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#10530 Numbered List in comment doesn't show numbers after submit. confirmed Bug Normal
#10536 API imporevements confirmed Bug Normal
#10564 Removing Numbered Lists removes enclosed <p> confirmed Bug Normal
#10588 WCAG color contrast info in color picker confirmed New Feature Normal
#10590 [Android] Copy/Cut buttons not Enabled confirmed Bug Normal
#10591 Bug-Fix bbcode plugin: Font-Size confirmed Bug Normal
#10594 Error when replacing element with <br> in HTML filter confirmed Bug Normal
#10597 Event sample confirmed Task Normal
#10606 Inline form textarea using jQuery adapter confirmed New Feature Normal
#10607 Remove "indentlist" require from "list" confirmed Bug Normal
#10628 Samples for basics makes no sense confirmed Task Normal
#10694 [iOS] Editing in ipad scrolling issue confirmed Bug Normal
#10734 icon strip generated in local builder includes all the icons confirmed Bug Normal
#10737 UI languages sample should show some BiDi features confirmed Task Normal
#10742 issues (documentation, usability, …) confirmed Task Normal
#10748 Prevent save event instead of submit confirmed Task Normal
#10785 Editor content's stylesheet is removed from document after another editor's editable is reattached confirmed Bug Normal
#10802 Regex support in Find/Replace plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#10816 Mention in the ACF rules documentation that div[*] does not allow styles and classes confirmed Task Normal
#10817 Implement a time widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#10818 Implement a captioned quote widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#10824 Languages plugin - can't nest language markup confirmed Bug Normal
#10829 CKEditor should prevent page to scroll by mouse wheel when focused. confirmed New Feature Normal
#10858 Function focus() failed under IE if some of the HTML elements has style with specified width or height attributes confirmed Bug Normal
#10897 IE9/IE10 - No visual indication that a table is selected confirmed Bug Normal
#10909 Link to in!/guide/dev_api_changes confirmed Task Normal
#10954 Add external anchors to link dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#10961 Optional loading of dependent js/css files confirmed New Feature Normal
#10964 Provide a "Stark" CKEditor skin, possibly as the base for the Moono skin? confirmed New Feature Normal
#10973 Empty inline editables in widgets become inaccessible confirmed New Feature Normal
#11023 Blocks and objects names should be taken from DTD in core/style.js confirmed Task Normal
#11035 Deleting one of two subsequent spaces should leave normal space confirmed Bug Normal
#11046 figcaption moved outside figure tag confirmed Bug Normal
#11108 Widget's documentation : data object confirmed Task Normal
#11120 Support for multiple simultaneous Block level styles is missing confirmed New Feature Normal
#11190 Updated missing meta information for language files confirmed Task Normal
#11241 CKFinder in readonly throws JS error confirmed Bug Normal
#11247 Dead code in htmldataprocessor.html TC assigned Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten confirmed Bug Normal
#11256 [iOS] startupFocus option does not work on iPad new Bug Normal
#11259 Pressing down arrow when menu containing richcobmo is focused, will not move focus to first potion confirmed Bug Normal
#11270 Delete pressed in table cell causes an error when magicline is visible confirmed Bug Normal
#11286 Panels are too narrow confirmed Bug Normal
#11340 End of the range is enlarged randomly. confirmed Bug Normal
#11343 Drag&drop: inline widgets disappear when forcePasteAsPlainText is set confirmed Bug Normal
#11374 Asymmetrical enlarge. confirmed Bug Normal
#11375 [iOS] On iPad adding a table shows cursor in first cell, but text cannot be entered new Bug Normal
#11389 [iOS] Elements are inserted at wrong position on Ipad new Bug Normal
#11403 Create tests for menubutton aria support confirmed Task Normal
#11433 [IE11] Image - crashes upon editing image properties confirmed Bug Normal
#11468 [iOS] Toolbar status doesn't update on iOS new Bug Normal
#11470 [Umbrella] a11yhelp dialog needs attention confirmed Task Normal
#11473 Remove deprecated ieXCompat confirmed Task Normal
