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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#8679 Better focus indication and ability to style selected color in the color picker dialog Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#11697 It is possible to replace content with wrong letter case kkrzton Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#13886 Invalid handling of instance with "styles" property by CKEDITOR.filter kkrzton Bug Normal 4.5.5 fixed
#14312 [IE] Artifact is visible after pasting of any text Tade0 Bug Normal 4.3 fixed
#14535 CSS syntax corrections Tade0 Bug Normal 4.5.7 fixed
#14602 Remove attributes method does not remove all attribs if no parameter is given Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 4.5.9 fixed
#14605 Test for pagebreak fails in Chrome Tade0 Bug Normal 4.5.9 fixed
#14620 Autogrow plugin should reset iframe's html height kkrzton Bug Normal fixed
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