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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#13716 Redo is broken for Widgets Bug Normal General
#13718 No content shown when html has comments inside <style> tag as below Bug Normal General
#13745 Button State Mobile Bug Normal General
#13746 Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#13752 Chrome: Pagebreak lost when we paste content Bug Normal General
#13759 problem with font color and underline color Bug Normal General
#13783 Class not removed if format was changed Bug Normal General
#13792 CKeditor reformat my HTML code Bug Normal General
#13796 "Click and drag to move" tooltip should not be shown in read-only mode Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#13801 Japanese Multi-Byte Character doesn't work after Clicking Bold or any other CKE operation Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal General
#13808 Find plugin doesn't scroll correctly when zoom is set Bug Normal General
#13817 [Blink/WebKit] Improve the filling char hack to not touch DOM when selection should not change Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal General
#13821 Background color may be lost when changing Font Size Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal Core : Styles
#13854 Data loss on copy and pasted content from MS-Word 2010 into CKEditor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#13860 [Chrome] Text formatting like text color or background color are removed on copy&paste Bug Normal General
#13864 Delete space above widget Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#13876 tab plugin does not support keyTabTools if tabSpaces > 0 Bug Normal Core : Keystrokes
#13896 reset of the toolbar in a multi-byte language(in ie11) Bug Normal General
#13897 No cachebust added to icons.png and icons_hidpi.png Bug Normal Project : CKBuilder
#13905 How to Stop special character conversion of & to &amp; Bug Normal General
#13914 Link dialog in an iframe Bug Normal General
#13918 Div Editing Area add-on stripping form tags Bug Normal General
#13933 [Edge] Document scrolls to the end during copy/paste of inline widget. Bug Normal General
#13939 CK Editor tool bar is not working in IE Bug Normal General
#14238 When click in editor on empty line after clicking styling button such as bold, button gets turned off in Firefox and IE Bug Normal General
#14276 Unable to re-edit controls in Mozill Firefox Web Browser Bug Normal General
#14281 webkit: strong turns into b after deletion Bug Normal General
#14290 Aspect ratio lock becomes disabled after re-opening image dialog box. Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#14338 CKEditor anchor tag floats Bug Normal General
#14343 Inline style doesn't support background-image Bug Normal General
#14350 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore Bug Normal General
#14351 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore Bug Normal General
#14360 CheckBox RadioButton and Select not selectable in Firefox with CK 4.5.3 -> 4.5.6 Bug Normal General
#14366 Table height resize using mouse properly not working on chrome browser Bug Normal Core : Tables
#14368 change text background twice, cause the color to be lost Bug Normal General
#14370 Table row hegiht resize not working on chrome browser Bug Normal General
#14377 If a text is copied from word and we dont clean it and there is a span attribute lang="EN" then the style changes to italics in ckeditor Bug Normal General
#14379 Windows Chrome > Removing Space between Words, then Re-inserting space creates unwanted non-breaking space Bug Normal General
#14388 Selecting new font color changes changed existing non-black font color to black Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#14402 Google Chrome - Added Unexpected <i> When Give Space after Comma.Added unexpected <b> when remove <strong> content. Bug Normal General
#14403 Google Chrome - Added Unexpected <i> When Give Space after Comma.Added unexpected <b> when remove <strong> content. Bug Normal General
#14404 cmd+A with widgets Bug Normal General
#14405 Removing Widgets Bug Normal General
#14410 For all browsers, make table cells selection working just like in Firefox Bug Normal General
#14421 Cell/column insertion in header cell with nested tables Bug Normal Core : Tables
#14422 Cannot modify multiple table cells in Firefox with Inline Editing mode Bug Normal Core : Tables
#14426 image2 plugin should have a way to allow for custom image tags that won't be upcast New Feature Normal UI : Widgets
#14454 Editable widget in readonly mode is editable Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#14505 Embedding widgets possible even widget editable allowedContent filter does not allow this. Bug Normal General
