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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#12653 Shortcode pending Bug Normal
#12655 Filler char is unnecessarily created between <brs> and perhaps in other cases new Bug Normal
#12656 Unnecessary space added to table class attribute review m.lewandowski Bug Normal
#12657 Templates cancel Scayt button confirmed Bug Normal
#12658 Wrong caret position on undo. confirmed Bug Normal
#12664 Code Snippet: Codesnippet instance will insert the code block at the beginning of the editor pending Bug Normal
#12676 Typing (not copying/pasting) in selected area create IE Font Tags instead of Spans pending Bug Normal
#12677 [Google Chrome] Triple-clicking a heading and then pressing backspace forces the text below to inherit the deleted heading styles new Bug Normal
#12680 after IE11 update, cursor position error in enter_br mode pending Bug Normal
#12682 Add a return value for scrollIntoView review_failed m.lewandowski New Feature Normal
#12687 Move workaround for #12403 to the styles system confirmed Bug Normal
#12690 [Safari] problems with collapsed selection and inline elements confirmed a.delura Bug Normal
#12702 [Android] Executing bold command twice move caret to weird position new Bug Normal
#12703 Chrome Version 40.0.2214.10 BETA 64-bit Syntax error in (ckeditor.js) pending Bug Normal
#12705 Make inline editor toolbar behaviour on scroll configurable new New Feature Normal
#12706 Make enter key behaviour more intuitive confirmed New Feature Normal
#12718 Error on destroying editor, detached from DOM. pending Bug Normal
#12721 Adopt the CKEditor Boilerplate project assigned Reinmar Task Normal
#12732 Lack of somet tests in enterkey plugin confirmed Task Normal
#12743 Task list: let the user enter a list of checkboxes, that are actionable. pending New Feature Normal
#12744 Numbered bulleted list improvements confirmed New Feature Normal
#12745 Cannot resize image in Chrome using image plugin pending Bug Normal
#12748 Editing element attributes and properties for any html element in CKEditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#12750 Paste from Word: strikethrough and underscore should have the same color as font reopened pjasiun Bug Normal
#12756 Ctrl+Shift+Down does not scroll the selection into view in IE new Bug Normal
#12760 Match whole word option does not find words adjacent to special characters new Bug Normal
#12766 Paste with accent from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio pending Bug Normal
#12768 Suggested Modification to jQuery Adaptor to better support jQuery UI confirmed Bug Normal
#12775 Create a visual handler for dragging & droping tables confirmed New Feature Normal
#12778 Cannot delete a paragraph inside the table if widget is inside a table cell confirmed Bug Normal
#12793 [IE8] Red tests on major review a.delura Bug Normal
#12797 [FF, OSX] After dragging text or images within the editor the arrow keys are focused on the browser and not the editor. new Bug Normal
#12800 Horizontal overflow on iOS new Bug Normal
#12803 Ideas for improving Toolbar interface confirmed New Feature Normal
#12806 Integrate new get and delete selected HTML methods with drag&drop and paste assigned pjasiun New Feature Normal
#12808 Link is being replaced to lowercase sensitive in speicifc letters pending Bug Normal
#12814 Copy single table cell into multiple selected cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#12818 Previewed image's size is not set correctly in specific cases confirmed Bug Normal
#12819 A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client pending Bug Normal
#12832 Image 2: Linked caption images crashing JS libraries rendering CKEditor unusable. pending Bug Normal
#12835 TypeError: this.getWindow(...).$ is undefined pending Bug Normal
#12839 Link is not available for ACF-custom mode live demonstration in documentation confirmed Bug Normal
#12840 ckeditor in ipad safari pending Bug Normal
#12847 Image dialog throws an error if opening it while link is selected new Bug Normal
#12848 Opening "Find and Replace" dialog cause error in console in read only mode. new Bug Normal
#12852 How disable filters when copy-past text pending Task Normal
#12853 Removing HTML comment nodes with dataProcessor.htmlFilter removes script nodes too confirmed Bug Normal
#12858 [IE12] Check compatibility confirmed Task High
#12870 Replace "alert()" with warning notification review pjasiun New Feature Normal
#12871 Manual tests for drag&drop review pjasiun New Feature Normal
#12872 [Firefox] Improve copy/cut and paste binding confirmed New Feature Normal
#12873 [IE] Improve copy/cup and paste binding confirmed New Feature Normal
#12877 Notifications has wrong possition in replaceByCode sample review_failed pjasiun Bug Normal
#12901 [Notification aggregator] Not able to change the type of the notification to "success" when process is done review pjasiun Bug Normal
#12902 FF drop-down menus causing editor to refresh/jump to the top pending Bug Normal
#12904 Font Dropdowns could have 'default' option that resets font to default value confirmed New Feature Normal
#12905 Style removal context menu confirmed New Feature Normal
#12907 Improve paste dialogs confirmed Task Normal
#12908 Merge Paste and Paste From Word buttons confirmed Task Normal
#12918 Kama in Retina confirmed Task Normal
#12929 Single entry point for command state confirmed Bug Normal
#12930 Remove truncated-mathjax from the test directory review pjasiun Bug Normal
#12937 Document hidpi, and more details about icons in general confirmed Task Normal
#12938 Document addButton better confirmed Task Normal
#12939 Document plugin definition better confirmed Task Normal
#12941 insertElement(stringToInsert) sometines enter into wrong position or older position pending Bug Normal
#12948 MathJax should not point to the MathJax CDN confirmed Task Normal
#12949 Mathematica plugin using KaTeX confirmed Task Normal
#12952 [FileLoader] Customization of the communication with the server should be simpler assigned pjasiun New Feature Normal
#12955 [Notification Aggregator] Total weight is not updated when task is canceled confirmed Bug Normal
#12956 toolbar width is too small pending Bug Normal
#12963 Extract resizer as a separte plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#12965 Uploads Repository API confirmed New Feature Normal
#12978 About uploading causes error in notification aggregator confirmed Bug Normal
#12979 [FF] Preview does not work when CKEditor is loaded from a different domain confirmed Bug Normal
#12982 Internet Explorer Issue pending Bug Normal
#12983 Walker.guard is called more than once for every node boundary confirmed New Feature Normal
#12989 Korean Language translations... new Bug Normal
#12995 copied text inserted multiple times pending Bug Normal
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