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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10817 Implement a time widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#10816 Mention in the ACF rules documentation that div[*] does not allow styles and classes confirmed Task Normal
#10785 Editor content's stylesheet is removed from document after another editor's editable is reattached confirmed Bug Normal
#10749 [Webkit/Blink] Loading URL with a # causes page to scroll confirmed Bug Normal
#10745 [FF&Inline] Cells selection is lost when merging cells confirmed Bug Normal
#10712 Editor.insertElement will insert passed element into every range in the selection confirmed Bug Normal
#10679 IE complains if "@" is used right after comment start confirmed Bug Normal
#10657 Config.removeButtons isn't mentioned in Toolbar configuration guide assigned Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#10655 TAB leaves the editable when cannot indent anything confirmed Bug Normal
#10594 Error when replacing element with <br> in HTML filter confirmed Bug Normal
#10536 API imporevements confirmed Bug Normal
#10483 Incorrectly focused editable after switching between modes confirmed Bug Normal
#10473 Introduce argument for range#cloneContents which will preserve ids confirmed New Feature Normal
#10442 Automatic features registration for menubuttons confirmed New Feature Normal
#10362 Introduce editor#feature event confirmed New Feature Normal
#10340 DTD caching makes it impossible to modify DTD even before first editor creation confirmed Bug Normal
#10336 Filter should understand complex styles confirmed New Feature Normal
#10327 Under any circumstances filter should not be applied twice to one node assigned Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#10289 Incorrect del behaviour in table cell with list inside confirmed Bug Normal
#10273 Finish integrating dialogs with Advanced Content Filter confirmed Task Normal
#10261 Walker documentation seems to be outdated confirmed Bug Normal
#10247 [Webkit] Enter key before sub list is not right assigned Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#10227 Magicline should carefully register commands, keystrokes and listeners confirmed Bug Normal
#10204 Introduce editor.htmlProcessor for input HTML processing confirmed New Feature Normal
#10150 Copy styles available in styles and formats combos from contents.css to samples/styles.css assigned Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#10147 Editable#setup called twice during wysiwygarea initialization confirmed Task Normal
#10127 [Opera] Error thrown when applying list on incorrectly focused editor confirmed Bug Normal
#10126 [Opera] Arrows in colorbuttons are displaced in RTL editor confirmed Bug Normal
#10121 [FF] Sourcearea is 1px lower than wysiwygarea confirmed Bug Low
#9975 Move node's methods from htmlDataProcessor to htmlParser.node confirmed Bug Normal
#9920 Mention about magicline keystrokes in user guide assigned Anna Tomanek Task Normal
#9911 Editor#instanceReady -> Editor#ready confirmed Bug Normal
#9901 Paragraph indentation is applied to list item created for it confirmed Bug Normal
#9891 Magicline displayed incorrectly in certain cases confirmed Bug Normal
#9890 [Quirks Mode] UIColor button doesn't show in toolbar when uicolor plugin loaded confirmed Bug Normal
#9886 [IE8-10] No scrollbar in maximized editor with autogrow enabled confirmed Bug Normal
#9881 [FF] JS error when right-click on textarea confirmed Bug Normal
#9860 Magic line should only access space between the current and the closest block confirmed Bug Normal
#9854 Clean up Gecko versions confirmed Bug Normal
#9850 Dialog that doesn't fit in viewport can't be moved by dragging confirmed Bug Normal
#9831 Avoid silent failure when adding one function twice as a listener for the same event confirmed Bug Normal
#9827 Collapse toolbar keystroke doesn't work on FF confirmed Bug Normal
#9808 Bogus <br> is inserted after nested table confirmed Bug Normal
#9806 Add support for internal pages in link dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#9804 UX and code improvements for resize plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#9803 Move/close float panel when editor's position has been changed confirmed Bug Normal
#9797 Align buttons' states not refreshed after changing image alignment confirmed Bug Normal
#9786 Silent try-catch blocks that covers more than a native code should log caught errors confirmed Bug Normal
#9784 Move selection change listener that fires contentDirChange to core review Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#9775 [Opera] Caret remains in previous line after pressing enter in pre-formatted block confirmed Bug Normal
#9750 Mention about cksource/ckeditor-dev and naming convention in README on ckeditor/ckeditor-dev confirmed Bug Normal
#9681 Tabletools plugin needs refactorization confirmed Bug Normal
#9676 [Safari6] Button groups' borders are broken confirmed Bug Low
#9643 Focus style for dialog buttons (cancel,ok) is too heavy confirmed Bug Normal
#9625 Way to mark selection when focus is moved outside editable confirmed New Feature Normal
#9611 Tab key based navigation is broken inside specialchar dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#9520 Shorter way for node's type check confirmed Bug Normal
#9498 [Release] textfield-rtl icon is missing in release version confirmed Bug Normal
#9486 Using CKEDITOR.templates for stylesheets new Bug Normal
#9471 Config option for enter key not copying attributes and styles of original paragraph confirmed New Feature Normal
#9429 [FF] Enter pressed in ENTER_BR mode disables copy/cut/paste buttons confirmed Bug Normal
#9413 Handle text pasted by drag&drop confirmed Bug Normal
#9306 Reusable removeFormat command confirmed New Feature Normal
#9237 [Webkits] [CKE 3.x 4.x] Incorrect handling of ctrl+a in specific cases confirmed Bug Normal
#9093 Enter command is broken (different behavior between browsers) confirmed Bug Normal
#8852 Fx & Chrome @ Linux: Unlink option is not always available from the context menu when right clicking on a link confirmed Bug Normal
#8798 Inconsistent behavior of rules elementNames and attributeNames in htmlParser.filter confirmed Bug Normal
#8670 dom.node#getAddress returns different addresses for detached trees in IE7&8 than in normal browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#8640 htmlParser not recognizing empty comments confirmed Bug Normal
#8635 htmlParser not recognizing self closing tags without space before /> confirmed Bug Normal
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