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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#1984 Add <label> Tag to forms. confirmed Normal General
#2008 File manager problem when launching FCKeditor from disk confirmed Normal File Browser
#2232 Send the current element values as parameters to the FileBrowser (link dialog) confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#2255 Plugin AutoGrow: adjust height to viewpane height by default confirmed Normal General
#2283 Support for Java Facelets confirmed Normal Server : Java
#2301 optional ability to remove link by leaving URL empty confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#2330 Using the Drag Handle to resize a table forces absolute sizes confirmed Normal General
#2433 drop-down list for image style confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#2596 Ctrl+Shift+Enter mode confirmed Normal General
#2622 Automatic dispatching of uploaded files to different folders confirmed Normal General
#2637 Validation for ToolbarLocation too limited confirmed Normal General
#2678 Allow the ability to see protected tags as plain text in the regular view of the editor confirmed Normal General
#2740 Allow tab character to be inserted confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#2748 Add Table of Contents (TOC) plugin confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#2752 Smiley face short hand confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#2771 Use CKEditor in opensocial gadget confirmed Normal General
#2818 Using OpenDocument as another Native output format confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#2848 suggestion: make hidden element actually hide in IE too, x-browser behavior confirmed Normal General
#2920 Flow chart support confirmed Normal General
#2924 Adding support for special-key handler in dialog field definition review_failed Garry Yao Normal UI : Dialogs
#3079 The state should be reflected in the table elements title review_failed Normal Accessibility
#3318 There should be some guarantee at plugin loading order review Garry Yao Normal General
#3319 Find/Replace and edit review_failed Normal UI : Dialogs
#3355 Update font name and size dropdowns confirmed Normal General
#3371 Spring based Connector servlet confirmed Normal Server : Java
#3397 tableWizard confirmed Normal General
#3442 Add ability to simulate enter key press confirmed Normal General
#3538 Google Transliteration AJAX API for Indic languages confirmed Normal General
#3589 StylesCombo plugin: no option to load from XML file confirmed Normal General
#3624 JAWS should announce dialog titles when dialogs are opened confirmed Normal Accessibility
#3627 Performance testing assigned Garry Yao Normal QA
#3667 Paste from WordPerfect confirmed Normal General
#3701 Add option to exclude some files from javascript compression confirmed Wiktor Walc Normal Project : CKPackager
#3731 Support 'style only' override in style system confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#3845 'tabSpaces' config not working for source mode confirmed Normal General
#3944 Preview mode reopened Normal General
#3967 Dialog with all keystrokes written down confirmed Normal General
#4130 [IE] Copy rows between tables not possible in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 confirmed Normal General
#4158 Changing link target fails to generate event confirmed Normal General
#4252 Establish testing APIs for editor UI assigned Garry Yao Normal QA
#4264 Fire event after enterkey press is handled confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#4362 Fire event when floatpanel opened confirmed Normal QA
#4413 SCAYT, no option to remove added word confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4454 CKEditor should resize itself automatically in resizable floating window confirmed Normal General
#4505 Merge inline styles into one tag on output HTML confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#4509 Adding config for maximize on startup confirmed Normal General
#4516 Toolbar button to embed Silverlight confirmed Normal General
#4523 Style plugin should allow refreshing of data confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#4705 Add a "resized" event confirmed Normal General
#4712 API Search Functionality confirmed Normal QA
#4751 Creating forms: add button to create file input element confirmed Normal General
#4770 Media confirmed Normal General
#4815 Changing table rows should be easier confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#4820 Flash properties dialog / info tab / option to require width and height be entered. confirmed Normal General
#4878 Avoid deprecated attributes in Flash dialog confirmed Normal General
#4994 Add custom colors to More Colors dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5093 In-page settings cannot be passed to replaceAll confirmed Normal General
#5094 Dialog API: Custom alignment of radio buttons and their labels confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5105 Simplify getContentElement so it uses only elementId review Normal UI : Dialogs
#5153 Automatically set size to the dimensions of the replaced textarea confirmed Normal General
#5164 Can't change alignment of table in Text and Table Template confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5184 CKeditor flash plugin patch for youtube confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#5291 Replace alert messages with user-defined UI assigned Sa'ar Zac Elias Normal General
#5294 Handling textareas within CKeditor confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#5322 Styles support in the image dialog confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#5346 Provide reset() method confirmed Normal General
#5492 Enhancement Request: Replace tab in Find and Replace dialog should have a Find button confirmed Normal General
#5497 allow 'grouping' in Styles to be configurable new Normal Core : Styles
#5528 Protect style attribute assigned Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Normal Core : Output Data
#5561 An easy way to switch between bulleted and numbered lists confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#5589 Provide removeFormat as first option in Styles combo confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#5592 Display unprintable characters confirmed Normal General
#5600 Create new block Format to end PRE at start of line new Normal Core : Styles
#5644 Vertical or Horizontal resize should have grabber at that side confirmed Normal General
#5692 Handle file dropping in editor new Normal General
#5768 List plugin: request for preserving paragraphs when creating a list new Normal Core : Lists
#5938 Enter into dt/dd elements should toggle these tags new Normal UI : Enter Key
#5980 Styles: combine classes and allow wildcards confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#5986 Join links when joining block elements with DEL or BACKSPACE confirmed Normal General
#6009 Create "Configurator" sample confirmed Normal General
#6019 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x confirmed Normal Server : PHP
#6085 filemanager in the same window confirmed Normal File Browser
#6092 In TD element Add Style and class properties confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6093 Change the set of characters in the "insert special character" dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6124 Typing * TEXT auto bullets confirmed Normal General
#6128 Add Upload Progress/Notification for file browser confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6160 CKEditor and nice urls confirmed Normal General
#6162 Toolbar Combobox Widths should be configurable assigned Jakub Ś Normal UI : Toolbar
#6251 serverpreview plugin confirmed Normal General
#6258 Table delete cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#6272 Table cells need ability to set additional styles confirmed Normal General
#6307 IE: Option to disable automatic creation of links confirmed Normal General
#6517 YouTube embeded videos confirmed Normal General
#6553 The Find and Replace dialog does not submit on the Enter key confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6602 Automatically send WYSIWYG browsers into source mode instead of refusing to work new Normal General
#6749 Foreground or Background color not saved for a next usage review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Normal General
#6762 Add Pixel Dimensions - CKFinder confirmed Normal General
#6915 Avoid ID duplications confirmed Normal General
#6934 Alternative style/format outlook new Normal General
#7038 Possibility to automatically switch toolbars on a maximize/minimize of ckeditor confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
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