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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#12467 Indent on first LI of ordered list breaks the list Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2366 in FF3 shift-enter causes a scroll up Bug Normal General
#8688 In firefox and ie when editor is taller then page, on click it jumps to end of the editor Bug Normal General
#3523 In Firefox, Editor Area is not displayed/Refreshed Martin Kou Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#976 in firefox links is not end input when it's end import link Bug Normal General
#1779 In Firefox the context menu entries for all form fields properties are missing Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#5063 In IE8, all toolbar controls are not working in Arabic language Bug Normal General
#5295 Initial value for textareas New Feature Normal General
#13461 Inline CKEditor not working inside Foundation Tabs using Chrome Bug Normal General
#9379 [Inline] context menu opened under toolbar Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#9574 Inline editing: 7th div when we invoke Context menu on image using keyboard native menu shows up Bug Normal General
#9367 Inline editing: There is no information for JAWS user about editor availability & how to access Help Content Bug Normal Accessibility
#10158 Inline editor: Cannot apply font color to a text selection on iPad Bug Normal General
#9602 inline editor position is not anchored to contenteditable when there's dynamic content Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#12358 inline editor toolbar disappears when opening dialog with file element Bug Normal General
#10059 Inline editor toolbar does not move with content Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#1936 Inline spelling support? New Feature Low General
#14343 Inline style doesn't support background-image Bug Normal General
#11815 Inline style "marker" does not apply in inline editor Bug Normal General
#4633 Inner text of anchor is not visible Bug Normal General
#3258 In office 2003 skin, Dialogs are not displayed in the right area Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 3.0 General
#2686 Input Japanese for Mac Firefox Bug Normal General
#8122 Insert a new line between a list and another line (internet explorer) Bug Normal General
#9944 insertcellbefore and insertcellafter in nested tables is incorrect Bug Normal Core : Tables
#2633 Insert/Edit Image disappearing on submit Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) UI : Toolbar
#6700 Insert element over selection breaks DOM Bug Normal General
#10652 insertElement table into table range crashes page Bug Normal Core : Tables
#2395 InsertHtml() can prefix an additional annoying blank paragraph with IE Bug Normal General
#6538 insertHtml on Safari Mac OSX Snow Leopard (5.0.2) fails on nightlies Bug Normal General
#11210 Insert image using insertHtml() and resize/move handles are not there Bug Normal General
#7774 Inserting image in IE8 at end of content disables ability to jump to end of content Bug Normal General
#9025 Inserting new cell then column causes error message Bug Normal General
#13324 insert link with css class using insertHtml Bug Normal General
#1564 Insert of model causes IE crash Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 General
#9766 Insert space into table after long string fails Bug Normal General
#1771 inside page linking disappears after editing the page for the second tome Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#12917 In Source-View Code is change with &nbsp; ( <br /><br /><br /> is replace to <br /<br />&nbsp; ) Bug Normal General
#8901 Integrate CKEditor 3.6.2 with CKFinder, not work in Chrome Bug Normal File Browser
#2360 Integrate Editarea in FCKeditor New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#7056 Integration in a VS user control with WebBrowser Bug Normal General
#13339 Internal Error in pasting from Word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#164 Internet Explorer loses Break tags on saving or viewing source. Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.4.1 General
#2030 interwiki links are rewritten Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#12788 Invalid dropdown positioning when screen is scrolled Artur Delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.7 General
#8214 Invalid table colspans break row insert Bug Normal Core : Tables
#13025 Invalid table headers after switching from both to column Bug Normal Core : Tables
#10461 [iOS 6.1] cannot force fullscreen using UIWebView Bug Normal General
#16794 [iOS] Font family dropdown not updated after selection change Bug Normal General
#13659 [iOS] Widget do not remove the focus Bug Normal General
