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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 review_failed Martin Kou Low General
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area confirmed Low General
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR confirmed Low General
#5876 Enter after horizontal line in Normail <DIV> adds two new lines confirmed Low UI : Enter Key
#6198 Too narrow Create Table dialog window confirmed Low UI : Dialogs
#6677 BIDI: IE6 Cursor missing from Editor body when we click on RTL icon with out focusing in Editor body confirmed Low Core : BiDi
#6688 Wrong structure after insert list item confirmed Low Core : Lists
#7614 [HC] buttons and textarea go outside editor when it's resized in IE9 confirmed Low General
#7656 [FF4] startupFocus/first execCommand moves cursor to the end of document confirmed Low Core : Selection
#8019 Webkit: "Focus border smaller than the editing area border" in paste as plain text dialog confirmed Low General
#8079 Copy/Cut buttons are not enabled when selecting text. confirmed Low General
#9395 [magicline] line style differs from top to bottom confirmed Low General
#9627 [Webkit] Clipboard toolbar accessible in read-only mode confirmed Low Core : Read-only
#9676 [Safari6] Button groups' borders are broken confirmed Low UI : Skins
#9677 [FF3.x] Autogrow fails in case of continuous massive content creation confirmed Low General
#9678 [FF3.x] Tabindex requires double TAB key press to highlight an editor confirmed Low General
#9687 [Safari] Open font-name combo in <pre> crashes browser confirmed Low General
#10121 [FF] Sourcearea is 1px lower than wysiwygarea confirmed Low General
#10444 The order of several events differs among creators confirmed Low General
#11239 Dialog submit/cancel actions do not verify whether dialog is still opened confirmed Low UI : Dialogs
#11298 Mathjax plugin - baseline for eqations and text is defferent confirmed Low UI : Widgets
#11334 CKEditor adds a space after the "cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea" class confirmed Low General
#11442 [Blink, Webkit, IE11] Comments inside iframe tags get messed up confirmed Piotrek Koszuliński Low General
#11639 Image2's resizer is displayed far from image if image has a margin confirmed Low General
#11958 HTML in head title is changed to cke_protected confirmed Low General
#13012 Focus is not properly restored after closing the context menu confirmed Low General
#14300 Cut Copy events attached do other element than editable are no longer cancellable. confirmed Low General
#17058 [Edge/IE] Visual selection applies to single table cell selection new Low General
#58 Safari: objects are not selectable confirmed Normal General
#167 Improving IsDirty after switching modes and undo confirmed Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#304 FormatIndentator cannot be reliably set via script interface confirmed Normal General
#667 [SS] Combination of a link and a style new Normal Core : Styles
#674 problematic cut/copy/paste with lists confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#678 E-mail Link dialog confirmed Normal General
#726 ieSpell & multiple editors not responding confirmed Normal General
#727 Mixing GET and POST parameters not RFC-Compliant confirmed Normal General
#731 0 border tables have a border when sent to a printer confirmed Normal General
#1172 FCKConfig.AutoDetectLanguage issue confirmed Normal General
#1259 Perl connector does not conform to our standards confirmed Normal Server : Perl
#1398 Select all then delete or backspace clears formatting confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#1415 empty div tags are removed confirmed Normal Core : Parser
#1505 Adding additional 'table row after' on <th> headings creates second heading rather than row confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#1601 custom style is not visible in style list because style defines text color to white confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#1646 Color for Underline and Strikethrough inconsistent confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#1897 Unable to creates styles for a tags confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#1946 Subsequently creating same folder is responded with error code 0 confirmed Normal Server : PHP
#2134 Inserting horizontal rule results in JavaScript error in IE confirmed Normal General
#2155 Nested OL/UL doesn't get fixed on output confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#2176 php connector: apache_lookup_uri failure not handled confirmed Normal Server : PHP
#2346 Numbered list problem confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#2378 Search for better options than EncodeConfig assigned Wiktor Walc Normal Server : PHP
#2398 Show Blocks should also show lists confirmed Normal General
#2474 An editor contained in a Div with overflow:auto can't be maximized. confirmed Normal General
#2510 TAB jumps to next form field when in editor confirmed Normal General
#2552 PHP code on top of page confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#2554 Select All using Ctrl-A does not work in modal dialog confirmed Normal General
#2568 Adding Cell Background color adds unwanted space in the table confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#2589 changing style when typing text works incorrectly confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#2716 Image upload dialog freezes on IE when uploaded file is missing (or server response is invalid) confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#2728 String.prototype.Trim should also trim unicode ideographic space confirmed Normal General
#2759 error when perfroming drag and drop in ie confirmed Normal General
#2767 plug-in:basicstyle AND elementpath incorrect style range detection review_failed Garry Yao Normal Core : Styles
#2770 Issue tabbing out of FCKeditor field to Radio Button group or Submit button confirmed Normal General
#2778 Wrong colspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#2782 Editor inside DIV with "overflow: auto" causes displaced menus confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#2823 V3: Dialog API lazy load confirmed Normal General
#2859 Wrong rowspan and empty rows after merging down rowspanned cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#2957 plugin:table insertion doesn't continue with style it breaked confirmed Normal General
#2976 plugin:basicstyle remove style at collapsed selection review_failed Garry Yao Normal Core : Styles
#2981 Sample 10 second instance not working after clicking combo confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#3088 [IE]RichCombo scrolling document confirmed Normal General
#3106 [IE]editor.getSelection not right empty document confirmed Normal General
#3133 insertElement incorrect after deleteContents review_failed Garry Yao Normal General
#3140 Indent problem with whole table confirmed Normal General
#3186 IE : DEL stop working when using scrollbars confirmed Normal General
#3360 Enlarge range by element problem assigned Garry Yao Normal General
#3368 Strange behavior when placed inside dynamically-created elements confirmed Normal General
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem confirmed Normal General
#3419 Paste button not available after SetData function confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#3428 Firefox : Href encoded when using paste dialog confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#3507 [IE] Context menu always opens next to mouse cursor confirmed Normal General
#3513 [IE8] Form elements at end of line confirmed Normal General
#3542 Dialog tabs change width after selection confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#3607 Enterykey break nested list confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#3683 Hides top portion of page when spellcheck window opens up confirmed Normal General
#3811 Special chars dialog is slow confirmed Normal General
#3934 New line collapsed in enterMode=BR review_failed Normal General
#3979 IE+Quirks: Dialogs are smaller confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#3998 It is impossible to remove Preview from Image dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#3999 It is impossible to remove Preview from Flash dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#4000 It is impossible to remove Lock Ratio and Reset buttons from Image dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#4013 No way to remove FORM and DIV Container element confirmed Normal General
#4027 Element path lacks borders in HC mode confirmed Normal General
#4173 [IE] loading long text in text input streatching dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#4180 Multiple problems with 'text and table' template confirmed Normal General
#4195 Inline quotion style problematic review_failed Garry Yao Normal Core : Styles
#4250 Fails to warn on usage of non-existing command confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#4251 Adding wrong plugin doesn't give proper warning confirmed Normal General
#4376 Contents already be removed in <noembed></noembed> section. confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#4380 Listblock: Stylename containing single quote will crash onclick method new Normal Core : Styles
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