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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#5028 CSS error in template kama skin confirmed Normal UI : Skins
#5059 Pressing tab when editor is maximized confirmed Normal General
#5085 Bullet points duplicated on single line confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#5115 ARROW-RIGHT executes context menu entry confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#5116 IE: dialog checkboxes have no visual clue for keyboard navigation confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5130 inoperable accessibility instructions confirmed Normal Accessibility
#5151 editor area oversized in webkit confirmed Normal General
#5183 JS error is thrown when replacing page break and IE confirmed Normal General
#5187 api_dialog sample : There is too much space before My Custom Field confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5192 Styles are not "eating" overrides partially selected confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5200 IE: Div Container may show extra top padding confirmed Normal General
#5230 Adding a background image to h1 tags effects the styles drop down in the editor confirmed Normal UI : Skins
#5233 Can not remove blockquote that was written in source mode or as default text confirmed Normal General
#5236 Unstyling an empty range in a beginning of a styled text does not unselect the button confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5286 Page break visible on a printed page confirmed Normal General
#5298 Up/Down Arrow Key in IE8 stops on certain paragraphs confirmed Normal General
#5316 Link tag waps span tag when image tag explicitly selected confirmed Normal General
#5349 Caret is stuck when inserting any form element. confirmed Normal General
#5350 Problems inserting new lines with IE8 inside pre confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#5354 Enter key should perform search in search dialog confirmed Normal Accessibility
#5389 Invalid handling of font tags confirmed Normal General
#5405 Line breaks are sometimes lost when ignoreEmptyParagraph is set to false confirmed Normal General
#5406 [IE] Focus problem in modeless dialog confirmed Normal General
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR confirmed Low General
#5477 [IE] Tab key incorrect result when document contains control type element review_failed brooks Normal General
#5479 [IE] Cursor after table at the end of document in enterMode=BR review Garry Yao Normal General
#5481 Edit inserted div in table cell confirmed Normal General
#5482 Smiley icons preload confirmed Normal General
#5486 [IE8] Unable to exit from block elements confirmed Normal General
#5498 [IE] Inline quotation problem confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5501 Missing attributes of Text Area confirmed Normal General
#5503 Font-size overlaps background-color confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5535 Stack overlow in IE6 when pasting strange HTML confirmed Normal General
#5552 Dialog doesn't execute 'commit' and 'setup' method of element when element miss 'id' property. review_failed Minh Nguyen Normal General
#5564 ContextMenu partially invisible if diaplyed above the cursor confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#5576 Elementspath does not work correctly when clicking body confirmed Normal General
#5597 Better validation in the colorbutton plugin confirmed Normal General
#5606 CKEditor doesn't output correctly protected source if it's the only content confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#5614 Selection incorrect after Undo review Garry Yao Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#5621 [IE] 32-bit windows has broken document.domain for IPv6 address, causing access denied errors new Normal General
#5655 [IE] contentEditable:false doesn't work on tables confirmed Normal General
#5662 IE 7.x only - Unable to set font name and font size confirmed Normal General
#5669 [IE] JAWS doesn't recognize the 'application' role on editor chrome confirmed Normal Accessibility
#5698 [IE] Create empty paragraph in list item display problem confirmed Normal General
#5700 SCAYT doesn't work with 'replace' command confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5704 [IE] Undo remove row/column/cell problem confirmed Normal General
#5705 SCAYT underline interfere row/cell/column deletion confirmed Normal General
#5708 [IE] Outdent list result incorrect confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#5762 Finishing a list causes the caret to go back to the last item with enterMode br confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#5773 SCAYT: Memory leak in IE confirmed Normal General
#5777 JS error when fullPage is set to true and the title tag is missing confirmed Normal General
#5783 Editor width not back to normal after exiting full screen mode -- if a dialog was opened for first time while in full screen mode confirmed Normal General
#5804 Form elements are not editable confirmed Normal General
#5812 Image properties can't be loaded when image's container has certain styles in IE (at least IE8) confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#5822 [IE] It's not able to block certain keystrokes confirmed Normal General
#5841 :first-letter style causes character position translation errors and hanging in Google Chrome confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5842 Keyboard Cursor No Longer Visible When After Showing CKEditor in a DIV that was display:none confirmed Normal General
#5853 CKEditor significantly slower when SCAYT is enabled confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5854 SCAYT's class apears in the body tag during save operation confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5876 Enter after horizontal line in Normail <DIV> adds two new lines confirmed Low UI : Enter Key
#5877 can't bind Ctrl+X to plugin commands (h1, p) confirmed Normal General
#5880 Undo causes javascript errors confirmed Normal General
#5921 Unable to move cursor below a DIV if the DIV is the last element confirmed Normal General
#5922 Invalid height of a dialog in IE7 confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5939 Attributes of PRE blocks are lost after merging in styles plugin confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5942 Link plugin not registering a selected link when <br> is inside <a> confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5944 Menu button does not display sometimes in high contrast mode. confirmed Normal Accessibility
#5948 IE8 delete list element bug confirmed Normal General
#5958 Hit javascript error when select more than 2 numberic list & click on insert horizontal line confirmed Normal General
#5960 Unable change selected background color after undo cancel selected color confirmed Normal General
#5972 Enter !@#$ and click on enter will be show underline even does not select underline format confirmed Normal General
#5988 FF/Chrome: Paragraphs go nuts after modifying copy-pasted text confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#5993 [CKPackager] JavaScript delete statement breaks minified code confirmed Normal Project : CKPackager
#6012 Hidden Field Icon missing transparancy confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#6015 (Webkit) Can't tab forward from CKEditor followed by <fieldset> or <legend> confirmed Normal General
#6029 [IE] Last character is skipped when navigating through list items confirmed Normal General
#6040 CKLangtool should accept double quotes assigned Wiktor Walc Normal Project : CKLangTool
#6048 'Match whole word' leads to a JS error confirmed Normal General
#6064 WebKit: Active dialog tab should have higher z-order confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6065 Tooltip for elements path elements are wrong for the Arabic language confirmed Normal UI : Language
#6076 [IE Quirks] Dialogs are not wide enough for their contents / Templates Dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6091 Inserting pagebreak inside some text in a list item breaks the item review_failed Martin Normal General
#6114 SCAYT / Font tag / IE interaction confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6119 Web Spell Checker - "finish checking" takes ages to finish confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6120 Cannot Reorder CKEditor confirmed Normal General
#6127 IE Cursor not going to next line when we press enter & we have set forceEntermode=br as config option review_failed Tobiasz Cudnik Normal General
#6140 IE Selected format fails to reflect in entered texts correctly confirmed Normal General
#6143 Fakeobjects element inserted inside paragraph confirmed Normal General
#6157 Styles not selected correctly in the Combobox confirmed Normal General
#6164 IE stripping object/embed tags with templates confirmed Normal General
#6167 Copy/Paste Duplication Bug - Handling of "li" without "ul" confirmed Normal General
#6173 Removing Items from unordered list (WinXP/IE8) confirmed Normal General
#6196 flash edit dialog show url(源文件) uncorrectly confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6198 Too narrow Create Table dialog window confirmed Low UI : Dialogs
#6203 Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'K' to object on editor.destroy(); confirmed Normal General
#6205 ckeditor.js - t.getNative().createRange is not a function Line 118 - Image plugin confirmed Normal General
#6211 SCAYT context menu doesn't show on right mouse click in FF3 on Mac confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6219 Incorrect Toolbar definition in documentation confirmed Normal General
#6243 list format error assigned Martin Normal Core : Lists
#6257 Editor crashes in Google Chrome when running multiple instances inside <iframe> confirmed Normal General
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