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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#8989 IE placeholder plugin - you can't insert one place holder after another confirmed Bug General
#8994 Firefox, Webkit and Opera - Can't exit link at the end of document in bbcode confirmed Bug General
#9026 Make CKEditor prevent caching images in browsers confirmed New Feature File Browser
#9038 IE: error when selecting contents with SHIFT+Arrow confirmed Bug General
#9046 IE9: linking a word doesn't work right when line ends with BR. confirmed Bug Core : Selection
#9060 IE: closing a dialog from a nested editor doesn't unlock the selection review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug UI : Dialogs
#9090 IE: Editing link changes link text confirmed Bug General
#9093 Enter command is broken (different behavior between browsers) confirmed Bug General
#9098 FF: Can't apply styles after removing line confirmed Bug General
#9106 FF, WinXP, JAWS: Can't use arrows in Smiley or Special Chars Dialogs when opened for second time confirmed Bug Accessibility
#9108 Paragraph inserted after block containers should be controlled by CKEditor confirmed New Feature General
#9123 outdent RLT list item with subsequent LTR item confirmed Bug Core : Lists
#9124 Insert pagebreak in list item confirmed Bug General
#9125 IE8 Quirks - find and replace dialog confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9126 IE8 Quirks - iframe elements goes beyond dialog confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9130 Selection is wrong when using collapsed styles confirmed Bug General
#9139 [IE8 Quirks] Find and Replace with selected text confirmed Bug General
#9143 Cut/Copy buttons do not go enabled when selection is made under the contents confirmed Bug General
#9146 Webkit: Link selection is incosistent confirmed Bug General
#9156 Browser Difference: removing paragraph between two lists is inconsistent confirmed Bug General
#9157 About dialog: no hover effect for the Cancel button. confirmed Bug General
#9161 [IE]: SCAYT affecting IsDirty confirmed Bug UI : Spell Checker
#9174 Styles applied to inner table are also applied to outer cell. confirmed Bug Core : Tables
#9237 [Webkits] [CKE 3.x 4.x] Incorrect handling of ctrl+a in specific cases confirmed Bug General
#9254 [Webkits] Checkbox is rendered on the right of cursor confirmed Bug General
#9259 [IE] Click on disabled menu item confirmed Bug General
#9266 [IE9, Inline] Toolbar is lost when clicking fast after a dialog is closed. confirmed Bug General
#9268 Migrate to env.version for IE check review_failed Garry Yao Bug General
#9278 Add 'list-style-type:none' to list properties dialog. review Jakub Ś New Feature Core : Lists
#9280 Provide a plugin that will replace code entered in source with fake image in wysiwyg confirmed New Feature General
#9306 Reusable removeFormat command confirmed New Feature General
#9349 Custom style with anchor element fails confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#9361 Context menu not displayed in correct position when invoked using keyboard shortcut (Shift + F10 or application key) review_failed Olek Nowodziński Bug UI : Context Menu
#9391 Inline editing: editor in iframe doesn't react on parent page scroll confirmed Bug General
#9400 Magicline out of the editable confirmed Olek Nowodziński Task General
#9403 Popup plugin should return the handler confirmed Task General
#9406 Anchor dialog should be extended to allow entering/editing text confirmed New Feature UI : Dialogs
#9413 Handle text pasted by drag&drop confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#9418 Fake element must have at least two   inside or it gets removed. confirmed Bug Core : Parser
#9419 Icons localization confirmed New Feature UI : Language
#9421 The background of dialog tabs looks bad with dark UI color confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9425 [IE] Unnecessary vertical scrollbar in UI Color dialog confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9429 [FF] Enter pressed in ENTER_BR mode disables copy/cut/paste buttons confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#9438 [IE]: Formatting Normal (Div) removes empty table cells. confirmed Bug General
#9457 HTML5 support on parser confirmed Bug Core : Parser
#9460 [iOS] CKE4 nighly build; Selection lost when selecting font menu new Bug General
#9463 [Opera] Consequent clicking on a single toolbar button call out context menu assigned Garry Yao Bug UI : Toolbar
#9471 Config option for enter key not copying attributes and styles of original paragraph confirmed New Feature General
#9486 Using CKEDITOR.templates for stylesheets new Bug General
