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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#11583 Add support for HTML5 "required" attribute in form input elements confirmed New Feature Normal
#11586 Range#cloneContents changes DOM (and selection) confirmed Bug Normal
#11589 Invalid focus in link to anchor dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#11596 [Umbrella] MathJax plugin improvements confirmed Task Normal
#11605 [IE] Selection cached after making selection by mouse confirmed Bug Normal
#11621 Less extreme paste as plain text - keep semantic but strip styles confirmed New Feature Normal
#11625 Start using different hashes instead of timestamp for loading resources (via getUrl) confirmed New Feature Normal
#11626 Tableresize sets invalid width confirmed Bug Normal
#11636 Improve selection.getSelectedHTML, range.cloneContents and range.deleteContents new New Feature Normal
#11647 Blur event does not fire on FIRST blur of inline editor confirmed Bug Normal
#11649 node.js: cross domain getPrarent() permission access denied error pending Bug Normal
#11655 editor.config.toolbarLocation='bottom' does not work new New Feature Normal
#11661 Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' pending Bug Normal
#11662 conflict with autogrow, divarea, magicline and sharedspace pending Bug Normal
#11673 Builder ignores languages set for plugins confirmed Bug Normal
#11675 Cannot call method 'getComputedStyle' of undefined pending Bug Normal
#11700 Bringing accessability support for Widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#11709 Update ACF documentation with wildcards and blacklisting assigned Reinmar Task Normal
#11714 [iOS] Slowness when CKEditor is within an inline-block element on iPad pending Bug Normal
#11721 [iOS] Dialog in the wrong position confirmed Bug Normal
#11722 [iOS][Android] Drag and drop does not work on mobile confirmed Bug Normal
#11724 [Android][Chrome] Dropdows work unstable confirmed Bug Normal
#11725 [Android][Chrome] Mobile Chrome is not recognize as mobile confirmed Bug Normal
#11726 [Android][Chrome] Smiley faces are available. confirmed Bug Normal
#11728 [Android][Chrome] Font size confirmed Bug Normal
#11729 [iOS] Magicline does not work confirmed Bug Normal
#11730 [iOS] Editor is scrolling when command is execute confirmed Bug Normal
#11731 [iOS] Dialogs move selection to the begging of the document confirmed Bug Normal
#11732 [iOS] It's not possible to switch to source and back confirmed Bug Normal
#11733 [iOS] It is not possible to open Image2 edit dialog. confirmed Bug Normal
#11734 [iOS] Native context ballon options does not work with ACF and undo confirmed Bug Normal
#11735 Adding a tab support inside codesnippet dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#11738 Ckeditor Contents getting deleted new Bug Normal
#11739 [Umbrella] Keypress listeners should/can be removed or replaced confirmed Task Normal
#11742 Paste as Plain text not stripping font html pending Bug Normal
#11743 Exception flood caused by calling nativeSelection.createRange() confirmed Bug Normal
#11744 Text Formatting not possible if using browser via citrix or RDP new Bug Normal
#11745 Maximize should use position:fixed instead of changing entire page styling confirmed Task Normal
#11754 Infinite loop in google chrome when contents contains not closed attributes confirmed Bug Normal
#11755 Styles dropdown not updated after object style change new Bug Normal
#11764 Double byte white space characters are skipped in Firefox during copy/paste pending Bug Normal
#11765 Editor does not show in divreplace sample, when clicked between paragraphs. new Bug Normal
#11766 When closing an Internet Explorer (11) window containing a CKEditor, opened from an external source, a script error occurs pending Bug Normal
#11774 CKEditor changing code in every browser, adding <span> tags, adding random code pending Bug Normal
#11778 IE11: The xml object loaded with Ajax plugin fails to find children new Bug Normal
#11786 [IE8] codesnippetgeshi does not print new lines correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#11787 Umbrella ticket for Problems with Asian input confirmed Bug Normal
#11791 Can't change target anchor using id selector (in link dialog) new Bug Normal
#11792 [IEs] Click on the side of text in classic editor does not move caret there new Bug Normal
#11802 Margin is set on list item when creating list from indented paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#11807 Update jQuery used in tests and in the jQuery adapter sample confirmed Task Normal
#11821 [IE] Wrong behaviour after hit Ctrl + Backspace on selected text in CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#11824 sourcedialog / codesnippet textarea enhancement new New Feature Normal
#11832 Remove "Dependent (Netscape)" from popup options confirmed Bug Normal
#11833 [Opera] Table not rendering correctly when set alignment to it new Bug Normal
#11835 [Opera] Dialog box is displayed behind flash content new Bug Normal
#11838 i want to add Video Resizer same as Image resizer can we do it? new New Feature Normal
#11842 Invalid element given in a parameter for contextMenu.addListener listener. confirmed Bug Normal
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