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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12359 Editor blur event is triggered when opening dialog with file element confirmed Bug Normal
#12357 [IE8] Call maximize command fire resize event twice confirmed Bug Normal
#12353 Markup inserted prior to doctype not handled nicely. confirmed Bug Normal
#12351 Find/Replace accessibility confirmed Bug Normal
#12348 [IE8] Text pasted from textarea is underlined if content ends with a link confirmed Bug Normal
#12343 ACF does not play well with basicstyles confirmed Bug Normal
#12334 [IE8] Invalid argument error thrown when pressing backspace in specific conditions confirmed Bug Normal
#12328 [IE8] Predefined style pruned by the editor confirmed Bug Normal
#12326 [IE] Error throw after switching between source mode and then click styles button confirmed Bug Normal
#12323 [IE10] After removing whole list text below jump up. confirmed Bug Normal
#12314 Entermode inconsistencies pending Bug Normal
#12312 [FF] An extra BR added to the elementspath confirmed Bug Normal
#12307 CKEditor instance object is not released from memory on destroy confirmed Bug Normal
#12304 Allow for tag blacklisting for removeFormat confirmed New Feature Normal
#12297 When searching a text, the matched chunk does highlight, but does not scroll to it's position in the area confirmed Bug Normal
#12294 Extend the list of entries in lang.common confirmed Task Normal
#12292 Accessibility: better support for tables confirmed Bug Normal
#12290 Stylesheetparser in dialog new New Feature Normal
#12287 Unable to create link when certain fields are removed from the dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#12286 Dragging the Resizable corners of the table to out of the CKEditor makes the resizable corners displayed out of the editor and the editor becomes unresponsive when we click in scroll bars. confirmed Bug Normal
#12285 Tab key based navigation is broken in iframedialog plugin. confirmed Bug Normal
#12281 Bug in Core.Editable isInline() function when using the editor inside an iFrame confirmed Bug Normal
#12277 [IE] It's not possible to resize last column using table resizer when borders are collapses confirmed Bug Normal
#12274 Bulleted/numbered list applied to description list breaks HTML confirmed Bug Normal
#12265 Transform inline widget into block and back confirmed New Feature Normal
#12260 AccessKey works only once confirmed Bug Normal
#12259 Dialogs which create popup lose keyboard focus when popup is closed confirmed Bug Normal
#12250 Cannot disable auto inline functionality when CKEditor is being loaded via Ajax pending Bug Normal
#12248 Selecting and deleting last entries of a list will remove the entire list confirmed Bug Normal
#12246 Highlight the default value in richcombo if default label is set confirmed New Feature Normal
#12238 Do not use the table summary attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#12236 AVT: Keyboard Navigation not working properly with widgets in editor body confirmed Bug Normal
#12235 AVT: Keyboard selection of widgets does not behave as expected confirmed Bug Normal
#12234 Missing dialog#iframeAdded event confirmed Task Normal
#12220 link preview feature (same as facebook) new New Feature Normal
#12212 carriage return at <br> followed by <a> causes cursor to move unexpectedly to beginning of buffer (chrome only) confirmed Bug Normal
#12209 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive confirmed Bug Normal
#12205 Justify/ alignment language strings are duplicated confirmed Bug Normal
#12201 [ACF]: Missing Format plugin breaks indentation confirmed Bug Normal
#12199 ckeditor is omitting a single trailing space in firefox and ie. confirmed Bug Normal
#12197 dialogadvtab plugin: style field input validation is too restrictive confirmed Bug Normal
#12196 ATAG & CKEditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#12194 Title tag is messed up using special characters. confirmed Bug Normal
#12193 placeholder sometimes get deleted on move in IE9 confirmed Bug Normal
#12191 Create tests and docs for node.getNextSourceNode and node.getPreviousSourceNode methods assigned Marek Lewandowski Task Normal
#12187 [Safari] Link's keystroke does not work confirmed Bug Normal
#12186 Provide better support for HTML5 'block' elements like article, aside etc. confirmed New Feature Normal
#12184 [IE] config.disableObjectResizing doesn't working after drag and drop confirmed Bug Normal
#12181 Dropdown markers not grayed out when in readonly mode confirmed Bug Normal
#12179 [FF] Error while using :after pseudoclass in contents.css confirmed Bug Normal
#12177 Create new paragraph inside of a list item confirmed New Feature Normal
