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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12134 [Umbrella] Support widgets in readOnly mode confirmed New Feature Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#10834 Image2: The caption should not allow <p> and <br> (disable ENTER) confirmed Bug Normal
#10932 Allow all (reasonable) elements as widgets' nested editables confirmed New Feature Normal
#10944 Remove the selection observer in widget system assigned Piotrek Koszuliński Task Normal
#10971 Add an option to make widgets non-removable confirmed New Feature Normal
#10974 Add support for inline nested editables confirmed New Feature Normal
#10988 [FF] Widgets: Caret goes outside of contenteditable on home/end keys confirmed Bug Normal
#10989 [Webkit/Blink] Widgets and content after them disappear when pargraphs are merged using backspace confirmed Bug Normal
#11055 Image2 is not focused after pasting confirmed Bug Normal
#11059 Widget reinitialization procedure should be redesigned confirmed Task Normal
#11062 [IE9,10] Scrolling while dragging freezes browser window confirmed Bug Normal
#11094 [IE8] Editor loses focus when moving focus from nested editable to widget confirmed Bug Normal
#11095 [IE8] Copying single widget does not work when using toolbar button confirmed Bug Normal
#11114 Unable to access context menu with menu key when widget is focused confirmed Bug Normal
#11115 Widgets are not filtered by ACF when pasting confirmed Bug Normal
#11199 [Image2, ACF] Content of figcaption remain once the tag is stripped out in a widget confirmed Bug Normal
#11274 Flash placeholder change size after copy and paste in image2 sample confirmed Bug Normal
#11275 [IE8] Widget: it is possible to use native drag handler confirmed Bug Normal
#11313 Mathjax plugin broken when ckeditor is used over https:// protocol confirmed Bug Normal
#11414 [OSX, Safari] Problems when closing a dialog with ESC and unsaved contents confirmed Bug Normal
#11475 [Chrome] No context menu on text input when editor doesn't have focus confirmed Bug Normal
#11579 Merging of table cells containing an image widget fails in OSX using different browsers confirmed Bug Normal
#11595 Add support for MathJax block equations confirmed New Feature Normal
#11687 [FF] Caret position reset when clicking editable confirmed Bug Normal
#11902 Math plugin doesn't work when used in inline editor created on Paragraph. confirmed Bug Normal
#11923 [Blink] Caret is rendered at wrong location when editable region ends with a non-editable region confirmed Bug Normal
#11938 Webkit Blink: Image2 Cursor not available when Image is only content in editor confirmed Bug Normal
#11963 Can't replace block widgets with anchor confirmed Bug Normal
#12007 Elements path - viewport is scrolled and selection placed incorrectly when clicking on specific elements inside widget confirmed Bug Normal
#12019 Styles' states and values when block widget is selected confirmed Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal
#12070 [Webkit/Blink] It is possible to create selection that starts in one editable and ends in another one confirmed Bug Normal
#12072 [Linux][Chrome] Drag and drop of nested inline widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#12087 Can't delete an empty line between block widgets confirmed Bug Normal
#12524 [Widgets] Support multiple nested editables of the same name confirmed New Feature Normal
#12528 Bidi and Language plugins incompatibility confirmed Bug Normal
#12588 MathJax Plugin: Tex input textarea should have spellcheck="false" confirmed Bug Normal
#12701 Image2 could have limiter for resizing image to specified maximum, confirmed New Feature Normal
#12778 Cannot delete paragraph before and after a widget confirmed Bug Normal
#12891 Inline mode + Widgets( codeSnippet or formula ): CheckDirty() always returns "true" after page is loaded confirmed Bug Normal
#13427 Persistent formatting in list contents immune to Remove Formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#11298 Mathjax plugin - baseline for eqations and text is defferent confirmed Bug Low
#11639 Image2's resizer is displayed far from image if image has a margin confirmed Bug Low
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