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#16987 Improved Support for Secure Content confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#16978 uploadfile creates files with hardcoded target="_blank" confirmed Normal General
#16965 MathJax plugin: add support for MathJax.Hub.Config configuration options new Normal General
#16946 Underline and Strikethrough should work in placeholder confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#16892 Add the ability to bulk edit cell properties new Normal General
#16841 Optionally display element classes in path to selected item confirmed Normal General
#16824 Change the "Normal" label/tag for block element formats to "Paragraph" instead. confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) UI : Language
#16782 Add ES6 compatibility to CKBuilder confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#16769 Event fired when style is changed review Tomasz Jakut Normal General
#16716 Paste from Word support in MS Edge assigned Tade0 Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#16706 UI Tooltips confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#16683 Balloonpanel should handle non-existent styles. confirmed Normal General
#16680 Possibility to alter widget structure after initialization new Normal UI : Widgets
#16676 Improvements in loading the debug code for async confirmed Normal General
#16638 [iOS] Support for copyformatting plugin confirmed Normal General
#16518 Please move notifications of Notification plugin to bottom status bar confirmed Normal General
#16338 Make link dialog simpler confirmed Normal General
#14900 Drop of inline widget in a span, splits the span in two confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#14799 Handling MOD+(i,b,u) shortcuts in more friendly way to hostile environment confirmed Normal Accessibility
#14795 Color picker dialog should validate entry upon dialog close confirmed Normal General
#14749 Provide a hotkey formats like headers confirmed Normal Accessibility
#14545 editor.showNotification doesn't handle line breaks confirmed Normal General
#14540 Opening native context menu on a link & selecting "Open Link" results in new page loaded in content area confirmed Jakub Ś Normal General
#14507 Ability to customize the position where the spinner icon is rendered on the dialog confirmed Normal General
#14455 Control id attribute when pasting html to editor. confirmed Normal General
#14436 [IE] Use color HEX format instead of RGB for colorpicker confirmed Normal General
#14401 Make fake elements responsive or replace them with such confirmed Normal General
#14386 Unify compositable input change events confirmed Normal General
#14306 BIDI: Missing support for Arabic (Arabic Indic) numeric digits in CKEditor new Normal General
#14278 Add tool(s)s to deal with unwanted &nbsp entities new Normal General
#14262 [mathjax] Add scrollbar inside dialog for mathjax preview wider than viewport confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#14230 Split uploadImage and image paste listeners confirmed Normal General
#13895 Add a hook to allow use of a javascript image/upload and file browser confirmed Normal File Browser
#13862 Notifications aren't visible if called from a Dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#13852 There is no way to disable the font and fontsize button on the toolbar confirmed Normal General
#13834 Limited range of CSS selectors for the style sheet parser plugin new Normal General
#13825 Large files should not be previewed during upload. confirmed Normal General
#13822 Font Size dropdown could contain input filed so that user could enter desired font-size. confirmed Normal General
#13805 Cut and paste is not working in table cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#13791 filebrowser plugin should fire fileUploadRequest confirmed Normal General
#13670 Improve the URL validator in embedbase confirmed Normal General
#13669 Improve the heuristic for URL recognition in autolink confirmed Normal General
#13633 Selection should stay when switching between modes confirmed Normal General
#13623 Improve copy and paste from Office applications (particularly Excel & Powerpoint) confirmed Normal General
#13549 Enable skins to be not be loaded by CKEditor confirmed Normal General
#13487 Make CKBuilder Better Support CDN Loading confirmed Normal Project : CKBuilder
#13475 File upload with CORS (cross origin resource sharing) confirmed Normal General
#13464 Expose simple way to trigger lineutils-based DnD confirmed Normal General
#13408 Move widget initialization from autoembed to widget repo's method review Szymon Cofalik Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#13325 New plugin: source code validator confirmed Normal UI : Source View
#13255 Allow to edit element properties from the statusbar confirmed Normal General
#13108 Click-and-drag resizing of objects (images, tables, Flash etc.) confirmed Normal General
#13021 Word Filter should transform mso-bidi-font-family into font-family confirmed Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#13007 Integrate ckeditor tests with sinon confirmed Normal General
#12983 Walker.guard is called more than once for every node boundary confirmed Normal General
#12963 Extract resizer as a separte plugin confirmed Normal General
#12928 Support for Lotus Notes confirmed Normal General
#12905 Style removal context menu confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#12904 Font Dropdowns could have 'default' option that resets font to default value confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#12880 Disabled dialog buttons appear the same as enabled dialog buttons confirmed Normal UI : Skins
#12873 [IE] Improve copy/cup and paste binding confirmed Normal General
#12872 [Firefox] Improve copy/cut and paste binding confirmed Normal General
#12814 Copy single table cell into multiple selected cells confirmed Normal General
#12803 Ideas for improving Toolbar interface confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#12779 There should be a way to drag&drop widget into a table cell confirmed Normal General
#12775 Create a visual handler for dragging & droping tables confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#12757 Image preview does not resize on dialog resize confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#12748 Editing element attributes and properties for any html element in CKEditor confirmed Normal General
#12744 Numbered bulleted list improvements confirmed Normal General
#12743 Task list: let the user create a list of actionable checkboxes pending Normal General
#12716 TableTools should be made available from toolbar when context menu isn't used. confirmed Normal General
#12706 Make enter key behaviour more intuitive confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#12701 Image2 could have limiter for resizing image to specified maximum, confirmed Normal General
#12682 Add a return value for scrollIntoView review_failed Marek Lewandowski Normal General
#12616 Smart drop position plugin confirmed Normal General
#12605 Should `hasAscendant` match `getAscendant`s pattern? confirmed Normal General
#12524 [Widgets] Support multiple nested editables of the same name confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#12466 Editor removes links with no text confirmed Normal General
#12442 Adjustable default values for the Table dialog confirmed Normal General
#12441 Permanent Pen feature confirmed Normal General
#12383 Custom config file loading order confirmed Normal General
#12374 Widget dialogs - provide an easy way to access edited widget in onOk / onShow confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#12304 Allow for tag blacklisting for removeFormat confirmed Normal General
#12290 Stylesheetparser in dialog new Normal Core : Styles
#12265 Transform inline widget into block and back confirmed Normal General
#12246 Highlight the default value in richcombo if default label is set confirmed Normal General
#12220 link preview feature (same as facebook) new Normal General
#12196 ATAG & CKEditor confirmed Normal Accessibility
#12186 Provide better support for HTML5 'block' elements like article, aside etc. confirmed Normal General
#12177 Create new paragraph inside of a list item confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#12174 It should be possible to detect CKEditor version on the server side confirmed Normal Project : CKBuilder
#12149 It should be possible to add finder's lookup which prevents yielding current location confirmed Normal General
#12144 Magic line customization confirmed Normal General
#12134 [Umbrella] Support widgets in readOnly mode confirmed Nice to have (we want to work on it) Core : Read-only
#12127 Wrong behavior when applying object styles - existing inline styles are removed confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#12123 [Umbrella] Problems with selection in table cells confirmed Normal General
#12120 Dynamic size restrictions in AutoGrow feature confirmed Normal General
#12091 Blocking ability to drop content in specific container confirmed Normal General
#12089 Support for inline-block editors confirmed Normal General
#12073 Iframe allow fullscreen assigned Jakub Ś Normal General
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