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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#2924 Adding support for special-key handler in dialog field definition review_failed Garry Yao Normal UI : Dialogs
#3079 The state should be reflected in the table elements title review_failed Normal Accessibility
#3319 Find/Replace and edit review_failed Normal UI : Dialogs
#7530 Support for setting a default font and applying it through inline styles review_failed Garry Yao Normal General
#8226 Allow destroy after object removed from DOM review_failed Garry Yao Normal General
#12682 Add a return value for scrollIntoView review_failed Marek Lewandowski Normal General
#158 Enable find in source view mode review Garry Yao Normal UI : Source View
#3318 There should be some guarantee at plugin loading order review Garry Yao Normal General
#5105 Simplify getContentElement so it uses only elementId review Normal UI : Dialogs
#6749 Foreground or Background color not saved for a next usage review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Normal General
#7280 Ability to switch toolbar at runtime review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Normal UI : Toolbar
#8344 Remove nested duplicate inline elements on parsing review Frederico Caldeira Knabben Normal Core : Parser
#8749 Passing data into a shared dialog review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Normal General
#9278 Add 'list-style-type:none' to list properties dialog. review Jakub Ś Normal Core : Lists
#11486 Create a new test system for Paste from Word review Frederico Caldeira Knabben Must have (possibly next milestone) Plugin : Paste from Word
#11625 Start using different hashes instead of timestamp for loading resources (via getUrl) review Artur Delura Normal General
#13408 Move widget initialization from autoembed to widget repo's method review Szymon Cofalik Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#16769 Event fired when style is changed review Tomasz Jakut Normal General
#1066 Multi-user simultaneous editing support reopened Normal General
#3944 Preview mode reopened Normal General
#12743 Task list: let the user create a list of actionable checkboxes pending Normal General
#513 Implement source view with rich text area (designMode=on) new Normal UI : Source View
#590 Cluster toolbar items into dropdowns new Normal General
#855 FCKeditor as a Local Text Editor. new Normal General
#1824 table wizard new Normal General
#5497 allow 'grouping' in Styles to be configurable new Normal Core : Styles
#5600 Create new block Format to end PRE at start of line new Normal Core : Styles
#5692 Handle file dropping in editor new Normal General
#5768 List plugin: request for preserving paragraphs when creating a list new Normal Core : Lists
#5938 Enter into dt/dd elements should toggle these tags new Normal UI : Enter Key
#6602 Automatically send WYSIWYG browsers into source mode instead of refusing to work new Normal General
#6934 Alternative style/format outlook new Normal General
#7120 Line Spacing Button new Normal General
#7206 Provide support to load CKEditor in one frame and render it in another new Normal General
#7229 Request for relaying cut and copy events to the editor instance new Normal General
#9271 Merge Columns new Normal Core : Tables
#9774 HasPatch adding a body wrapper (usefull for adding (invisible) css wrappers) new Normal Core : Styles
#9855 Better context checking for toolbar buttons new Normal General
#10026 Breaking quotes in Email replies new Normal General
#10239 Tabletools: add ability to set scope in cell attributes dialog new Normal Core : Tables
#12220 link preview feature (same as facebook) new Normal General
#12290 Stylesheetparser in dialog new Normal Core : Styles
#13834 Limited range of CSS selectors for the style sheet parser plugin new Normal General
#14278 Add tool(s)s to deal with unwanted &nbsp entities new Normal General
#14306 BIDI: Missing support for Arabic (Arabic Indic) numeric digits in CKEditor new Normal General
#16680 Possibility to alter widget structure after initialization new Normal UI : Widgets
#16892 Add the ability to bulk edit cell properties new Normal General
#16965 MathJax plugin: add support for MathJax.Hub.Config configuration options new Normal General
#66 HTML Tidy for XHTML processing confirmed Normal General
#103 Auto Image File Sizing confirmed Normal General
#228 Clean HTML function (separate from Clean From Word function) confirmed Normal General
#241 Make FCKConfig.TemplatesXmlPath an array confirmed Normal General
#352 Enforce output sanitizing confirmed Normal General
#397 MaxLength functionality confirmed Normal General
#425 Table tags to support enhanced table design by class style confirmed Normal General
#495 custom file browser function as a setting confirmed Normal General
#532 modify spell check to use pspell or a web service. confirmed Normal General
#545 Optional Larger Icons for the Visually Impaired confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#547 Add CLASS and ID properties to tags confirmed Normal General
#554 MathML editor plug-in for FCKeditor confirmed Normal General
#591 Unique Style Set for each Toolbar Set confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#594 onresize(end) event for images confirmed Normal General
#595 Change the bgcolor and bordercolor of a table confirmed Normal General
#597 WAI Accessibility standards implemented confirmed Normal General
#599 Timestamp confirmed Normal General
#602 Syntax highlight and go to line confirmed Normal UI : Source View
#606 ActiveX/OCX/DLL component confirmed Normal General
#607 Show "Basic" toolbar when colapsed. confirmed Normal General
#608 Styles XML file support for element="*" confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#610 Create link to File Browser directory (not file) confirmed Low File Browser
#614 Inline comment editor confirmed Normal General
#615 Add Pop-Up Window confirmed Normal General
#628 Document Properties: Style Sheet confirmed Normal General
#629 Escaping HTML with htmlspecialchars() confirmed Normal General
#630 ability to have toolbar buttons sized acording to the images confirmed Normal General
#631 More advanced ruler (HR) insert confirmed Normal General
#636 Please add CSS style dropdown to table and cell confirmed Normal General
#717 CSS in ordered / unordered lists. confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#721 Add Keystrokes to Templates confirmed Normal General
#743 Remember toolbar expansion state confirmed Normal General
#808 Show table size while changing size confirmed Normal General
#810 Please add "justify" to cellproperties in horiz alignment confirmed Normal General
#813 Save collapse state in cookies confirmed Normal General
#814 image popup: add margin-right, margin-left props confirmed Normal General
#815 Image properties: border color confirmed Normal General
#818 mouseover image confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#823 allow editing of current path in the browse server dialog confirmed Normal File Browser
#827 Upcase selected text confirmed Normal General
#829 Table Auto Format confirmed Normal General
#831 Set background image to tables and cells confirmed Normal General
#833 FontStyleAdv Command confirmed Normal General
#839 There should be a button that insert BR with CLEAR="ALL" confirmed Normal General
#842 Floating DIV tag layer confirmed Normal General
#844 Bullet Color confirmed Normal General
#845 Single file for File Browser config (language independent) confirmed Normal General
#849 Get the "plain text" (tags stripped) content from the editor confirmed Normal General
#851 Show an icon in the place of protected source code confirmed Normal General
#852 Insert media files confirmed Normal General
#853 sourcecode view improvement confirmed Normal UI : Source View
#854 characters counter confirmed Normal General
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