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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#16859 Not able to Assign Table Elements Contents To CKEDITOR at RunTime new Normal Core : Tables
#16854 startupFocus: false doesn't work in IE 11 new Normal Core : Focus
#16852 No carriage returns after images in Edit Draft mode & document is corrupt on saving new Normal General
#16851 Page Break indication is actually printed new Normal General
#16849 Cannot use Paste From Word on numbered lists with parens around number/letter confirmed Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#16848 Selecting all triggering on certain characters pending Normal General
#16844 No focus indication for disabled context menu options confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) UI : Skins
#16837 Insert row after not working correctly pending Normal Core : Tables
#16834 Caught error of toolbar pending Normal General
#16833 IE11 malformed list pasted from Word assigned Marek Lewandowski Nice to have (we want to work on it) Plugin : Paste from Word
#16829 [IE11] Missing text justification in some cases when content is pasted from Word confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) Plugin : Paste from Word
#16828 copy/paste duplicate text bug pending Normal General
#16827 Container span with drag handle being added to widget after updating to 4.6.1 pending Normal General
#16823 Tabletools and liststyle should not force custom context menu confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#16808 The Justify plugin doesn't obey the custom Advanced Content Filter rules review Mateusz Samsel Normal General
#16807 Pasting widgets with the clipboard plugin under firefox removes some classes. pending Normal UI : Widgets
#16796 Plugin TableTools in combination with inline editor breaks out of editable element confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#16793 [IE9] Dropping menu content into editor confirmed Normal General
#16790 [IE8] Highlight of found phrase is not deleted confirmed Normal General
#16789 [Safari] Cannot insert widget if focused before widget on the beginning of the content confirmed Normal General
#16788 [IE10] IndexSizeError while aborting image upload via undo/redo confirmed Normal General
#16785 [IOS] Editor scrolls back to top of the page new Normal General
#16780 selectElement and/or extractSelectedHtml work differently in Chrome and Safari pending Normal General
#16778 Maximize hides the toolbar, can't minimze. pending Normal General
#16768 [WebKit][FF] Normalize behaviour of styles combo on link boundaries confirmed Normal General
#16761 Toolbar button status on touch devices does not update for inline styles (italics, font family, etc). confirmed Normal General
#16756 Image are inserted as file/link after pasting several images with text in between new Normal Core : Pasting
#16744 Drag&drop of multiple files results in an error: The given range isn't in document confirmed Normal General
#16743 [Edge] PFW generic tests confirmed Must have (possibly next milestone) Plugin : Paste from Word
#16740 Native spell checking always active in Source mode confirmed Normal UI : Source View
#16739 Indentation for Text lost when pasted from word doc confirmed Normal General
#16735 You cannot place a cursor to the rightmost of the table created from tool bar (While from excel you can) confirmed Normal General
#16734 Browser crash in Safari 10.0.1 when CKEditor is given a particular template confirmed Normal General
#16727 Cannot select all if non-editable element on the beginning/end of the content on mobile Chrome and Safari (Android, iOS) confirmed Normal General
#16726 Cannot undo after removing uploading image. confirmed Normal General
#16725 Non-editable widget selection blocks pasting in IE8 compat mode confirmed Normal General
#16724 [Safari] Can't focus widget's editable confirmed Normal General
#16723 [Umbrella] Plugin items that use contenteditable=false have cursor issues confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#16722 Number of rows must be a number greater than 0 confirmed Normal General
#16721 [Windows Phone 8.1] Cursor moves at the end of text when I hit the Enter key confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#16720 Firefox: Not possible to enter normal text after inserting Link using Link dialog confirmed Normal General
#16718 [IE11][CF] Styles applied to the wrong node when CF used exactly on the same position for the second time. confirmed Normal General
#16710 Font-familly gets pasted pasted from MS Word with " confirmed Normal General
#16708 Inserting text before a table breaks paragraph wrapping in Chrome confirmed Normal General
#16707 double protocol in link plugin when entered URL contains a space in front confirmed Normal General
#16704 IE-8 Insert link not working pending Normal General
#16700 Widget editables allowedContent does not filter correctly confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#16689 Special char dialog entries unnecessarily encoded confirmed Normal General
#16687 ­ character breaks paragraph wrapping in Chrome confirmed Normal General
#16681 Pasting List from Word in IE wraps list utems in paragraphs. confirmed Normal General
