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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13842 List Plugin adds extra <br> when making styled text a list assigned Tomasz Jakut Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#13408 Move widget initialization from autoembed to widget repo's method review Szymon Cofalik New Feature Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13604 Notifications are not visible when editor is placed in a absolutely positioned div with high z-index review Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13877 Copy paste from google doc forces bold - removes underline and italics review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#14288 Autolink in Firefox places caret inside link review_passed kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#14358 [Blink, FF] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste review kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#16877 Feature detection for clipboard.isCustomDataTypesSupported confirmed Task Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13413 [Autoembed] Multiple embedding actions are registered in a single undo step. confirmed Bug Normal
#13415 [Autoembed] UX and a11y confirmed Task Normal
#13417 [autoembed][pastetext] Paste as plain text will upcast link into a widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13430 Autoembed: undo deletes content typed after pasting autoembeddable link confirmed Bug Normal
#13432 [D&D] From outside into nested editable not working confirmed Bug Normal
#13435 [D&D] Image into nested editable throws error confirmed Bug Normal
#13437 [D&D] Image2 broken in half when drag and dropped. confirmed Bug Normal
#13488 Documentation Bug: dev_files not found confirmed Bug Normal
#13500 Delay before seeing upload notifications after pasting image from MS Paint. confirmed Bug Normal
#13545 Error is thrown when creating one embed content on another. confirmed Bug Normal
#13563 Dragging an image can delete it and throw an error confirmed Bug Normal
#13569 Drag and drop link pastes URL in plain text confirmed Bug Normal
#13592 [IE] Non-editable widget can become editable by clicking near the bottom of the widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13600 Autoembedded content inserted after link deleted during load. confirmed Bug Normal
#13602 [Edge] Drag and drop within editor(s) throws an error or removes too much text confirmed Bug Normal
#13751 Chrome: Text Style lost when we paste content through Paste Dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#13753 Chrome: Text Style lost when we paste content after refreshing the page confirmed Bug Normal
#13825 Large files should not be previewed during upload. confirmed New Feature Normal
#13862 Notifications aren't visible if called from a Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#13889 Error on drag/drop images in inline editor inside an iframe confirmed Bug Normal
#13926 Copying table using context menu strips off styles on Android confirmed Bug Normal
#13969 forcepasteasplaintext CTRL + V not working confirmed Bug Normal
#14250 Block Styles are not copied to new line confirmed Bug Normal
#14257 [Blink] Pasting from MS Word leaves <![endif]--> confirmed Bug Normal
#14349 Safari on MAC : Drag & drop of images from web not working confirmed Bug Normal
#14507 Ability to customize the position where the spinner icon is rendered on the dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#14514 AVT: JAWS users has no info when Insert Spanner is spinning on Insert Media dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#14516 Copy form Safari: broken encoding confirmed Bug Normal
#14533 Selectors passed to CKEDITOR.dom.element.prototype.find are not properly escaped confirmed Bug Normal
#14545 editor.showNotification doesn't handle line breaks confirmed New Feature Normal
#14593 CHROME: Copying & pasting content from one editor instance to another removing all styles confirmed Bug Normal
#14613 race issue loading plugins when editor already destroyed review Tade0 Bug Normal
#14614 Whitespace is removed when pasting content in visual mode confirmed Bug Normal
#14622 Borders lost when pasting from libre office calc from Chrome Windows - config.allowedContent off or with ACF filters confirmed Bug Normal
#14658 BBCode adds extra nodes when toggling modes in default sample. confirmed Bug Normal
#14703 FF: Adding extra paragraphs or space when text pasted confirmed Bug Normal
#14711 Toolbar configurator buttons are not accessible with keyboard. confirmed Bug Normal
#14765 Copying from IE divarea editor to Chrome/Firefox in results in full nodes path. confirmed Bug Normal
#14833 Font set on multi-line text then numbered list causes extra line breaks in numbered list confirmed Bug Normal
#14872 [Firefox] Insert cell before then after confirmed Bug Normal
#14900 Drop of inline widget in a span, splits the span in two confirmed New Feature Normal
#14921 Copy paste content in WYSIWYG 4.5.11 removes styles created using WYSIWYG, version 4.4.7 works fine confirmed Bug Normal
#16454 Pasted plain text should have the same format where it is pasted in CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#16628 Anchor with space in name confirmed Bug Normal
#16700 Widget editables allowedContent does not filter correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#16788 [IE10] IndexSizeError while aborting image upload via undo/redo confirmed Bug Normal
#16789 [Safari] Cannot insert widget if focused before widget on the beginning of the content confirmed Bug Normal
#16910 [Drag and Drop] Dropping file with " ' " in its name causes 404 confirmed Bug Normal
#16911 Pastetext plugin incorrectly handles images confirmed Bug Normal
#16966 Chameleon not working with kama skin confirmed Bug Normal
#16978 uploadfile creates files with hardcoded target="_blank" confirmed New Feature Normal
#16995 Source mode messes iframe[src] attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#14300 Cut Copy events attached do other element than editable are no longer cancellable. confirmed Bug Low
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