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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#8636 Editing Absolute positioned DIVs in Firefox and IE is problematic confirmed Normal General
#8640 htmlParser not recognizing empty comments confirmed Normal Core : Parser
#8645 Copy/paste problem with chrome into table cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#8646 CKEditor 3.x vertical scroll bar is hang/not working on Firefox browser confirmed Normal General
#8652 Upload controls not available in Safari, in RTL mode review Sa'ar Zac Elias Normal UI : Dialogs
#8654 entering character sometimes creates spurious newline in firefox confirmed Normal General
#8661 Copy paste table does not retain table width - style attribute in not copied confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#8666 Wrong rowspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#8667 [Webkit] Enter works incorrectly into PRE blocks confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#8669 Chrome, Line breaking when font size is changed confirmed Normal General
#8670 dom.node#getAddress returns different addresses for detached trees in IE7&8 than in normal browsers confirmed Normal General
#8677 cke_disabled class is not added to the span for a disabled dialog button confirmed Normal General
#8686 Bold, Italic, Underline plugins not detecting formatting using style element confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#8690 Trim trailing whitespace when creating elements confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#8694 IE: copy/paste problem in pre tag confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#8695 Reset fonts confirmed Normal General
#8705 [iOS] Caret (cursor) may not appear when typing is enabled new Normal General
#8712 CKEditor.NET 3.6.1: ASP.NET MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback=true does not work for links after update panel if CKEditor is present on page review kaga Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8715 Problems with changing text of a link - some unification is needed confirmed Normal General
#8716 Better indication of required fields confirmed Normal Accessibility
#8717 Mobile Safari - Cursor remains after switching between wysiwyg mode and text mode confirmed Normal General
#8723 in chrome, span with class attribute removed when merging blocks on delete/backspace confirmed Normal General
#8734 Chrome doesn’t recognize lists from MS Word 2010 confirmed Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#8743 IE9: in ENTER_BR table/smiley/form is inserted under br tag confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#8748 Unable to apply any inline style to text inside first block element inside td when there is a comment before confirmed Normal General
#8760 BR tags get removed when switching from source and back. confirmed Normal General
#8768 CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.uiElement.setValue(value, noChangeEvent) does not respect the noChangeEvent parameter confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#8787 Context menu skips first child of td confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#8791 Image dialog doesn't display properties set to 0. confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#8793 Make it possible to set the editing area width confirmed Normal General
#8798 Inconsistent behavior of rules elementNames and attributeNames in htmlParser.filter confirmed Normal General
#8799 IE, FF: Delete/backspace keys remove anchor instead of joining paragraphs confirmed Normal General
#8801 IE8 Bug when paste to an exist selection when ENTER_BR mode is on confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#8802 Lose fonts after push tab key confirmed Normal General
#8807 Capital letter in "charset" keyword destroys meta tag when using docProps. confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#8808 Non ASCII characters are not being changed to entities in HTML attributes- except for the basic ones confirmed Normal General
#8809 When adding blockquote to Fromat dropdown it doesn't work as expected confirmed Normal General
#8811 Cell width is not updated when a cell is split horizontally confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#8813 Cell width is not updated when cells are merged confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#8817 IE: Context menu doesn't show on second click confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#8830 IE - Cannot determine which cells are selected in a table confirmed Normal General
#8832 Stylesheet parser error if file not on cache review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Normal General
#8852 Fx & Chrome @ Linux: Unlink option is not always available from the context menu when right clicking on a link confirmed Normal General
#8854 [IE] A Japanese key input is repeated (when enter mode is set to BR) confirmed Normal General
#8858 [IE] : Undo add extra space at the end of list item confirmed Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#8861 [IE] Content document scrolls upon focus restored confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#8868 Hitting return should create a new default block element. confirmed Normal General
#8872 Native spellchecker clears markup in chrome confirmed Normal General
#8877 Missing ARIA roles on certain editor UI parts confirmed Normal Accessibility
