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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2924 Adding support for special-key handler in dialog field definition review_failed Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#3355 Update font name and size dropdowns confirmed New Feature Normal
#3368 Strange behavior when placed inside dynamically-created elements confirmed Bug Normal
#3442 Add ability to simulate enter key press confirmed New Feature Normal
#3542 Dialog tabs change width after selection confirmed Bug Normal
#3589 StylesCombo plugin: no option to load from XML file confirmed New Feature Normal
#3979 IE+Quirks: Dialogs are smaller confirmed Bug Normal
#4173 [IE] loading long text in text input streatching dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#4195 Inline quotion style problematic review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#4785 Incorrect tab key order for table properties dialog review_failed brooks Bug Normal
#4903 Indent command on multiple table cells incorrect confirmed Bug Normal
#4958 Combos texts show text cursor when maximized confirmed Bug Normal
#4959 Remove format hides border-less tables confirmed Bug Normal
#5130 inoperable accessibility instructions confirmed Bug Normal
#5151 editor area oversized in webkit confirmed Bug Normal
#5164 Can't change alignment of table in Text and Table Template confirmed New Feature Normal
#5187 api_dialog sample : There is too much space before My Custom Field confirmed Bug Normal
#5354 Enter key should perform search in search dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#5497 allow 'grouping' in Styles to be configurable new New Feature Normal
#5552 Dialog doesn't execute 'commit' and 'setup' method of element when element miss 'id' property. review_failed Minh Nguyen Bug Normal
#5704 [IE] Undo remove row/column/cell problem confirmed Bug Normal
#5944 Menu button does not display sometimes in high contrast mode. confirmed Bug Normal
#5958 Hit javascript error when select more than 2 numberic list & click on insert horizontal line confirmed Bug Normal
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