#11479 env.ieQuirks review Piotr Jasiun Task Normal
#11502 Synchronous calls of asynchronous methods causes errors confirmed New Feature Normal
#11510 List plugin versions in the about-dialogue confirmed New Feature Normal
#11522 Select all, replace text loses formatting on firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#11530 Dynamic Templates with Dialog Helpers confirmed New Feature Normal
#11541 In Find & Replace, Match Whole Word option is not working pending Bug Normal
#11565 Footnote plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#11596 [Umbrella] MathJax plugin improvements confirmed Task Normal
#11605 [IE] Selection cached after making selection by mouse confirmed Bug Normal
#11625 Start using different hashes instead of timestamp for loading resources (via getUrl) review Artur Delura New Feature Normal
#11673 Builder ignores languages set for plugins confirmed Bug Normal
#11700 Bringing accessibility support for widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#11709 Update ACF documentation with wildcards and blacklisting assigned Piotrek Koszuliński Task Normal
#11714 [iOS] Slowness when CKEditor is within an inline-block element on iPad pending Bug Normal
#11721 [iOS] Dialog in the wrong position confirmed Bug Normal
#11728 [Android][Chrome] Font size assigned Szymon Kupś Bug Normal
#11729 [iOS] Magicline does not work confirmed Bug Normal
#11730 [iOS] Editor is scrolling when command is execute confirmed Bug Normal
#11731 [iOS] Dialogs move selection to the begging of the document confirmed Bug Normal
#11732 [iOS] It's not possible to switch to source and back confirmed Bug Normal
#11733 [iOS] It is not possible to open Image2 edit dialog. confirmed Bug Normal
#11734 [iOS] Native context ballon options does not work with ACF and undo confirmed Bug Normal
#11735 Adding a tab support inside codesnippet dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#11743 Exception flood caused by calling nativeSelection.createRange() confirmed Bug Normal
#11745 Maximize should use position:fixed instead of changing entire page styling confirmed Task Normal
#11786 [IE8] codesnippetgeshi does not print new lines correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#11787 Umbrella ticket for Problems with Asian input confirmed Bug Normal
#11792 [IEs] Click on the side of text in classic editor does not move caret there review_failed Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#11802 Margin is set on list item when creating list from indented paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#11821 [IE] Wrong behaviour after hit Ctrl + Backspace on selected text in CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#11824 sourcedialog / codesnippet textarea enhancement confirmed New Feature Normal
#11832 Remove "Dependent (Netscape)" from popup options confirmed Bug Normal
#11842 Invalid element given in a parameter for contextMenu.addListener listener. confirmed Bug Normal
#11865 HTML parser and writer do not process HTML entities in attributes like browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#11877 Walker executes guard on node twice in specific situation confirmed Bug Normal
#11906 Parser does not accept incorrect HTML tag with excessive quotes confirmed Bug Normal
#11914 FF: Default values for Horizontal Alignment & Vertical Aalignment not shown on Cell Properties dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#11978 [Gecko] Fix D&D for multiselection confirmed Bug Normal
#11979 No support for ctrl key while dropping confirmed Bug Normal
#12004 Use BASE_PATH in tests confirmed Task Normal
#12023 Improve performance of element.find() and element.findOne() confirmed Task Normal
#12046 Using figure wrapper even if there is no caption confirmed New Feature Normal
#12083 placeholder plugin - inline editor - text align break html of the page pending Bug Normal
#12089 Support for inline-block editors confirmed New Feature Normal
#12091 Blocking ability to drop content in specific container confirmed New Feature Normal
#12099 Table Cell properties get duplicated on Chrome/Mac confirmed Bug Normal
#12133 Links not opening when CKEditor is in readOnly mode confirmed Bug Normal
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