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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#13137 Firefox only - inserting a link using insertHtml and clicking inside editor, causes caret to position incorrectly outside anchor tag Bug Normal General
#13127 Copying Bullets from Word not maintaining Bug Normal General
#13124 CK Editor Context menu not opening if you click inside editor body but outside content Bug Normal General
#13109 Ability to specify List Types at Creation Level New Feature Normal General
#13104 Backspace until the beginning of the line make loose the inline styles Bug Normal Core : Styles
#13090 config.extraPlugins white space in string produces load resource error Bug Normal General
#13089 Mismatch in logic between getByAddress and getIndex regarding empty text nodes Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#13084 Issue with CKEditor 4.4.6 in IE 11 Bug Normal General
#13083 Horizontal Scrolling bar when entering source mode Bug Normal General
#13082 Font color will not be inherited if the text is typed in between two lines of text Bug Normal General
#13072 check and uncheck for checkbox not happening properly Bug Normal General
#13060 cop+paste images from doc and docx Bug Normal General
#13045 Font name from parent element not shown while editing child element Bug Normal General
#13025 Invalid table headers after switching from both to column Bug Normal Core : Tables
#13022 "undefined" appended to the e-mail when correcting - IE11 Bug Normal General
#13010 Text is not wrapped in the Source box - FF36 Bug Normal General
#13000 Custom HTML5 tag grows <p>&nbsp;</p> before and after Bug Normal General
#12981 Errors in tests because of the clipboard plugin still using selection.getSelectedHtml() Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal General
#12953 CK editor in jquery dialog box (issue on chrome,opera, and safari browser) Bug Normal General
#12943 Problem paste(CTL+V) in chrome Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#12931 CKEditor Strips <a> Style After Editing Link Bug Normal General
#12917 In Source-View Code is change with &nbsp; ( <br /><br /><br /> is replace to <br /<br />&nbsp; ) Bug Normal General
#12913 Rich text editor becomes uneditable on resize Bug Normal Core : Editable
#12900 Styling not carried over to empty lines Bug Normal Core : Styles
#12899 CK editor in jquery dialog box Bug Normal General
#12898 CK editor in jquery dialog box Bug Normal Core : Focus
#12883 calling getData(true) returns an empty string Bug Normal General
#12859 Errors when trying to call some editor methods too quickly (synchronously) Bug Normal General
#12855 Secondary value set doesn't work as expected in standard mode Bug Normal General
#12842 [pasteFromWord] Regression after #12750: underline and strike are removed on multiple spaces Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#12830 Placeholder - cursor misplaced Bug Normal General
#12816 unable to write on text fields Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#12792 [WebKit] Red test on major Bug Normal General
#12790 Copy Paste from word document having bulet points is not working properly Bug Normal General
#12789 forcePasteAsPlainText strips inline widget html when dropping Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12788 Invalid dropdown positioning when screen is scrolled Artur Delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.7 General
#12776 formatting (font, color etc.) is not inherited in new block Bug Normal General
#12767 cross domain security exception (lineutils plugin) Bug Normal General
#12763 Problem with column selection in IE and Chrome Bug Normal General
#12761 pasting Chinese character from Word error! Bug Normal General
#12725 height of cke_dialog_ui_vbox Bug Normal General
#12722 Language-specific button icons New Feature Normal General
#12692 Link Style background error Bug Normal General
#12674 iframe fallback contents encoded Bug Normal General
#12672 Pasting several double byte whitespace copied from firefox shrinks them to one single byte whitespace Bug Normal General
#12661 Table header drop down "First column" is incorrectly capitalised Bug Normal General
#12647 Empty links are always removed Bug Normal General
#12636 Table cell properties - changing width unit doesn't always work Bug Normal General
#12629 CKEditor 4.3.4 Anchor Issues with IE9 Bug Normal General
#12628 Error bbcode tag [size] and [img] Bug Normal General
#12625 Bug: Pasting image is not working properly in Chrome Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#12611 Table plugin allows to delete a table that belongs to protected widget code Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12603 Add real Decimal functionality to Numbered Lists New Feature Normal General
#12596 Chrome: Multi-byte Japanese chars entry not working properly after line-break Bug Normal General
#12590 link underline color is not changed. Bug Normal General
#12573 Show nonprinting characters New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#12563 Font names containing spaces and numbers are not handled well. Bug Normal General
#12549 PageDown key, directly goes to end of the document in internet Explorer Bug Normal General
#12519 Having labels shown for menus includes "(Selected)" when the menu is open Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#12513 Copy & Paste from MS Word is not supportable Bug Normal General
#12492 CKE include style font-family with lowercase Bug Normal General
#12483 Pressing enter key moves cursor to beginning of document in Safari 7.1 Bug Normal Core : Keystrokes
#12469 Cursor issue with Safari v7.1 Bug Normal General
#12467 Indent on first LI of ordered list breaks the list Bug Normal Core : Lists
#12454 Widget at bottom of editor blocks certain keyboard shortcuts Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12439 "CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR" / "<br /> tags" conflict... Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#12431 The <Templates> node was not found alert Message is coming in IE 11 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#12422 Select-all doesn't work if a widget is the first node of the editor Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12415 Problem writing Korean in IE11 with auto grow plug in Bug Normal General
#12385 Paste from word plugin - problem with numbered lists Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#12360 CKEditor in draggable element Bug Normal General
#12358 inline editor toolbar disappears when opening dialog with file element Bug Normal General
#12340 Unable to create an inline widget with nested editable span Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12335 Setting new bg color on existing one make disappear original one (after selection) Bug Normal General
#12329 Link continues on new line when pressing enter. If CK is in enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR. On FF only Bug Normal General
#12320 'change' is fired when pressing arrow key for the first time after changes in the editor Bug Normal General
#12317 Magicline problem with window scroll Bug Normal General
#12310 Change event is fired once on arrow consequent to printable letter Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#12302 Action buttons are not disabling in IE Bug Normal Core : Read-only
#12291 Context menu removes selection highlighting in Inline editor Bug Normal Core : Selection
#12278 Need a button to show/hide advance features on tool bar New Feature Normal General
#12244 Weird issue with coreStyles (regexp?) Bug Normal Core : Styles
#12222 Drag-and-drop image bug in Chrome Bug Normal General
#12221 [Blink] Failing test_enlarge_element12 test Piotrek Koszuliński Task Normal General
#12213 Safari 8 linebreak Bug Normal General
#12208 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive Bug Normal General
#12166 [Blink] Wrong cursor position after a widget Bug Normal General
#12161 Element resize handles still work with disableObjectResizing=true with IE11 Bug Normal General
#12137 Dragging a nested widget to the outside of the parent widget is possible Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12129 config.fillEmptyBlocks does not accept callback Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal General
#12122 Deleting table in inline editor deletes or breaks editor Bug Normal General
#12102 Incorrect paragraph visualization with read only mode enabled Bug Normal General
#12100 When erase the header of a line with format, cannot input text without format again. Bug Normal Core : Styles
#12092 Update style.js to treat blockquotes as objects Bug Normal General
#12079 form select option tag splitting problem Bug Normal General
#12052 Enabled cut option icon on empty content in editor. Bug Normal Accessibility
#12047 Line Height is not reduced after reducing the font size Bug Normal Core : Styles
#12027 Dropping images doesn't fire a change event on the editor. Bug Normal General
#12010 Highlighted/selected text loses focus when SCAYT enabled Bug Normal Core : Focus
#12003 Tests for testing tool should be moved to benderjs-ckeditor plugin Artur Delura Task Normal General
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