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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9766 Insert space into table after long string fails Bug Normal General
#9755 french accents display wrong characters with charset=ISO-8859-1 document encoding Bug Normal General
#9744 callback function for file browser New Feature Normal File Browser
#9733 Small fix for the Moono skin Bug Normal UI : Skins
#9727 Remove color dialog dependency from table tools Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#9695 A11Y: Not possible to navigate out of Table without using Magicline Bug Normal Accessibility
#9685 MS-WORD copy paste error from "ckeditor_tablebug_document.docx​" attached Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#9684 Type error when nothing is selected in checkSelectionChange() (Cannot call method "getType" of null) Bug Normal General
#9670 [Standard] TableResize sample - table border missing Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0 Documentation & Samples
#9666 Table inside tableresize sample in standard/basic relase doesn't have border Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0 General
#9656 Should event.on/removeListener handle one listener attached multiple times to one object,event? Bug Normal General
#9641 Cancel button with focus is too dark? Bug Normal General
#9623 Selectionmark plugin should be removed from repo Task Normal CKEditor 4.0 General
#9613 Nested Table Vertical Spacing Issue Bug Normal Core : Tables
#9602 inline editor position is not anchored to contenteditable when there's dynamic content Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#9583 Shortcut Shift+CRTL+F10 can break Shift+F10 in certain situation Bug Normal General
#9574 Inline editing: 7th div when we invoke Context menu on image using keyboard native menu shows up Bug Normal General
#9561 CKE_pastebin? Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9537 [FF] insertHtml triggers NS_ERROR_FAILURE and is not succesful in some conditions Bug Normal General
#9516 [IE] Table Row Insert/Delete Error and enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR Bug Normal Core : Tables
#9493 Opera: Incorrect options shown in Context menu Bug Normal General
#9488 'Unlink' button does not become available when unlinked text falls into selection range Bug Normal Core : Selection
#9480 IE9 Pasting a table after a styled paragraph results in various problems Bug Normal General
#9473 IE9 After selecting text right to left inside p before br causes styling to not work. Bug Normal General
#9472 Divarea and Autogrow plugins don't work well together. Bug Normal General
#9466 IE8 crashes when adding an image with text selected Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9454 Appending a row to a table via TAB key incorrectly handles rowspan'd cells Bug Normal Core : Tables
#9451 CKeditor 4 IE 8 Insert Image or Link Error Bug Normal General
#9435 can ckeditor copy and paste from ms excel to any browser Task Normal General
#9416 Maintain reference to the window opened by the popup plugin Bug Normal General
#9397 Swedish Translation hiccup Anna Tomanek Bug Normal UI : Language
#9392 Find dialog searching from document beginning instead from current cursor positioneven when Match cyclic check box unchecked Bug Normal General
#9382 Ctrl+A + Del deletes table around inline-editing area Bug Normal General
#9379 [Inline] context menu opened under toolbar Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#9377 Shared Toolbars sample from CKEditor 3 does not work with CKEditor 4 Bug Normal General
#9367 Inline editing: There is no information for JAWS user about editor availability & how to access Help Content Bug Normal Accessibility
#9356 IE9 Line Break with Space Preventing Bold, Italics, and Underline Bug Normal General
#9353 Copy/Paste not working as intended in Firefox15.0.1 Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9352 [Opera] Context menu and drop down menus aren't closed Bug Normal General
#9350 Allow functions in file browser urls New Feature Normal General
#9347 Comments inside quote characters get marked as cke_protected Bug Normal General
#9332 FF:IME is disabled if startupFocus is true. Bug Normal General
#9321 FF: Vertical scroll bar & toolbar missing in maximized editor with autogtrow enabled Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0 General
#9318 Checkbox is not able to select on ie and firefox Bug Normal General
#9313 Color Picker does not change color on "OK" after having hit "Cancel" Bug Normal Core : Styles
#9303 Using backspace key causes javascript error, bumps you out of the editor when debugging Bug Normal General
