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#12873 [IE] Improve copy/cup and paste binding confirmed New Feature Normal
#12904 Font Dropdowns could have 'default' option that resets font to default value confirmed New Feature Normal
#12905 Style removal context menu confirmed New Feature Normal
#12907 Improve paste dialogs confirmed Task Normal
#12908 Merge Paste and Paste From Word buttons confirmed Task Normal
#12918 Kama in Retina confirmed a.nowodzinski Task Normal
#12929 Single entry point for command state confirmed Bug Normal
#12937 Document hidpi, and more details about icons in general confirmed Task Normal
#12938 Document addButton better confirmed Task Normal
#12939 Document plugin definition better confirmed Task Normal
#12941 insertElement(stringToInsert) sometines enter into wrong position or older position pending Bug Normal
#12949 Mathematica plugin using KaTeX confirmed Task Normal
#12956 toolbar width is too small pending Bug Normal
#12963 Extract resizer as a separte plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#12979 [FF] Preview does not work when CKEditor is loaded from a different domain confirmed Bug Normal
#12982 Internet Explorer Issue pending Bug Normal
#12983 Walker.guard is called more than once for every node boundary confirmed New Feature Normal
#12995 copied text inserted multiple times pending Bug Normal
#12999 IE 11 support pending Task Normal
#13006 Drag and drop element with id duplicate id confirmed Bug Normal
#13007 Integrate ckeditor tests with sinon confirmed New Feature Normal
#13012 Focus is not properly restored after closing the context menu confirmed Bug Low
#13013 Accents after enter pending Bug Normal
#13016 lang.js: that[ languageCode ].dir is undefined pending Bug Normal
#13044 Focus trap inside dialog tabs confirmed Bug Normal
#13047 <figure> in stylesSet does not wrap <img> pending Bug Normal
#13061 IE11: Pasting images and shapes from word duplicates some and omits others confirmed Bug Normal
#13087 How to unfocus newly created CKEditor widgets pending Task Normal
#13098 Various cases with incorrect selection after backspace/del in lists confirmed Bug Normal
#13108 Ability to resize Objects(images,Tables, Flash etc) using mouse by just dragging the corners confirmed New Feature Normal
#13111 quality of thumbnails is very low. confirmed Bug Normal
#13113 Demo site issue: insert consecutive links pending Bug Normal
#13117 Editor.document is not set in source mode confirmed Bug Normal
#13119 Improve skins' CSS resets review Reinmar Bug Normal
#13122 On editor.setData() native listeners are detached, but document stays so CKE listeners stop working confirmed Bug Normal
#13149 [Windows Phone 8.1] Selection is not watched correctly so it is lost when blurring editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13152 When Right Click, scrolling to Top of editor page in IE Browser pending Bug Normal
#13154 [IE8-10] Space is inserted by editor.insertHtml( 'foo' ) in specific case confirmed Bug Normal
#13155 [Lineutils, DnD] incorrenct left margin in manual tests review_failed a.nowodzinski Bug Normal
#13168 Impossible to navigate to editable from toolbar by keyboard and vice versa. confirmed Bug Normal
#13204 It's hard to notice where one can edit anything in the Advanced Toolbar Configurator confirmed Bug Normal
#13205 Advanced Toolbar Configurator on wide screens new Task Normal
#13226 Ckeditor oversize on elements pending Bug Normal
#13240 <br> vs \n in side a <pre> confirmed Bug Normal
#13246 Clean up licenses assigned Reinmar Bug Normal
#13248 not found (error to origin) in Image Upload tool pending Bug Normal
#13255 Allow to edit element properties from the statusbar confirmed New Feature Normal
#13265 Allow to run tests over secure connection (HTTPS) review a.delura New Feature Normal
#13267 Implement htmlParser.element.find() method confirmed Bug Normal
#13275 Images displayed as block may break CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#13279 Review CSS vendor prefixes assigned a.nowodzinski Task Normal
#13283 range.clone should not set containers if source range was not positioned yet confirmed Bug Normal
#13285 Focus makes editor scroll to top on Firefox 38 pending Bug Normal
#13288 Copy/paste of small strings causes editor enlargement (inline editing) confirmed Bug Normal
#13292 Protection pattern does not work in attribute in self-closing elements with no space before /> confirmed Bug Normal
#13294 2 Buttons don't show in 'High Contrast Mode'; acessibility confirmed Bug Normal
#13307 Uncaught IndexSizeError: Failed to execute 'extend' on 'Selection': 1... in Blink-browsers pending Bug Normal
#13316 CKEDITOR.env.isCompatible should be a blacklist rather than a whiletlist confirmed Task Normal
#13317 [Chrome] Native cut/copy/paste started working when triggered by a trusted event confirmed Task Normal
#13319 htmlEncodeOutput option not work for ajax submit if jquery adapter used pending Bug Normal
#13320 All input element on plugin dialog can't get focus if there a tabindex = -1 element in html pending Bug Normal
#13325 New plugin: source code validator confirmed New Feature Normal
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