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#13294 2 Buttons don't show in 'High Contrast Mode'; acessibility confirmed Bug Normal
#13372 CkEditor zoom plugin scroll confirmed Bug Normal
#13380 Alert messages in RTL mode are not mirrored pending Bug Normal
#13407 The window still resizes following mouse movement after letting go of the mouse click confirmed Bug Normal
#13473 [FF] Help icon is not mirrored in RTL CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#13509 [IE11] It is not possible to type in Japanese in right aligned table confirmed Bug Normal
#13573 Any style from selectbox in toolbar can`t be applied to the selected text in CKEditor with divarea plugin in Safari browser in iOS confirmed Bug Normal
#13595 Drag and drop image into editor does not work in IE11 confirmed Bug Normal
#13623 Improve copy and paste from Office applications (particularly Excel & Powerpoint) confirmed New Feature Normal
#13627 [bidi] Structure text is not supported in URL fields in Insert image dialogs pending Bug Normal
#13630 [IE11] Focus issues when the editor gets loaded confirmed Bug Normal
#13644 CKEditor shows no content anymore when character '<' is used in html comment confirmed Bug Normal
#13651 Unable to paste unicode characters confirmed Bug Normal
#13712 Migrate the entire code base to strict mode confirmed Task Normal
#13784 [Research] Integrate iOS9 keyboard toolbar with the editor confirmed Task Normal
#13791 filebrowser plugin should fire fileUploadRequest confirmed New Feature Normal
#13898 Make ACF more robust, and document it better confirmed Bug Normal
#13922 Autogrow plugin failure to make the editable area grow properly if the zoom plugin is set to value greater than 100 % confirmed Bug Normal
#14230 Split uploadImage and image paste listeners confirmed New Feature Normal
#14289 Issue with Merging and Deleting Cell at last column confirmed Bug Normal
#14299 [mathjax] MathJax dialog not updating on mouse paste confirmed Bug Normal
#14321 [FF] Selection from native getSelection inconsistent with other browsers. confirmed Bug Normal
#14331 BR Enter Mode: New list item not created when we press ENTER at end of list item confirmed Bug Normal
#14337 [IE] Proper selection restoring after modification of text while unfocused confirmed Bug Normal
#14354 Backspace handler crosses editable boundaries confirmed Bug Normal
#14386 Unify compositable input change events confirmed New Feature Normal
#14387 Inline edit mode toolbar is resized to hide field when horizontally scrolling confirmed Bug Normal
#14397 [IE] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste confirmed Bug Normal
#14406 [IE] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste confirmed Bug Normal
#14407 Widget can be edited in IE. confirmed Bug Normal
#14432 the traditional chinese translate for Insert/Remove Numbered List needs to revise confirmed Bug Normal
#14436 [IE] Use color HEX format instead of RGB for colorpicker confirmed New Feature Normal
#14455 Control id attribute when pasting html to editor. confirmed New Feature Normal
#14501 [Blink] Range.enlarge behaves different with empty blocks. confirmed Bug Normal
#14515 Nested widget hover css selects all children confirmed Bug Normal
#14518 On IE11, data-bound elements in dialog are not updated when clicking OK pending Bug Normal
#14519 Accessibility support with Windows 10 confirmed Task Normal
#14520 SDK sample for balloonpanel confirmed Task Normal
#14529 Applying Styles can sometimes break existing content (especially widgets) confirmed Bug Normal
#14546 Widget code should be more resilient about changes in DOM pending New Feature Normal
#14551 Add documentation to richcombo and listblock plugins. confirmed Task Normal
#14591 French localization: Overlapped labels on flash properties windows confirmed Bug Normal
#14604 [Skin building] Some versions of ImageMagic may corrupt icons while processing. confirmed Task Low
#14624 Applying toolbar buttons should keep focus when pressed confirmed Bug Normal
#14630 Failing tests on hidpi screen confirmed Bug Normal
#14631 [IE/Edge] Colordialog - focus moves to colors on "clear" button click confirmed Bug Normal
#14643 [Chrome][Android][AC] Pop-up window misplaced when view enlarged confirmed Bug Normal