#8878 Missing docs for dialog.definition.fieldset confirmed Normal QA
#8881 [iOS] Paste images does not work on iOS new Normal Core : Pasting
#8884 Dragging image wrapped in BlockElement leaves empty block elements in content area. confirmed Normal General
#8886 htmlspecialchars() calls will return an empty string under certain conditions confirmed Normal Server : PHP
#8891 Expand toolbar button is wrong confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#8892 IE9 crashes with p::after clearfix and empty text area confirmed Normal General
#8894 Display:inline-block issue confirmed Normal General
#8896 Using Ctrl-Z after switching to bold and back causes strange cursor jumps confirmed Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#8897 CKPackager: possible issue with variable declarations confirmed Normal Project : CKPackager
#8906 [HTML5] [Full page editing] confirmed Normal General
#8919 IE: right-click Paste greyed out review Garry Yao Normal UI : Context Menu
#8920 IE8 IE9: unable to edit selected text with keyboard (left-click and drag to select text then release left-button outside ckeditor window) confirmed Normal General
#8924 Problem with ckEditor inside div with visible=false confirmed Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8926 IE: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appears when inserting table with width set to 100% confirmed Normal General
#8928 config.corePlugins is always empty confirmed Normal General
#8934 Text/Background color applied to entire paragraph removed when we apply new colour to a word in the paragraph confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#8936 CKEditor does not handle some properties of ASP.NET TextBox Control confirmed Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8939 IE: Selecting a table row and pressing backspace only deletes a cell instead of the full row confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#8942 Deleting a list item (numbered and item list) splits the list confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#8943 FF: (HC mode) Text does not get highlighted when using Find & Replace dialog in High Contrast mode until the dialog is closed confirmed Normal Accessibility
#8944 If a previously set value of a textfield is changed to blank, it stays visible in the editor. confirmed Normal General
#8947 [iOS] (iPad) copy/pasting formatted text new Normal Core : Pasting
#8951 Scriptloader may fail when loading sequences of already loaded files review Sa'ar Zac Elias Normal General
#8956 Link href not displayed on edit link screen confirmed Normal General
#8957 Copy-paste of table rows does not work correctly confirmed Normal General
#8958 can not escape style for a whole line in firefox confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#8960 IE6-8: editor scrolls up when right clicking on image wrapped in element with styles. confirmed Normal General
#8967 obvious bug in getEnclosedNode assigned Jakub Ś Normal Core : Selection
#8970 [iOS] Inconsistent behaviour in Editor using Jquery mobile in Safari on iOS5.1 new Normal Core : Keystrokes
#8977 CKEditor locks the browser (javascript loop) with certain contents confirmed Normal General
#8980 IE: Backspace used to delete list item splits list in two confirmed Normal General
#8986 Delete bullet from middle of bullet list, extra space that cannot be removed. new Normal General
#8987 [iOS] Can not "Select All" after Copy and Paste text in the editor new Normal General
#8989 IE placeholder plugin - you can't insert one place holder after another confirmed Normal General
#8994 Firefox, Webkit and Opera - Can't exit link at the end of document in bbcode confirmed Normal General
#8999 Cannot edit label elements confirmed Normal General
#9000 [IE] incorrect enter key behavior into pre block confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#9001 Format cannot be applied if first line of selection is already in target format confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#9002 Tabelle cell lost after style has been applied confirmed Normal General
#9003 IE9 shift+enter causes cursor to jump confirmed Normal General
#9011 CKFinder doesn't allow Select, Download or Upload options new Normal File Browser
#9013 Formatting IE9 selected text fails confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#9017 FF, Opera - Page down gets stuck confirmed Normal General
#9020 "vertical split a cell" works error when the row contains "colpan>1" cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#9023 Removing list formatting strips the id from the contents within the removed list confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#9030 IE9: select text + open link dialog - link creation fails if text contains linebreak <br /> tag. confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#9038 IE: error when selecting contents with SHIFT+Arrow confirmed Normal General
#9039 On selecting multiple cell along with thead and applying any cell property other cell also get converted to thead. confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#9046 IE9: linking a word doesn't work right when line ends with BR. confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#9048 Code javascript in ckEditor confirmed Normal Core : Parser
#9053 Pasting texts from Apple Mail into CKEditor using safari only paste the first paragraph confirmed Normal General
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