#2562 IsDirty() is incorrectly set when there is content but no paragraphs on the page Bug Normal General
#13423 Issue in "<a>" Tag Bug Normal General
#11406 Issues with merging 2 texts/lines with heading tags Bug Normal General
#2493 Issues with styles in version 2.6.3 Bug Normal General
#13084 Issue with CKEditor 4.4.6 in IE 11 Bug Normal General
#10350 Issue with context menu's location when triggered by Ctrl+Shift+F10 Bug Normal General
#3393 Issue with fck editor in IBM WCM Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3394 Issue with fck editor within IBM WCM Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#1935 issue with IE6 SP1 + FCKeditor 2.5 : fatal javascript error Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#11545 Issue with korean IME inputs Bug Normal General
#14536 Issue with moving link in ckeditor Bug Normal General
#1947 I want to use Font size, Text color, BGColor... on Mediawiki+FCKeditor New Feature Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#13801 Japanese Multi-Byte Character doesn't work after Clicking Bold or any other CKE operation Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal General
#2229 Java Connector: enable file upload to directory outside webapp context root New Feature Must have (possibly next milestone) FCKeditor.Java 2.5 Server : Java
#5383 java: create userfilepath according to chosen directory New Feature Normal General
#1743 [Java-filemanager] Custom directory for each resource type New Feature Normal Server : Java
#3605 Javascript error: Unknown toolbar item "BlockQuote" Bug Normal General
#489 JavaScript error when add a link to a piece of text Bug Normal General
#8742 Javascript error when creating table/smiley/form with entermode:ENTER_BR Bug Normal Core : Tables
#11747 Javascript error when removing a CKeditor instance (including extra plugins) before its content is fully loaded Bug Normal General
#3334 Javascript error while adding link Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#5815 JAWS is not reading the toolbar controls while navigating through arrow keys Bug Normal Accessibility
#7568 JAWS not reading instructions on Accessibility Instructions dialog Bug Normal Accessibility
#9840 JAWS not reading states of Toolbar buttons in 4.0 Bug Normal Accessibility
#2991 JAWS Tool is not able to recognize the new CKEditor3.0 Martin Kou Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#10480 jQuery val() override behaves differently than the original Bug Normal General
#204 JS error: adding hyperlinks with '%' Bug Normal General
#11128 JS error on pressing Delete in a list inside a table Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2097 JS error when rightclicking table with thead tag Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#10309 JS exception on read-only editor when there is no text Bug Normal Core : Read-only
#1708 JSP tag library does not support Safari 3 Bug Normal Server : Java
#5581 Jumping scrollbar in IE7 Bug Normal General
#4222 junk text comes when Delete button pressed twice Bug Normal General
#10845 Justify commands break on non-editable elements Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal General
#6250 Justify text inserts P tag only Bug Normal General
#10029 keep selection between source and wysiwyg mode New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#11474 Keyboard hides after pasting on iOS Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#2963 Key board Tab navigation not working in FCK In IE. Bug Normal General
#5734 Key navigation issue in IE8. Bug Normal General
#12722 Language-specific button icons New Feature Normal General
#6783 Large amount of text insert as divs rather then paragraphs in webkit Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#10718 Large toolbar menu causes scrolling of browser window Bug Normal General
#6453 Last whitespace ignored Bug Normal General
#7458 Line breaks inserted when toggling between "Decrease Indent" and "Increase Indent" in lists Bug Normal Core : Lists
#12047 Line Height is not reduced after reducing the font size Bug Normal Core : Styles
#10861 Line height toolbar setting New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#5764 Link button puts URL to left of selected text Bug Normal General
#12329 Link continues on new line when pressing enter. If CK is in enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR. On FF only Bug Normal General
#5800 Link-dialog bug: selected text is ignored and link is inserted before sel.text Bug Normal General
#2833 Link dialog does not clear popup target attributes in links. Martin Kou Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 UI : Dialogs
#2831 Link dialog ignores id field in Advanced Tab. Martin Kou Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 UI : Dialogs
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