#14644 [Safari][iOS][AC] Minimized AC window hides under virtual keyboard. confirmed Bug Normal
#14654 [Webkit/Blink] Empty line is removed when changing selection after inline widget removal. confirmed Bug Normal
#14660 Pasting text from MS Word "breaks" styling in some cases confirmed Bug Normal
#14675 On change event is not fired on first content remove after D'n'D confirmed Bug Normal
#14704 IE11: Japanese Kanji character breaks when you repeatedly typing Japanese confirmed Bug Normal
#14749 Provide a hotkey formats like headers confirmed New Feature Normal
#14754 Removing anchor doesn't remove link's id attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#14808 Review SCAYT / WSC confirmed Bug Normal
#14819 [Edge] Multiple unit tests failing confirmed Bug Normal
#14826 [Edge] Cannot focus widget programmatically at the first try. confirmed Bug Normal
#14827 [Edge] Editor viewport is scrolled back to the top when focusing editor for the first time. confirmed Bug Normal
#14847 [Safari] Scrolls editor viewport to the top and changes selection after confirming cancelling changes in a dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#14851 trailing slash is removed from meta tag confirmed Bug Normal
#14852 Captioned Image drop near list items (ul, ol) pending Bug Normal
#14857 Adding hyperlink to the text in IE-11 pending Bug Normal
#14858 drag drop does not allow undo new Bug Normal
#14860 Whole viewport is scrolled in the inline editor on dialog close action confirmed Bug Normal
#14868 Jquery effects not working when using ckeditor pending Bug Normal
#14879 <aside> tag is incorrectly parsed and duplicated when pasted in the Source view of CK Editor pending Bug Normal
#14880 One style with a class + another with two classes which one is used be the first style, then both are selected in style combo menu. confirmed Bug Normal
#14894 Editor scrolls to top when focused or when dialog is opened. confirmed Bug Normal
#14895 Uncaught IndexSizeError JS error new Bug Normal
#14899 Google Maps does not work with mediaembed confirmed Bug Normal
#14902 CHROME: Empty paragraphs lost when copied & pasted from Notepad confirmed Bug Normal
#14903 Autolink regexp is not accurate confirmed Bug Normal
#14905 Initiating widget can add blank space new Bug Normal
#14906 Missing event beforeDestroy on documentation v4 new Bug Normal
#14914 Meta tags not populating with existing data new Bug Normal
#14917 "generateToken()": IE11 support + potential bug Safari 5- pending Bug Normal
#14920 Strikethrough didn't show correctly when font size is changed new Bug Normal
#14923 Copy paste from word does not retain font size for first <li> tag confirmed Bug Normal
#16338 Make link dialog simpler confirmed New Feature Normal
#16373 AVT: Title for all icons in CK Editor dialogs not displayed for Keyboard only User new Bug Normal
#16383 Strikethrough button is invalid in Moono-lisa confirmed Bug Normal
#16395 minified build missing widgetcommon/icons folder thus showing blank toolbar buttons new Bug Normal
#58 Safari: objects are not selectable confirmed Bug Normal
#66 HTML Tidy for XHTML processing confirmed New Feature Normal
#513 Implement source view with rich text area (designMode=on) new New Feature Normal
#590 Cluster toolbar items into dropdowns new New Feature Normal
#594 onresize(end) event for images confirmed New Feature Normal
#595 Change the bgcolor and bordercolor of a table confirmed New Feature Normal
#597 WAI Accessibility standards implemented confirmed New Feature Normal
#599 Timestamp confirmed New Feature Normal
#606 ActiveX/OCX/DLL component confirmed New Feature Normal
#607 Show "Basic" toolbar when colapsed. confirmed New Feature Normal
#614 Inline comment editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#615 Add Pop-Up Window confirmed New Feature Normal
#628 Document Properties: Style Sheet confirmed New Feature Normal
#629 Escaping HTML with htmlspecialchars() confirmed New Feature Normal
#630 ability to have toolbar buttons sized acording to the images confirmed New Feature Normal
#631 More advanced ruler (HR) insert confirmed New Feature Normal
#636 Please add CSS style dropdown to table and cell confirmed New Feature Normal
#678 E-mail Link dialog confirmed Bug Normal
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