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#12772 [IE] disableObjectResizing doesn't work confirmed Bug Normal
#12864 Toggling bulleted list insert line breaks when enterMode is configured as CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR confirmed Bug Normal
#12968 Deleting a paragraph deletes following div confirmed Bug Normal
#13091 config.extraPlugins white space in string produces load resource error confirmed Bug Normal
#13094 Delete CR removes form html below confirmed Bug Normal
#13100 No indication of page break presence using JAWS confirmed Bug Normal
#13144 Usability review of Image plugin confirmed Task Normal
#13148 Pate from Word empty list issue confirmed Bug Normal
#13190 Maximize problems confirmed Bug Normal
#13257 Left-align button does not indicate correct state under mode of CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR confirmed Bug Normal
#13276 Input:Select.Dialog: Delete default option. Value still existing confirmed Bug Normal
#13368 [FF] Resizing tooltip in Bidi mode aligned to the right confirmed Bug Normal
#13452 Resize of CKEditor in Chrome results in weird artifacts confirmed Bug Normal
#13537 Comments between LI confirmed Bug Normal
#13694 Link dialog removes onclick attribute review kkrzton Bug Normal
#13723 forceSimpleAmpersand is not working as expected. confirmed Bug Normal
#13802 Whitespace removed for button tag confirmed Bug Normal
#13840 Automatic Paragraph Closing Creates Empty Paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#13841 Elements path selection and deletion work unexpectedly confirmed Bug Normal
#13908 Focus not being set in the Upload tab after the upload image button is pressed confirmed Bug Normal
#14307 Page scrolling when spacebar is pressed to de-select lock ratio checkbox confirmed Bug Normal
#14313 Copying/pasting nested lists in IE results in flat list confirmed Bug Normal
#14340 AVT: No info about applied text/background colour to normal/JAWS users in Colour options list box confirmed Bug Normal
#14395 [Firefox] backspacing into a list with an empty list in between causes content to be removed confirmed Bug Normal
#14412 <blockquote> breaks into 2 <blockquote> when you increase indent for Blockquote confirmed Bug Normal
#14414 List created incorectly when confirmed Bug Normal
#14424 Refactoring of the Popup plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#14429 Webkit Blink add multiple &nbsp; to HTML pasted into contenteditable element. confirmed Bug Normal
#14430 Splitting/merging table cells messes up table layout confirmed Bug Normal
#14838 The color FF00FF (or F0F) is not named as Fuchsia (or Magenta) recognized by HTML/CSS and X11. confirmed Bug Normal
#602 Syntax highlight and go to line confirmed New Feature Normal
#674 problematic cut/copy/paste with lists confirmed Bug Normal
#721 Add Keystrokes to Templates confirmed New Feature Normal
#849 Get the "plain text" (tags stripped) content from the editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#851 Show an icon in the place of protected source code confirmed New Feature Normal
#863 Save button responding to changes confirmed New Feature Normal
#1149 Add default action on face for Panel button (menu button) confirmed New Feature Normal
#1398 Select all then delete or backspace clears formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#1415 empty div tags are removed confirmed Bug Normal
#1511 Undo manager does not record object resizing confirmed New Feature Normal
#1601 custom style is not visible in style list because style defines text color to white confirmed Bug Normal
#1632 Source view: Activate undo/redo tool buttons confirmed New Feature Normal
#1646 Color for Underline and Strikethrough inconsistent confirmed Bug Normal
#1984 Add <label> Tag to forms. confirmed New Feature Normal
#2134 Inserting horizontal rule results in JavaScript error in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#2155 Nested OL/UL doesn't get fixed on output confirmed Bug Normal
#2346 Numbered list problem confirmed Bug Normal
#2552 PHP code on top of page confirmed Bug Normal
#2554 Select All using Ctrl-A does not work in modal dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#2568 Adding Cell Background color adds unwanted space in the table confirmed Bug Normal
#2589 changing style when typing text works incorrectly confirmed Bug Normal
#2778 Wrong colspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells confirmed Bug Normal
#2782 Editor inside DIV with "overflow: auto" causes displaced menus confirmed Bug Normal
#2859 Wrong rowspan and empty rows after merging down rowspanned cells confirmed Bug Normal
#3318 There should be some guarantee at plugin loading order review Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#3358 Optimize 'CKEDITOR.dom.range.enlarge' on block unit new Task Normal
#3360 Enlarge range by element problem assigned Garry Yao Bug Normal
#3624 JAWS should announce dialog titles when dialogs are opened confirmed New Feature Normal
#3627 Performance testing assigned Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#3731 Support 'style only' override in style system confirmed New Feature Normal
#4130 [IE] Copy rows between tables not possible in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 confirmed New Feature Normal
#4250 Fails to warn on usage of non-existing command confirmed Bug Normal
#4251 Adding wrong plugin doesn't give proper warning confirmed Bug Normal
#4264 Fire event after enterkey press is handled confirmed New Feature Normal
#4362 Fire event when floatpanel opened confirmed New Feature Normal
#4376 Contents already be removed in <noembed></noembed> section. confirmed Bug Normal
#4413 SCAYT, no option to remove added word confirmed New Feature Normal
#4451 Different "Apple + LeftArrow" keyboard shortcut behavior in Firefox on Mac OS X confirmed Bug Normal
#4454 CKEditor should resize itself automatically in resizable floating window confirmed New Feature Normal
#4638 Incorrent wrapping of tags confirmed Bug Normal
#4770 Media confirmed New Feature Normal
#4815 Changing table rows should be easier confirmed New Feature Normal
#4902 <style> output formatting incorrect confirmed Bug Normal
#4927 Enterkey result incorrect with paragraph inside list item confirmed Bug Normal
#4994 Add custom colors to More Colors dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#5027 [IE] Standards Mode Selection: Cannot click to select to the right of a control node confirmed Bug Normal
#5028 CSS error in template kama skin confirmed Bug Normal
#5085 Bullet points duplicated on single line confirmed Bug Normal
#5094 Dialog API: Custom alignment of radio buttons and their labels confirmed New Feature Normal
#5184 CKeditor flash plugin patch for youtube confirmed New Feature Normal
#5233 Can not remove blockquote that was written in source mode or as default text confirmed Bug Normal
#5286 Page break visible on a printed page confirmed Bug Normal
#5291 Replace alert messages with user-defined UI assigned Sa'ar Zac Elias New Feature Normal
#5294 Handling textareas within CKeditor confirmed New Feature Normal
#5298 Up/Down Arrow Key in IE8 stops on certain paragraphs confirmed Bug Normal
#5316 Link tag waps span tag when image tag explicitly selected confirmed Bug Normal
#5317 Create tool to improve detection of non released memory pending Task Normal
#5346 Provide reset() method confirmed New Feature Normal
#5349 Caret is stuck when inserting any form element. confirmed Bug Normal
#5350 Problems inserting new lines with IE8 inside pre confirmed Bug Normal
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR confirmed Bug Low
#5477 [IE] Tab key incorrect result when document contains control type element review_failed brooks Bug Normal
#5479 [IE] Cursor after table at the end of document in enterMode=BR review Garry Yao Bug Normal
#5498 [IE] Inline quotation problem confirmed Bug Normal
#5535 Stack overlow in IE6 when pasting strange HTML confirmed Bug Normal
#5561 An easy way to switch between bulleted and numbered lists confirmed New Feature Normal
#5576 Elementspath does not work correctly when clicking body confirmed Bug Normal
#5592 Display unprintable characters confirmed New Feature Normal
#5597 Better validation in the colorbutton plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#5614 Selection incorrect after Undo review Garry Yao Bug Normal
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