#12174 It should be possible to detect CKEditor version on the server side confirmed New Feature Normal
#12167 The save plugin needs improvements confirmed Bug Normal
#12159 JAWS reading the "not set" option twice in the Code Snippet dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#12156 [Safari] Paste URL/Link from Twitter or other browser doesn't work confirmed Bug Normal
#12151 [IE11] The anchor tag text is being replaced when the link is edited confirmed Bug Normal
#12149 It should be possible to add finder's lookup which prevents yielding current location confirmed New Feature Normal
#12144 Magic line customization confirmed New Feature Normal
#12142 [iOS] Autocapitalize does not work as expected confirmed Bug Normal
#12139 [Blink, Webkit]: Can't delete inline styles with Ctrl+A Backsapce/Del confirmed Bug Normal
#12134 [Umbrella] Support widgets in readOnly mode confirmed New Feature Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#12133 Links not opening when CKEditor is in readOnly mode confirmed Bug Normal
#12131 Text wrapping and line heights after starting with a large font. confirmed Bug Normal
#12127 Wrong behavior when applying object styles - existing inline styles are removed confirmed New Feature Normal
#12123 [Umbrella] Problems with selection in table cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#12120 Dynamic size restrictions in AutoGrow feature confirmed New Feature Normal
#12115 [UX] Drag handler not visable in the High Contrast Mode on Windows confirmed Bug Normal
#12114 image2 widget (align left/center/right) does not lose focus on IE8-11 in order to write text if alone confirmed Bug Normal
#12099 Table Cell properties get duplicated on Chrome/Mac confirmed Bug Normal
#12094 Content Transformations strips span of style confirmed Bug Normal
#12091 Blocking ability to drop content in specific container confirmed New Feature Normal
#12089 Support for inline-block editors confirmed New Feature Normal
#12087 Can't delete an empty line between block widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#12083 placeholder plugin - inline editor - text align break html of the page pending Bug Normal
#12074 Forms plugin: textarea, textfield, button selection impossible with a mouse confirmed Bug Normal
#12073 Iframe allow fullscreen assigned Jakub Ś New Feature Normal
#12072 [Linux][Chrome] Drag and drop of nested inline widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#12070 [Webkit/Blink] It is possible to create selection that starts in one editable and ends in another one confirmed Bug Normal
#12062 Performance issues typing at the end of a large document in IE and Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#12046 Using figure wrapper even if there is no caption confirmed New Feature Normal
#12044 iOS: unable to apply (Bold) style when typing quickly after selecting a style new Bug Normal
#12043 The table should be highlighted when user selects table contents with keyboard (Ctrl+A, Shift+Arrow) confirmed Bug Normal
#12033 Using tableresize in fullPage mode leaves cursor style set on body confirmed Bug Normal
#12029 Inline Mode - Cannot Change Border or Background Colours on Multiple Table Cells confirmed Bug Normal
#12028 Attribute contenteditable="false" in table cell does not fully disable content modification confirmed Bug Normal
#12026 'Cut' option in tool bar is still enabled even when there is no text in the text area confirmed Bug Normal
#12023 Improve performance of element.find() and element.findOne() confirmed Task Normal
#12019 Styles' states and values when block widget is selected confirmed Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#12014 Add className to a CKEditor.dialog instance confirmed New Feature Normal
#12007 Elements path - viewport is scrolled and selection placed incorrectly when clicking on specific elements inside widget confirmed Bug Normal
#12004 Use BASE_PATH in tests confirmed Task Normal
#11994 ASP.NET control ContentsCss doesn't correctly support Web application root operator (~) review Alan Bug Normal
#11988 Image width set in percentages changed to be in pixels after drag and drop in chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#11979 No support for ctrl key while dropping confirmed Bug Normal
#11978 [Gecko] Fix D&D for multiselection confirmed Bug Normal
#11968 Error in dialog box when trying to replace found text with empty block. confirmed Bug Normal
#11967 [Opera@Win] Inline editor created from textarea blinks when clicking confirmed Bug Normal
#11966 [IE] Compatibility view: Caret goes outside of the last block element, when showblocks is enabled confirmed Bug Normal
#11964 max width for medias confirmed New Feature Normal
#11963 Can't replace block widgets with anchor confirmed Bug Normal
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