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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#11415 [Chrome]   is inserted instead of space. review Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#16793 [IE9] Dropping menu content into editor confirmed Bug Normal
#16796 Plugin TableTools in combination with inline editor breaks out of editable element confirmed Bug Normal
#16808 The Justify plugin doesn't obey the custom Advanced Content Filter rules review Mateusz Samsel Bug Normal
#16851 Page Break indication is actually printed new Bug Normal
#16858 Standard distribution of upload file plugin code differs from referenced source. confirmed Task Normal
#16879 Creating a fakeElement with attributes doesn't work anymore (attributes are removed) new Bug Normal
#16885 [IE11] Cursor jump to the 1st table cell in the editor new Bug Normal
#16897 Paste From Word: Font family not copied over multiple paragraphs with non-standard font new Bug Normal
#16900 Table from Excel gets pasted as image in Firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#16901 Duplicate selection field after changing some styles new Bug Normal
#16906 isArray function in core tools does not recognize ES6 iterator protocol [object Array Iterator] as an array new Bug Normal
#16942 Cursor gets stuck in inline widget new Bug Normal
#16947 Destroy CKEditor on Focus transfer - Error in Chrome new Bug Normal
#16950 Insertion of unwanted   when you backspace and insert new text new Bug Normal
#16956 [blink] Focus placement issue with inline widget new Bug Normal
#16963 [Chrome] Cursor jumps to the beginning of previous line when press backspace right after shift+ enter new Bug Normal
#16964 [Firefox] Double line is shown after pressing Shift+Enter new Bug Normal
#16969 [UploadImage] Transparency is lost if PNG is copied directly from webpage new Bug Normal
#16976 Preserve whitespace around protectedSource entries new Bug Normal
#16996 Scroll jumps in Chrome when closing dialog and inline editor new Bug Normal
#16999 Document & Text color choices override each-other new Bug Normal
#17006 Key event listener produce different key codes in Chrome and Firefox new Bug Normal
#17007 Firefox drag handles in div editing area new Bug Normal
#17008 Empty tag is removed when it's the only element in the content new Bug Normal
#17011 MS Edge Browser ierror loggged new Bug Normal
#17012 forceSimpleAmpersand no longer works as expected, any links with ampersands fail new Bug Normal
#17015 Copy an image via Ctrl+drop no longer works new Bug Normal
#17019 [Chrome] Caret is lost when clicking editable element outside of inline editor new Bug Normal
#17038 Changing Font Family then Font Size removes HTML source. new Bug Normal
#17040 When using 'Find' functionality, text highlight styles are not removed after closing the Find dialogue new Bug Normal
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