#16664 Setting two styles with the same name for different widgets is not properly handled by stylescombo plugin. confirmed Normal General
#16663 Case sensitive class not applied on Chrome confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#16662 Stylescombo not updated after applying/removing styles to widget. confirmed Normal General
#16659 <embed> tag should not have a closing tag confirmed Normal General
#16658 Placeholder widget losses styling after switching to source mode. confirmed Normal General
#16654 Ipad enter key doesn't work when I finish typing hangul (south of korea language) to vowel new Normal General
#16646 ckeditor sets style="height:0px; width:0px" when Drag 'n Drop Images into Editor in safari pending Normal General
#16642 [iOS] Widget fake selection is not correctly removed. confirmed Normal General
#16641 [iOS] Balloonpanel position misplaced on init for inline editor. confirmed Normal General
#16640 [iOS] Balloonpanel does not update its position when in inserting text mode. confirmed Normal General
#16637 Anchor disappears when dropped into widget editable region confirmed Normal General
#16629 Editable inside widget disappears after other widget drag&drop confirmed Normal General
#16628 Anchor with space in name confirmed Normal General
#16625 FF & IE: Increasing Indent not working on lists confirmed Normal General
#16622 Balloonpanel first appearance arrow rendered in a wrong position. confirmed Normal General
#16621 Missing keystroke for copy formatting command confirmed Normal General
#16620 Source button disabled after block widget copy-paste confirmed Normal General
#16619 [Safari] Can't focus widget's editable after dragging it confirmed Normal General
#16618 [IE11][FF][CF] Styling could not be reapplied on a simple click review_failed kkrzton Normal CKEditor 4.7.1 General
#16608 Removing paragraph below nested widget and moving the nested widget removes main widget editable confirmed Normal General
#16500 Copy/Paste list doesn't paste first bullet. confirmed Normal General
#16491 Moono-lisa Image dialog - invisible preview border confirmed Normal General
#16472 [IE/Edge] Bold (and other style tags) are applied multiple times confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#16471 Update hidpi settings when it changes confirmed Normal General
#16454 Pasted plain text should have the same format where it is pasted in CKEditor confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#16451 Inserting table after resize fails with error " Unable to get property 'checkReadOnly' of undefined or null reference" pending Normal General
#16444 Inline Editor Not fully destroyed with .destroy() method confirmed Normal General
#16391 CKEditor: Clipboard is pasted multiple times pending Normal General
#14933 Buggy behaviour when getting current selected node indexes new Normal Core : Selection
#14924 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only (same as ticket 13193) confirmed Normal General
#14923 Copy paste from word does not retain font size for first <li> tag confirmed Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#14922 event listeners leak between each setData confirmed Normal Performance
#14921 Copy paste content in WYSIWYG 4.5.11 removes styles created using WYSIWYG, version 4.4.7 works fine confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#14919 hitting enter in a ckeditor when multiple ckeditors are on the page, scrolls randomly down the page in IE 11 only pending Normal General
#14911 Table cell lose formatting on tab switch an new text pending Normal General
#14907 Drop down list of toolbar inside a dialog is not moving with scrollbar of the dialog. confirmed Normal General
#14905 Initiating widget can add blank space confirmed Normal General
#14902 CHROME: Empty paragraphs lost when copied & pasted from Notepad confirmed Normal General
#14901 Dragging an inline widget outside of span, carries leftover span around confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#14895 Uncaught IndexSizeError JS error confirmed Normal General
#14892 [Edge Only] : CkEditor Bold/Italic/underline does not work. If we do not give <!DOCTYPE HTML> in the html page. confirmed Normal File Browser
#14884 Divarea - It is possible to type after opening dialog without input field. confirmed Normal General
#14880 One style with a class + another with two classes which one is used be the first style, then both are selected in style combo menu. confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#14872 [Firefox] Insert cell before then after confirmed Normal General
#14866 Deleting bullet list does not work confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#14862 Inline editor replacing textarea doesn't handle [required] confirmed Normal General
#14860 Whole viewport is scrolled in the inline editor on dialog close action confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#14851 trailing slash is removed from meta tag confirmed Normal General
#14849 [QM] Editor does not load up in IE9 QM confirmed Normal General
#14848 [IE8] link plugin test fails confirmed Normal General
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