#9291 User is unable to select a whole table in IE. Bug Normal Server : ColdFusion
#9288 TypeError: this.getWindow().$.getComputedStyle(this.$, "") is null Bug Normal General
#9276 First letter of new line after the link is appended to the link Bug Normal General
#9257 [Safari 5] Pasted data are wrapped with styling <div> Bug Normal General
#9236 [FF36] Entire inline editable may be selected from inside Bug Normal General
#9218 FakeObjects plugin has wrong reference to spacer.gif Bug Normal General
#9215 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal General
#9214 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal General
#9213 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal General
#9202 Paste over selected text throws javascript error Bug Normal General
#9183 [IE] Copied text with set size result with font element after pasting it Bug Normal General
#9149 image upload issue in chrome 20 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#9148 Browse file button not working in Crome Bug Normal General
#9144 Paste from Word doesn't work on Chrome Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#9135 Cannot clear one of Bold or Italic or Underline when all used together on Opera Bug Normal General
#9119 meta tag in body causes invalid html structure Bug Normal General
#9114 Colors are possibly removed when using pastefromword Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#9092 Cut/Copy not working in Chrome Bug Normal General
#9089 Move a image or a Text Area not working into the editor with IE7 Bug Normal General
#9088 Unable to copy the images in CK editor for IE and Crome Browser Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9075 Code error in verticalSplitCell function Bug Normal Core : Tables
#9072 Right klick destroys the list format Bug Normal General
#9071 Right klick destroys the list format Bug Normal General
#9061 ignoreEmptyParagraph makes a &nbsp; instead of just " ". Bug Normal General
#9058 Safari: Numbers/Bullets in list are on left while content aligned to right Bug Normal General
#9052 Elements turn into DIV's when pasting with CTRL+SHIFT+V (Chrome) Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9051 Chrome pastes (CTRL+V) copied elements inside parent a element Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9049 [Webkit] converts an empty span to font Bug Normal General
#9045 Maintain cursor position when switching between source view and editor view New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#9044 Incorrect behavior after press enter Bug Normal General
#9040 Size of bullets relative to text Bug Normal Core : Styles
#9037 [table] Horizontal split cell [2,1], then vertical split cell [1,2], table becomes messy Bug Normal Core : Tables
#9035 IE7 - Nesting unordered lists within ordered lists crashes IE7 Bug Normal Core : Lists
#9033 [Table] vertical split a cell, and then merge down, the result is wrong Bug Normal Core : Tables
#9025 Inserting new cell then column causes error message Bug Normal General
#9012 Link plugin does not work with image Bug Normal General
#9006 Blank line added when using meta tag Bug Normal General
#8990 IE8: Not possible to move cursor behind placeholder Bug Normal General
#8976 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal General
#8975 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal General
#8974 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal General
#8973 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal General
#8969 Using style for image clears size parameters Bug Normal General
#8964 IE8 & IE9 link inserted next to selected text IE9 Bug Normal General
#8954 not working on wamp server Bug Normal Server : PHP
#8940 filebrowser plugin breaks when the Array prototype is extended Bug Normal File Browser
#8932 Copy/paste from CKEditor to CKEditor inserts extra divs Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8931 Focus editor with content in FF not consistent with other browsers (sets caret at end of document) Bug Normal General
#8922 ctrl-v plain text bug with CKEDITOR.config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8911 pasting text seems inconsistent Bug Normal General
#8909 Up and Down arrow do not move after hiding and showing again element that contain the editor Bug Normal General
#8901 Integrate CKEditor 3.6.2 with CKFinder, not work in Chrome Bug Normal File Browser
#8900 a11yhelp pluign is not using the correct language Bug Normal General
#8882 [[chrome]] Delete, typing over and Backspace on high-lighted text in the bullet list does not delete the text the first time. Bug Normal Core : Lists
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