#9489 [Inline] UI Color styles are leaking between instances confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#9498 [Release] textfield-rtl icon is missing in release version confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#9513 IE10: some cursor problems while working with tables. confirmed Bug General
#9520 Shorter way for node's type check confirmed Bug Performance
#9526 [IE] Selection is not properly reflected on startup new Bug Core : Selection
#9545 [IE7] Black page mask flicks when opening dialog confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#9560 CKE 3.x and 4.x - Undefined table width gets reset to default confirmed Bug General
#9579 [Opera] Extra BR added when load a single HR confirmed Bug General
#9590 Optimize the browser specific css confirmed New Feature Project : CKBuilder
#9591 Smiley dialog - is the dark background for smileys really needed? confirmed Bug General
#9595 Builder must define CKEDITOR.lang.languages confirmed Bug General
#9607 Resizer cursor shape not adapted to config.resize_dir confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#9611 Tab key based navigation is broken inside specialchar dialog confirmed Bug Accessibility
#9614 Tabletools insert column before behavior is confusing new Olek Nowodziński Bug Core : Tables
#9625 Way to mark selection when focus is moved outside editable confirmed New Feature Core : Selection
#9632 IE7-8 cut command doesn't work as expected in v4 confirmed Bug General
#9640 Simplified skin icon dev registration review Garry Yao Bug UI : Skins
#9643 Focus style for dialog buttons (cancel,ok) is too heavy confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#9644 Alternative source viewer in sample pages confirmed New Feature Documentation & Samples
#9650 "Browse server" button is not aligned to the URL field confirmed Bug General
#9660 Support for Windows 8 Apps confirmed New Feature General
#9667 Redesign TAB Key-Based Navigation sample confirmed Task Documentation & Samples
#9668 Many problems with Document Properties Plugin and setting doctype confirmed Bug General
#9671 UI Color plugin works very slowly in Firefox - It can freeze the browser. confirmed Bug General
#9674 Unify alerts/warnings/infos in samples confirmed Task Documentation & Samples
#9679 Deleting extra space below table and "unlisting" causes JS error confirmed Bug General
#9680 The "Maximize" feature should not be a toolbar button confirmed New Feature General
#9681 Tabletools plugin needs refactorization confirmed Bug General
#9682 CKE 4.x - JS errors thrown when inserting div container. confirmed Bug General
#9703 Simplify plugin dialog open with language entries confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9719 [IE10] Enterkey is not working confirmed Bug UI : Enter Key
#9729 Merge internal plugins confirmed Task General
#9730 API docs for built-in dialog.validate functions confirmed Bug Documentation & Samples
#9735 Hybrid menu button confirmed Bug UI : Toolbar
#9739 Icons for plugins review Olek Nowodziński Bug Documentation & Samples
#9750 Mention about cksource/ckeditor-dev and naming convention in README on ckeditor/ckeditor-dev confirmed Bug Documentation & Samples
#9775 [Opera] Caret remains in previous line after pressing enter in pre-formatted block confirmed Bug UI : Enter Key
#9784 Move selection change listener that fires contentDirChange to core review Piotrek Koszuliński Bug General
#9786 Silent try-catch blocks that covers more than a native code should log caught errors confirmed Bug General
#9795 No explanation for .cke_mixed_dir_content css class confirmed Bug Documentation & Samples
#9797 Align buttons' states not refreshed after changing image alignment confirmed Bug General
#9803 Move/close float panel when editor's position has been changed confirmed Bug UI : Floating Panel
#9804 UX and code improvements for resize plugin confirmed Bug General
#9806 Add support for internal pages in link dialog confirmed New Feature General
#9808 Bogus <br> is inserted after nested table confirmed Bug Core : Tables
#9813 [Refac] Tabletools confirmed Bug General
#9814 Inline editor created in "display:none" element results in editor with disabled buttons confirmed Bug General
#9821 ALT+F key combinations do not work on Mac confirmed Bug Documentation & Samples
#9823 Consider getClientRect in magicline getSize confirmed Task Performance
#9827 Collapse toolbar keystroke doesn't work on FF confirmed Bug Core : Keystrokes
#9831 Avoid silent failure when adding one function twice as a listener for the same event confirmed Bug General
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