17060 [Edge] Undo-redo flicker when style applied new Bug Normal
#16629 Editable inside widget disappears after other widget drag&drop confirmed Bug Normal
#10147 Editable#setup called twice during wysiwygarea initialization confirmed Task Normal
#12915 Edit cell properties inside editable scrolls to top confirmed Bug Normal
#8636 Editing Absolute positioned DIVs in Firefox and IE is problematic confirmed Bug Normal
#12748 Editing element attributes and properties for any html element in CKEditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#7224 Editing pasted lists not working properly confirmed Bug Normal
#7954 Editing pasted Numbered list with different Start Value not working properly confirmed Bug Normal
#5481 Edit inserted div in table cell confirmed Bug Normal
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