#14508 Widget editable region clobbered by Format dropdown when autoParagraph is disabled Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#14510 Specific style does not appear in the styles drop-down Bug Normal General
#14511 #14509 closed Bug (invalid) Editor appears to remove hand-coded styles in span in Chrome Bug Normal General
#14522 Find dialog: JS error in specific case Bug Normal General
#14536 Issue with moving link in ckeditor Bug Normal General
#14554 IE/EDGE: Font Name dropdown not showing font styles of text copied from word doc Bug Normal General
#14578 ckeditor in IE trusted site does not work well with internet zone Active Scripting security is disabled Bug Normal General
#14580 Unable to type anything in ckeditor after enabling the Captioned image option (Image 2) in chrome browser Bug Normal General
#14583 Remove Resize Handler from IE9 Bug Normal General
#14587 'entities_processNumerical' breaks four byte characters Bug Normal General
#14592 Image resizing does not trigger a onChange event. Bug Normal General
#14612 Impossible to remove a bold style if the strong tag has an id Bug Normal Core : Styles
#14617 Copy, paste from 2 Chrome windows/tabs loose styles Bug Normal General
#14621 Bug with add/delete row/column button in the tables Bug Normal Core : Tables
#14635 Pasting into ckeditor will prevent the "change" event from firing for the first subsequent keypress Bug Normal General
#14637 Paste from word not recognizing Highlights and styles Bug Normal General
#14638 inconsistent startupFocus behavior in webkit when url a fragment identifier (# character) Bug Normal General
#14645 <font> tag inserted when css style should be used when overwriting multiple paragraphs Bug Normal General
#14649 Widgets are editable when CKeditor is in readOnly mode Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#14665 Cannot select a single column in Chrome & Internet Explorer 11 Bug Normal Core : Tables
#14674 Adding '@' in word or a Sentence It is converted as a Hyperlink Bug Normal General
#14679 TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of undefined Bug Normal File Browser
#14680 Adding new tag (self-closing) Bug Normal General
#14681 Buttons do not work properly when an attribute is added. Bug Normal General
#14684 Use <button> rather than role="button" where possible Bug Normal General
#14686 [FF] Form elements do not work on firefox (checkbox and select) Bug Normal General
#14696 BBCode Plugin doesn't preserve seperate paragraphs of text - Merges into 1x para Bug Normal General
#14702 What plugin required to drag and drop a MathML formula into Ckeditor Window New Feature Normal General
#14718 Space entered at the end of Bold or Italicized text is entered as $nbsp; as opposed to a normal space Bug Normal General
#14720 Paste event blocks change event Bug Normal General
#14734 URL copied in Chrome can't be paste in Safari Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#14737 Replacing an image within CKFinder with the same name is not immediately updated in the Image Properties Window which also does not get updated in the CKEditor window. Bug Normal General
#14740 [IE] font-family quotes get replaced with entities Bug Normal General
#14743 getSelectedCells() function in table tools plugin returns incorrect cell when selection is in the header of a nested table Bug Normal General
#14745 Cell Properties pixels and percentage dropdown not working (widthType) Bug Normal General
#14746 Selecting a word with Firefox for Android Bug Normal General
#14748 Functional hyperlinks in the document New Feature Normal General
#14768 Widget Error when CKEditor was not focused before: Cannot read property 'checkReadOnly' of undefined Bug Normal General
#14773 [FF: ] style button switching on and off when user repeatedly click on an empty editor Bug Normal General
#14778 Lists and widgets Bug Normal General
#14780 browser is unresponsive when single page has large iframed ckEditor instances Bug Normal General
#14787 Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#14789 Paste option is not working properly Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#14791 Link plugin links both the word and space following it when you double click on a word and hyperlink it Bug Normal General
#14792 Font size does not reset in Chrome when content is deleted Bug Normal General
#14801 ACF filtering doesn't get applied upon Form Submit while Source mode is active Bug Normal General
#14802 Pressing backspace and space on Chrome at the beginning of a line wraps words wrongly Bug Normal General
#14839 Could not use some long hexadecimal code to have the name of the color in the tooltip Bug Normal UI : Skins
#14840 Custom Color List could not use custom color names Bug Normal UI : Skins
#14842 [IE8] Failing plugins/link/link test Bug Normal General
#14853 Redesigning link and image menus for simplicity New Feature Normal General
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